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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Life Gets In The Way....

I see it's been awhile since I was here last....sometimes life gets in the way. I'm sure you know the story.

Much has been going on the last few weeks...seems like I'm always busy doing something. I only work 3 days per week...yet that seems to "cramp" my style. Some day I'll retire...but will keep on working until I squander enough cash away.

I've been working on the baby blanket....a never ending project. I "frogged" the granny square and decided on the hexagon design. There were just too many holes and the pattern was far too busy for this variegated yarn.

We've been thinking about getting a different car the last few days....and yesterday we actually went and took a few for a test drive. Had it narrowed down to 2...a Sebring or an Avenger. But after a good night's sleep and some soul searching...we've decided that our 2001 PT Cruiser still looks good and runs great...so why spend the money. Decision made!!

Have a peek at my baby blanket. It's much larger now...and I'm hoping to have it done within a week or so. After that, I'll finish up a few Christmas gifts.

Now...I better get my clothes out on the line. Enjoy your day....