Let Me Know You Were here!! :)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Cluck Cluck!!

Had to go to the post office this morning and drop off a few things at one of our local thrift stores.  Naturally, we had to walk through and have a look...just because that's what we do!!  Besides..you just never know what you might come across. 

John found a LED flashlight with charger...BRAND new!!  I found a fat quarter of fabric AND a chicken.  Yup...a chicken...a handmade pin cushion...done in a crazy quilt design.  Isn't she the cutest thing ever???  (Little things make me happy!!!)  And I only spent 50 cents!!  So...now I have a HAPPY pin cushion...made with loving hands...and my standard tomato cushion will be tucked away for a rainy day!! 


I did manage to get some crocheting done yesterday...but the tam still isn't finished.  Hopefully, I'll make some REAL progress on it today or tomorrow. 

Planning my next project....think I'll consider a few cotton hats for summer.  What do ya think??

Enjoy your day...and don't let ANYTHING get in your way!! 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Sez" It All...

Sunday...no work for the next 5 days and I'm lovin' it!!  I'm off to a slow start today...still in my "jammies" and it's after noon.  Haven't even made the bed yet.

Not much going on in the "craft department".  I still have another pair of John's jeans to hem and an apron pocket to repair.  I did start a slouchy tam in Aran...matches the scrappy scarf I made...but just using one strand in the solid color. 
Feeling kind of strange...I've sent messages to my youngest son and called once a day...no return call...no message answered.  I imagine he's going through a pretty rough time...divorce and all...but that's no reason to shut me out.  I'm feeling rather BITCHY.  (I'll  jump in the car and drive a good 8 hours just to find out what's going on in his world.)  Guess I'll just leave him alone...maybe he'll come around.  But...and this is sad to say..I don't really give a shit anymore.  And this, my friends, is where the "BITCH" falls into place...

So...now that I have this off my chest...think I'll go and do some laundry and crochet!!  I'll share my hat with you as soon as it's done...

Enjoy your afternoon!! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Finally!!  I finally finished my "scrap-happy" scarf.  Here's my "tah-dah"....are you ready?? 


It was great fun...warm and toasty!!

My next project??  Not really sure yet.  I THINK I might take the rest of the Aran colored yarn and make a tam.

But for now...I am going into my craft room and finish hemming those 5 or 6 pair of jeans that are piled on my chair.  Why rush you say??  I agree...but they've been here for several months.  I lost track.  Besides, they are causing me MAJOR stress and anxiety, every time I look at them.  I guess it's a long over-due project.  I started last night.....and need to keep going.  If I sit on this chair much longer, I will become a permanent fixture...

So until next time...wish me luck...

See u soon...

Friday, February 15, 2013

A Day Late...

Well, I'm sure you know what this is all about...just by looking at the date.  HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY.  Hope it was filled with love and happiness for you.

I worked...but it was a good night.  We were fairly busy...and people were generous. 

I made heart pins for the girls at work.  Aren't they cute??  Crocheted with odds and ends of yarn...a safety pin and piece of felt to just give the back a "finished" look to it.  Took MAYBE 15 minutes...  And, here they are...  How festive!!! 

Back to work this afternoon.  Shouldn't be too busy...I'm sure everyone spent their money yesterday!!! 

Went to the dietitian this morning.  Need to get those cholesterol levels back in "check".   It's not that bad...but put up a "red flag".  Need to read labels and drop some weight!!

Better start getting ready for work...so until next time...  SMILE!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013


It's been a rough 4 months or so...new job...aging parents--KIDS--the holidays.  It's been very stressful...so stressful, infact, that it has affected ME...health, etc.  Now, don't get me wrong, I can't blame everything on the above...but it has added to certain issues.

But, when the going gets tough, the tough get going, right??  No more junk food--number 1 issue!!  Number 2...no more stress...which means I need to eliminate some of the stressful issues in my life, or at least, resolve some of  them.  And if they can't be resolved...they need to be put on the shelf, for future reference...if it ever comes to that. 

Haven't been doing much as far as the crocheting goes...a row here, a row there.  I have a pile of mending on my chair in the craft room that needs attention.  Just looking at that mess, puts alot of stress on my shoulders.  Better get it done.

Work tonight...not a bad thing, I guess.  Puts some "jingle" in my pocket.

And speaking of work...I better go do something with my hair.  Looks like I just crawled out of bed!!! 

Have a great afternoon....   :)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

What A Waste!!!!

I have to admit....I waste so much time sitting at this computer.  And I have a Bucket List miles long, of things I want to do with my life.  I better get busy!!!

But...I must tell you...I started another crochet project.  Remember the tub of yarn scraps I shared with you??  Well, here's the results...2 balls of tied and twirled yarn!!  I'm in the process of using my "treasure"...and will share the end results with you in a few days.  Nothing "earth shattering", but pretty cool, all the same!!  The picture is pretty bright, but you get the general idea!!

I've been suffering with the remains of a chest cold...infact, I took so much cough medicine and Ibuprofen, that my blood pressure jumped sky high.  So high, I went to the ER at our local hospital.  Blood pressure will be retested on Monday and I'll have some blood work done as well.  Probably sounds like "no big deal" to you, but I deathly afraid of needles...and go right into a panic!!  I'll let you know how I make out, as I have some cream to use which will numb my skin......

So with that bit of needless info.....I better get ready for work.  Enjoy your day....

Talk to you soon....