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Friday, August 28, 2009

A Day At The Spa...

Check out "da man"...aka Og The Dog...after a day at the spa. A bath and haircut...pedicure, etc. Pretty handsome, eh??

I've been MIA for over a week....TRYING to get some type of organization around here--as well as working a few extra hours each week.

But...I have been crocheting...and things are moving along quite nicely. I signed up for a craft show on Nov. 8th...in the mall. Tables were VERY reasonable...so hope I have a few sales.

I know this is short, but I'm on my way to bed. Tomorrow morning we leave for Michigan and a birthday party. My sweet Ma-ma turns 80 years old!!!

Talk to you when I get back...

Keep smiling!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

eBay Sales...

Well...I'm heading downstairs in a few minutes to finish up a hat I've been working on "FOREVER"....I've sold two of my hats in the last week with one on the way to California and the other is going out to British Columbia. Lord knows my prices are more than reasonable!!! have several more to get listed...and want to try selling a few of the larger tams. Wish me luck....

I worked today...an 8-3 shift. Makes for a long day...but at least I'm working, right? I'll be going back down to 3 days per week in a week or two...which is just fine with me.

Other than that...not alot of news to share with you this time. We're getting ready for our yard sale...which we'll have either this Thursday OR Saturday....depending on the weather. I just want this stuff GONE!!!! Nothing comes back in the house!!!

Hope you've enjoyed your week-end....see ya later!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sleepless In E.L.....

See the "grumpy" look on The Magnolia's face?? Well...I'm feeling rather the same way....It's just about 4:30 ...and I've been tossing and turning for several hours. Yes...I know the reason...and it's because I made a pig of myself before bed last night....with an ice cream float!!! And it was soooooo good!!!! (But not THAT good to keep me up half the night!!)

John's just about ready to start taping the drywall going down the stairs...and I'm just about done with my project in the basement...you know that one where I have 3 piles...yard sale, trash and charity organizations. Well, I'm quite proud of myself...I have a "ton" of stuff ready to go. But...there are still so many boxes left...I really need to get "tough".

I haven't been doing much crocheting the past week...a few minutes here and a few minutes there. Maybe tonight...we'll see what the day brings. I miss it!!

I guess we're going to hit a few yard sales in the morning...(here I am trying to get rid of the "stuff"...) It's something to do...and time we spend together.

Think I'll try to get some sleep...hope all is well in your world....

Monday, August 10, 2009

And The Winner Is.....

And the winner is....JOHN!!! Took first place in his class at The AUTOMOTION Car Show in Brockville this year!! He's so proud!!! (It's the large trophy on top of the desk!!!)

It's a "working Monday"! John's hanging drywall...and I've been trying to organize things a bit downstairs. I lost my ambition....but really need to "push" myself! It's over-whelming...but I'll get it done....maybe not today...but I WILL SUCCEED!!!!

Watched a movie last night with Jennifer Aniston....not a bad "flick"...held my interest. The out-come was alittle predictable...but...it was something to watch.

Vegetable Quesadillas for dinner tonight...along with some refried beans. I'll deal with making spaghetti tomorrow....

Hope all is well.......see ya later!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lost Another One....

Wrote out a post...added the pictures...hit the wrong button...and it was gone...AGAIN!! I do that sooooo often. Need to pay more attention.

It's been just about a week since I last posted. Nothing much new in my world. Have been working more hours and TRYING to get keep a clean house. Nothing too strenuous...but I am sooooo tired!!!

Remember the "blankie" I made for Oggie?? Here's a picture or two of it....very thick and heavy. Should be great for the winter!! But...I still think he prefers his first one!!! No idea why...he just doesn't like "change".

John's been hanging dry wall...in the hallway going to the basement. He wants to continue on to what someday will be know as "the family room". And this means...I need to start sorting through my yarn and "treasures" and start to unload some of this crap! Three piles...YARD SALE--GARBAGE--CHARITY!!! And there's no lookin' back! I REFUSE to leave this job for John...he'd either have a nervous break-down or toss it all in the back of the truck and head for the dump!! I really do think it's worth my time, don't you??

Well...think I'll spend the rest of the evening doing what I do best...absolutely nothing!!! Just about done with another hat!! And I need to get started on a white cotton hat and scarf set....should have been done long ago.

Until tomorrow...enjoy your evening!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ms. Averi Marie Crisenbery

Here she is!!!!! Ms. Averi Marie....born at 3.57 a.m. August 3rd, weighing in at 6 lbs. 6 ozs. and is 20 inches long. Looks just like my "little heller" Jeremy--her Daddy!! Little round face..button nose...ahhhhhhh!!!

My day?? I worked my butt off around here. Finished my craft room...and cleaned the upstairs...as well as the downstairs bathroom. I'll vacuum downstairs tomorrow. Got rid of a ton of "stuff..one pile to charity...one pile for the yard sale and one PILE to the trash!!!

The rest of the evening is mine...and I'm gonna sit right here.

Back to work tomorrow...should be quiet...day after a holiday week-end. That's okay...I'm whining tonight...my back is killin' me!!

It's time for eBay...see ya tomorrow!!

She's Here!!!!!

  • Good Morning!!

    Well, the phone has been ringing all night long. My youngest son and his lady are the proud parents of a bouncing baby girl!!!! Averi Marie Crisenbery arrived shortly after 4:00 a.m. this morning. Both are healthy and doing just fine!!!

    I'm thrilled...can you tell?? Can't wait to meet that little bundle of joy!!!

    Guess I better get my day started. I "played" in my craft room last night until quite late...pulling everything off the shelves in my closet. WRONG thing to do...as it was just over-whelming. But...I'm please to tell you about all the stuff that's going into the yard sale!!! I am SUCH a pack rat!!!!

    Going for the second cup of coffee...see ya later!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A VERY Busy Sunday!!!

Well, now....I worked this morning at 8:00...and it was so darn busy...I was ready to pull my hair out. But....I managed to wait on every one and actually give them the service they deserve. I work alone on Sunday mornings...and this particular Sunday I would have given my "eye teeth" for some help.

Since I got home...Og The Dog and I went for a short walk. He enjoys getting out...especially after being alone all day. Now...I am sitting here...waiting for my "second wind" to arrive. Too late for a nap...I'll be up all night. Anyway...it doesn't seem to be happening. I'll give it alittle more time.

Think I told you that John went to Brockville for the week-end. He's spending his time with his parents and visiting old friends and neighbors. His son, Rob...and daughter, Samantha are also in town for the holiday week-end (Civic Day)...and they'll all "hook up" tonight for dinner. I called earlier this afternoon...knowing John was talking the Met to the car show....AUTOMOTION...and annual event there. Well...he took first place in his class....and received a trophy that he tells me is 2 feet tall!!! AWESOME! Last night he went on the the Poker Run...and although he didn't have the winning hand...he did win the 50-50 draw....well over 100.00!!! YOU GO JOHN!!!!!

So...that's my big news of the day!! Nothing planned for the evening...but do have a few projects around the house that need to be finished. I have a mess every where I look!! Just might sit around and do "nothing"!!

Sharing a picture our little Met....it sure is alot of fun!

In the meantime...have an enjoyable evening...talk to you soon.......

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Had every good intentions of sharing a picture or two of Oggie's blanket now that it's done....but can't find them. So...it's the latest pictures of my flowers....

Here is one of my favorites. we planted 2 clematis' together..and this is the shortest of the 2 plants....AWESOME!!!! I thought they would intertwine...but so far, it hasn't worked out that way.

And here's one of my Shasta daisies...enjoying a visitor. My garden has really suffered this year with all the rain. And speaking of rain...it's been POURING for over an hour. Is it ever going to end???
Got up shortly after 6:00 this morning. Had all good intentions of going to a few yard sales...but after looking in my craft room...quickly changed my mind. Lord knows I don't need a thing!! It REALLY is time to down size. So....I did some ironing...picked up after myself...and took Og for a short walk before I got ready for work. Also listed more items on eBay...so much "stuff". Go take a peek!!!
As usual, it was a slow Saturday at the restaurant...but the money wasn't half bad. My boss treated me to more Spinach Pie...one of my favorite Greek morsels. It's so darn good!!!
Tonight...well, I have a few more shirts to iron...they've been gathering for awhile...and I REALLY want to start sorting my yarn. It's time to get rid of the stuff I KNOW I'll never use..either put it in a yard sale OR eBay. I have this obsession....as with food..I'm afraid some day I'll be without the means to purchase either of the two above mentioned...and I won't be able to indulge myself in such luxuries. But...I REALLY do think I'm past that stage...I hope so....
With that knowledge...I'm off to do...SOMETHING!! I know my blog needs some new music....
See ya later...gator... :)