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Thursday, August 9, 2012


Back to work tomorrow...but for how long???  I went to cash my payroll check...and the bank teller  told me "I'm so sorry...but there's just not enough money in the account to cash your check".  Do I need to say more?????  So...regardless, I just don't know how much more of the "bull-shit" I can take before I blow a fuse!!!  Yes, I DO sound like a big "whiner"...but that's only part of the story.  The rest is "on the back burner" for the time being...but I really do think I need to go and have my blood pressure checked out.

But...something good actually happened while we were on the phone...trying to figure out while AOL shut down while I was applying to Service Canada for an access code for my contributions to retirement....a bad omen!!!  All is well....I actually finished my green hat.  With a big white button, it's going to look "awesome".  I'll share a picture next time...

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Harvest

Rule #1--don't laugh.  This is MY first REAL harvest of cherry tomatoes...and I have "tomatoes from hell"!!!  I decided, with  the advice from my neighbor, to put 2 plants in each hole I prepared...and guess what??  You guessed right...But aren't they beautiful???  My "big boys" are just starting to turn red....my red and yellow peppers are still green...and most of my "buds" were destroyed with my chipmunk spray....so we'll see what happens there.  :(  And my zucchini has a ton of buds...but nothing yet.  I don't think they're getting as much sun as they need, plus I put them in tomato cages to grow "up" instead of "out".   The chipmunks didn't help, either!!   It's definitely a learning experience. 

Worked this morning and talked the "boss" into closing the restaurant down after the brunch.  Needless to say, we weren't busy this morning and I'm sure this evening's shift wouldn't have been much better.  He's "cut back" so much that it's not only affecting my customers, but my MOOD as well, It's just nothn' like it used to be.  People are NOT happy!!!  Oh well, I guess anything I walk out of there with  is more than I walked in with, right??   Enough said!!

Cold front moving through...it is now 63 degrees F. out there.  Sweater weather!!  Feast or famine.  More rain to move through this evening.  It was extremely hot and humid yesterday and last night I actually took some much needed "time out" and sat in one of our "curb find" Adirondack Chairs.  It was absolutely gorgeous listening to the crickets, watching the birdies head home and the chipmunks running off to their dens.  I was extremely content. 

So with that thought in mind...PEACE be with you and yours.....until next time....

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Dog Days of Summer

Yes, it is HOT...but it could be worse.  My heart goes out to the struggling farmers, the people who ALREADY are having trouble paying for their groceries and, of course, the animals.  Yes, I am an animal lover.  I hate to see any animal suffer or go without...especially the necessities to survive.

Anyway...I worked this morning, but only for a few hours, came home and did absolutely nothing.  I have no energy.  Obviously, I didn't get enough sleep last night and haven't for the last few days.  I'm paying for it now. 

I did get several items listed on eBay...as I'm really trying to get rid of some of my inventory, so I can start fresh this holiday season.  Do you realize that Christmas is right around the corner?  I start early, as I have 2 sons with 2 wives and 5 grand-daughters!

So tonight, I will go water the gardens...take Oggie for a walk, and maybe crochet.  I started a hat...yes, another green one.  Thank goodness there are several shades of green!!!!  Take a peek...I love the color.  As you can see, the stripes on my ironing board are even green!!!

Enjoy your Saturday.  Stay cool!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Holiday Week-end

Well, it's a holiday week-end here in Ontario--Civic Day.  Really not sure what it's all about.  My guess???  The government and bank employees need an extra day off during the month of August.  (That wasn't nice now, was it???) 

JK left this morning for his week-end in Brockville.  They're holding the annual car show this Sunday..."Automotion".  He really enjoys this one...plus there's some time with family and friends. 

Remember the material I used for the curtains in his trailer?  Well, I had enough left over for a matching pillow--16 inches square.  Looks pretty good...(not that it was a difficult project....).

As for my time at home...well, I'm working.  Also need to take Magnolia to the vet for another needle some time today.  This should be a real treat...as she just HATES her carrier.  But...she is looking pretty "spunky"--a good thing.

Enjoy the day....talk soon.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

For The Love of a Pet...

For those of you that love your pet as much as I love my 3...then you know how costly a vet can be....especially here in Canada.

Magnolia was sick AGAIN...feeling better, yes....back to normal, no.  Pills and injections.  We're not sure what the future holds for Maggie...just playing it by ear for a few weeks.  Keep your fingers crossed...

I've been "fighting" with the chipmunks.  They've discovered my tomato plants.  So...I took a clove of garlic, 2 cups of water, and a jalapeno..blended and strained the mixture...added a drop of dish soap and vegetable oil...and sprayed my plants.  Smells "nasty".  And as a precaution...I sprinkled cayenne pepper all around the plants.  I'll fix those little critters!!  And as a secondary precaution...I cut JK's hair and spread the clippings all around my garden as well!!  Hopefully, I have all my bases covered!!!  We shall see!!  After I saw one of them carry off one of my green cherry tomatoes, I declared my garden a "war zone". 

We went to Sudbury to do some shopping on Monday....didn't need much of anything, really...but it was nice to get "out of town" for an afternoon.  Stopped and got a few birthday cards, an oil filter for the ATV and had lunch. 

JK leaves for Brockville on Friday.  Big car show and time to visit with family and friends.  I'm working most of the week-end, so he might as well go and enjoy himself, right??  Damn, I wish I would win the lottery!!!!

Beautiful day...I hope it's bright and "cheery" in your neck of the woods!!!