Let Me Know You Were here!! :)

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Good Morning!  Have been up for quite some time...and now only have a few minutes before I have to get ready for work.  Had breakfast and made a big pot of stew...it's simmering in the crock-pot.  Just love that thing.

I actually did some crocheting last night!!  YAHOOOOOO!  Several rows completed on the baby blanket...and I'm moving right along.  To be honest with you, I'm really looking forward to finishing that thing!  So many other things I want to make...and FINISH!!!

Did I ever share one of my "neat" finds with you???  Take a peek at this vintage wine opener.  A fat little English "bobby" I believe...probably be an eBay item when I actually get it listed. 

Better get this show on the road...enjoy your day!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lazy Boys...

Ahhhh...my lazy boys have the right idea.  They're always busy...time to relax!!!

John's out of the hospital.  The infection is still visible in part of his leg, but some of the swelling, heat and redness is gone.  He's off IV antibiotics, but continues to take 2000mg of it in pill form.  We have the sneaky suspicion that once off the antibiotics, it's going to return.  I do hope we're wrong.

Made it through the Easter week-end.  I worked a 12 hour shift on Sunday...and it's just too much anymore.  I really believe it's time for a change....I guess John was right. 

Cleaned house, finished up some laundry... need to get my work clothes ironed.  Dragging my feet...as usual.  Almost time to start supper.

Got my hair cut...glad I did.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Busy Time....

As you can see...things have been pretty busy around here.  We're having new vinyl siding put on the house, and it's really looking sharp!  This picture was taken this morning...and they're now about 2/3 of the way finished.  If the weather holds out...they could have it completed by tomorrow.  But...the weatherman is calling for almost 10 cm. of snow...so it might have to wait until Thursday.

But...the weather is just a drop in the bucket.  My hubby ended up in the hospital..with another infection.  This one is in his left leg. He's on an antibiotic drip...and could be in for 2 days or more...depending.  This is the second infection in less than a month, the first one being a prostate infection.  I do hope they keep him in until they figure things out. 

Now the wind is picking up and I can hear things blowing around outside.  I better go see what I can do...boxes-extra siding, etc.  SHIT!!!! 

Hope you're enjoying your evening...it's getting late....

Monday, April 18, 2011

Dear Mr. Postman

Dear Mr. Postman...

As you can see, we're in abit of a mess here!!  Just knock on the door and drop the damn mail.  The box will be up in a few days!!!

Relax--you'll live longer!!!
P.S.  Shame on YOU!!!  

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Meet John...

Well, I was REALLY lazy this morning and laid my butt in bed until almost 9 o'clock!!  Nothing like sleeping my day away, right??

So, here I sit...still in my jammies...wasting time...when I came across this picture of my sweet hubby.  Meet John.  (Say "hell-o", John!!)  John can fix almost anything, can build almost anything, is kind and caring and so darn smart.  He's good in the kitchen, too...as you can see in this picture.  Bless his heart...he helped me peel and cut apples for apple butter.  This morning, it's 27 degrees out and he's out there replacing the power steering pump on his truck!!  He's a damn good man and I'm very lucky!!!

Yesterday, we took a drive to Sault Ste. Marie and went for our eye exams--saved a ton of money  by going State side! (Thanks goodness for insurance!!)   And even though I'm not one for change, I picked out a pair of frames that are totaling different from what I'm wearing now.  I have the modern small rectangular frames with the wide arms....this time, I picked out a pair of wireless glass frames that have thin arms and are light as a feather.  I can't wait to get them...even if John told me they make me look like his Grand-mother.  What a guy!!! 

The sun is shining...have a great day!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What A Beauty!!!

What a gorgeous day!!  Bright sunny skies...warmer temps.  Just wonderful!!  I'm definitely a "summer kinda girl"!!

Managed to get a few loads of clothes on the line.  They sure smell nice!!  Walked around the back yard...needs some work, especially the rock garden.  We're  thinking of lifting some of the old cement patio out and replacing it with soil for a vegetable garden.  Not a real big garden plot...but just somewhere to plant some tomatoes and a few other things.  I went to the grocery store over the week-end and paid 1.60 for a green pepper and I just about SH*T!!! 

Ordered our vinyl siding for the house this afternoon.  They plan on starting the job on Monday or Tuesday.  Should look good...it sure needs it.

Here's a picture of the baby afghan I was telling you about.  I took this picture last week...so add about another 6-7 inches to it.  Hope to work on it again tonight and for awhile tomorrow.  I'll certainly be glad when this thing is "out of my hair"!!

Have you been watching "Dancing With The Stars"?  I wonder...who will be leaving us tonight?????

Until next time--keep SMILING!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

New Recipe...

It's Monday...a dreary Monday. It's been raining on and off for a few days now. But...if you look outside...you'll only see a small patch of snow here and there!!!! FINALLY!!

 Worked all week-end...and it was really slow! A new restaurant opened here in Elliot Lake a week or so ago, and it definitely has effected the restaurant. But...it's a fact of life...people are curious and naturally, they're gonna go and check things out, right?? Hopefully, it will be "business as usual" soon and things will be back to normal!

Here's the recipe I was telling you about a few weeks ago. It was so good and so easy. Just serve with a vegetable or garden salad and you've got it made! We had enough for 3 meals...should have been 4...but you know how it goes. Here it is...

Bisquick Sour Cream Chicken Squares

2 c. Bisquick-- 1 c. Cooked Chicken-- 1 c. Cheddar Cheese-- 1/3 c. Mayo-- 1 teas. Garlic Salt-- 1/2 c. Cold Water-- 1 4 oz. can Mushrooms.. 1/2 c. Sliced Green Onions.. 1 c. Sour Cream.. 3 Eggs ..1/8 teas. Pepper

Heat oven to 425 degrees. Grease a 13" x 9" x 2" pan. Mix Bisquick with water...vigorously...form into a ball. Knead 5 times and roll onto a floured covered surface until dough measures 14" x 10". Gently put in pan. Push dough up until it is about 1/2" up the sides of the pan. Mix remaining ingredients and pour over the crust. Bake for 25 minutes until a knife comes out clean and the dough is golden!!


Until next time...Bon Appetite!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

More Happiness!

Happiness is...the first load on the line!! This picture was taken a few weeks ago, and as you can see, there is still quite abit of snow on the ground. I just love the smell of bedding when it just comes off the line!!! I haven't been doing much crocheting. I REALLY need to get moving on that baby blanket. That new grand-daughter will be arriving 3-4 weeks from now...and at this rate, she just might get it when she graduates from high school.

Went over to the States last week. John picked up several things he needs for his trailer...along with a car part of two. I picked up a few groceries and treated myself to some fabric. I'm hoping to make pillow cases and coasters for Christmas. We'll see how that goes.

I better get to bed...the alarm will be going off before I know it...and I'll still be sitting here!! Talk to ya soon!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Happiness Is...

...a new hair-cut and a sun-bath!! Isn't he handsome??? ;) Talk to you soon...