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Sunday, August 24, 2008

See You Soon.....

This will be my last post for awhile. I'm leaving for Michigan early tomorrow morning...and should be home in 10-12 days. I hate the thought of leaving. Strangely enough, when John goes away...it's a time when I can get a few unfinished projects completed or do absolutely nothing. It doesn't matter as there's no time frame. But for me to leave without him...well, it just doesn't seem right. I need to be here to take care of him.

It's only for a few days...and I have my travel bag loaded with yarn and freshly printed patterns. It will be all-right.

So...until next time...I'll be thinkin' of ya! And if you see John...well, just point him towards home!! He'll be driving the Met...I'm sure! (If you know him...you'll understand!!!) :)

Isn't this an awesome picture??? The bee is inside one of the hollyhocks. John took this photo, and it's always been one of my favorites. Enjoy!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Well, it's Saturday...a work day for me, and it was actually quite busy....different for a change!! One more day to go, and then I'm off for 2 weeks. I'm leaving for Michigan on Monday to spend some time with my Mom. She has a long, tough road ahead of her as that car accident really messed her up!! Hopefully, I can be of some help. I really do have mixed emotions about this trip....will explain at another time!!

Looked like rain this morning, so we didn't bother going to any yard sales. We don't need anything...and should be planning a sale of our own--the 2nd for the year. Something for October--if all goes well.

Had a busy week...we both had an appointment with the "tooth fairy". John had a tooth repaired...which he broke off while eatting rice--of all things!!! And I had my regular cleaning and a check-up!! NO cavities!!!

Sunny Kitty had his regular 6 week visit to the vet's office. He had "crystals" about a year ago, and we just about lost the old boy!!! Now...he's on a special diet and needs his medication every 6 weeks or so. Sunny's a monster...a big boy...with a beautiful orange and white coat. The "child from hell"!!! Wouldn't trade him for "love nor money"!!! He just loves John...and well...John tolerates Sunny!!!

Worked in the rock garden for a few hours yesterday--pulled weeds, relocated and split a few plants...and I really think it will look much nicer next year. Still alot of work to do...but it's already showing much improvement. I can't wait for next spring!!!!

I'm in a "rut" as far as my crocheting goes. I found a few different patterns, and maybe that will help me out!!! I have a few craft shows coming up in October...I really need to get motivated!!

So...in the meantime...enjoy doing whatever makes you happy!!!

Here's a picture of Sunny and his "sister"--Magnolia! It's not his best photo shoot---I think you can see what I mean!! But take a look at that tail!! WOW!! That's his "pride and joy"!!!

See you tomorrow!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Another beautiful day...and actually accomplished a thing or two. I got up early, did a load of laundry and got it on the line...and even before breakfast...we managed to get the 4 windows upstairs washed and screens vacuumed.

Had to make a run into town...not that it's that far away...but we always seem to get "side-tracked" and it takes us over an hour before we get back home!! I did find some yarn at one of our local thrift stores...and after getting hit with an avalanche of yarn when I opened my closet door..I've decided it's time to either seek therapy, or dig to the bottom of the pile and see what I can pick out to use. Kind of like Christmas...a real surprise....

I was asked out on a "date" this evening...by my handsome hubby!! He got out the old car...and we went for a cruise....stopping by the Dairy Queen for a "Blizzard". So much fun....and they are so good!!! Stopped by the Miner's Memorial Park and watched the loons.

Better get ready for some t.v. time...you know...crochet and watch the reruns...

Here's another photo of my better half.....

Talk to ya later......

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Beautiful Day in Northern Ontario....

Well, it was just a picture perfect day here in Northern Ontario...sunny and cooler temperatures! Just enough wind to make everything smell "fresh"!!

Nothing special through-out the day...did a load of washing and got it out on the line early. Made some cream of cauliflower soup and a jell-o salad for dinner. Finished cleaning the bathrooms after dinner and watered the garden. Spent a few minutes pulling weeds...what a mess! Need to pay some serious attention to that poor garden!!! I hope to move a few plants around tomorrow.

Talked to my Mother a few times today. She's "cranky" and short tempered-a sure sign she's not feeling well. I wonder if they sent her home too soon...

I've started to "declutter" again. Too many plants, so I took them over to my neighbor. Jeannie is a dear soul...84 years young and "going strong". She'll take good care of them....

Well, think I'll try to finish a hat I'm working on. Time to go sit in my chair and catch the re-run of Dallas...for the 3rd or 4th time.
Thought I'd share a picture of one of our garden visitors this spring...and occassionally, he brings along a friend or two!! Handsome boy, isn't he?? Plenty of berries out in the bush now...they won't be back until spring...

Keep Smiling.....See you tomorrow...

Monday's are Rough...

I sit here and tell you about my every day life. And it's usually the same thing...day after day. But....that's okay!

Today was a rough one...my emotions are high and low and my poor husband has to put up with all my tears. I have no idea what's REALLY wrong...I just "go with the flo".

I try to put myself in too many places at one time. Dealing with aging parents and their health issues SUCK. Being an only remaining child SUCKS as well...and my dear hubby is in the same position as I am. His parents are far more understanding than mine...Bless their hearts. So...who do you deal with?? Mentally and emotionally, I can't deal with anything at the moment...

My Mom FINALLY got to leave the hospital for home today...after well over 7 weeks of residency there. No help as promised and I am PISSED!!! What can you do from this distance?? I'll deal with it tomorrow.

My youngest lad...Jeremy..soon to be 30...asked for some financial help this morning. John helped him out...with a promise of a "pay back". Poor kid made a major mistake of taking out a lease in an apartment complex...for a year...with his girl-friend....just too damn far from work. Plus...a real good chance of being unemployed! He's a police officer and a darn good one!! He's so upset...but I'm glad he asked for some help---from US!! A first!!! THANK YOU JOHN!!! I Love You.

Went out to Quirk Lake and spent the afternoon with Dan and Barb. Stayed for dinner and got home around 9:00. They're great friends. Had chicken breasts...baked spuds and green beans from the garden. What more could you ask for, right?? Asked them for "breakie" on Friday. Think bisquits and sausage gravy will be in order....

I'm beat....it's after midnight....Not that I have a 1,000 followers or anything..lol..but for those that do read now and again...SWEET DREAMS!!!

Take a look at this handsome dude...I'd like you to meet JEREMY!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Yard Sale Day....

I didn't have to go to work until 11:00 this morning...so it gave us some extra time at the yard sales. I found several patterns and some green yarn. Perfect color for this fall. And besides...just had to buy it to feed my addiction! I'll use it...some day!!

Started a hat a few nights ago in a varigated yarn...gold, rust, green and brown. The yarn had been used in another project and the stitches were so uneven...I gave up. Will go into our yard sale...when we have time to have another one!!! Hopefully this fall!!!

My Sweet-heart took me out for dinner...fish and chips. Always know what you're going to get...always taste great and the service is very good. Doesn't break the bank...and they have the BEST coconut cream pie !! YUMMMMMM!!!

Watched the Dream Cruise out of Detroit tonight on t.v. What a disappointment as they sure didn't show many of the cars. We were hoping to see an old Met!!Someday...maybe we can take ours!!
Check out the bird feeder...Mr Woody visits and just loves the suet and sun flower seeds!!!
I have an early morning...better get to bed!!

See you tomorrow!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008


Well, here it is Friday....AGAIN! It's been a long week.

John and I left for Michigan on Sunday afternoon and returned home late Wednesday evening. I don't know if I mentioned this in an earlier post, but my parents were in a terrible accident on the 28th of June..and my Mom is STILL in the hospital. She certainly has had her "ups and downs" the last 40 some odd days. Hopefully, she'll be able to go home in a week or so...once they get a few unexpected medical issues resolved. I'll go back when she gets home, and help out where I can.

While in Michigan, John and I went to meet our newest addition to the family...Callie Jane...our #3 grand-daughter born to #1 son. What a cutie!! We spent a few hours visiting and then headed to McDonald's for a bite to eat...John's treat!! All kids like Mickey D's, right??? Was well worth the drive..

Not alot of news to share....John just finished putting a fresh seal on the drive-way. Looks great...hopefully the neighborhood kids will stay off it while it dries!

As for myself...haven't been doing much. I've been working on some hats and scarves...need to get them listed on ebay to beat the rush. Also need to concentrate on a few Christmas gifts! Christmas is just a little over 4 months away! Can you believe it???

Until next time...have a great day! Tomorrow is YARD SALE Day!!! YAHOOOOO! Better get to the pole and get my list of stops ready!!

Take a look at my daughter-in-law and grand-daughters!! Pretty cute--don't you think???

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Addiction Fix!!!

Well, it's been a pretty good day, all in all. We got up early and hit a few yard sales. And what did I find????? How about some soft mohair or mohair-like yarn-4 skeins...in a sage green. VERY NICE!!! Also found this neat serving dish...boat shaped. Very light and nicely glazed--pink flowers--and very green leaves. I certainly don't need any dishes, either...but another one I couldn't pass up.

Worked this morning for 4 hours...long enough. One more day to go, and I'm off for another 4! I'm hoping it's busy tomorrow...Sundays are usually pretty good. If it rains, we'll be busier...as people won't be out in the bush...camping, fishing, etc.

Went grocery shopping this afternoon. Spent 55.00..mostly on sale items. Now is the time to stock up, when so many shelf items are "on sale". The freezer is full, so we're in GOOD shape!!

Nothing planned for the evening...some t.v. and crocheting. Will be going to bed early...as my shift starts at 8:00 tomorrow morning!!

Here's a picture of some of the "wild life" in the back yard!! Chipper...aka Scar Man...he just loves the sunflower seeds!!

See ya tomorrow.... :)

Friday, August 8, 2008

A Friday Ritual...

Every Friday night--I'd say for the last 3 or 4 summers...we have a ritual. John, Oggie Dog and I jump into the car and head for the "pole". Now...the pole is a place where everyone lists their upcoming yard sales. You can imagine what a town this size is like on "yard sale" day!! YAHOOOOOOOO! Every man for himself!!

John is still looking for small bins for his shop...those little plastic boxes that he can hang on his walls--for all his "bells and whistles". Me?? Well, I don't need a thing, but I ususally try to feed my YARN ADDICTION on Saturday mornings.

A pretty uneventful day. I work Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings at a restaurant here in town. Not a bad day...actually made a few dollars.

Before work this morning, I actually got some house work done. Managed to vacuum the upstairs, and dusted our bedroom...well about half of it. I'll finish it after work tomorrow...

Well, it's that time again!! I'm heading downstairs to sit and watch some t.v. Found a nice varigated yarn in fall colors in the closet. Hopefully, enough for a hat!!!

Here's a pretty red chenille hat I finished...garnet red...from Lion Brand.

Have a super week-end!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Nothing Planned

I love days like this when there really isn't anything planned....we went for an ice cream cone this afternoon...and just sat there and watched the traffic go by!! It was nice!!
Took Oggie for a walk...didn't even see any other dogs out and about!!

Got up this morning, and got a load of clothes on the line. Started to rain, so they came back off an hour or so later. Almost dry!!

John took some pictures for my ebay store. I have 3 new hats ready to list. Plus ....a ton of quilt patterns AND costume patterns for Halloween. I really need to get rid of some of this stuff!!

Did I tell you that I have an addiction? I'm crazy about yarn...just nuts about it!! I have this fear...and my Mom has a similar fear when it comes to food....that some day I MIGHT be really poor and not be able to afford any yarn. So I have this "stash".....Need I say more??????

Want to see my Morning Glories??? What a beautiful shade of blue!! I saw a picture of mauve colored ones...just not the same!!

Enjoy your Thursday...I am!!!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Day of Errands...

Not much accomplished around here today...but did get a few errands taken care of. And of course, we had to hit every thrift store in town!! It's what we do, ya know!!! I found 2 old canning jars...from the 30's...and I thought they might look nice on top of my cupboards...filled with beans and macaroni!! Karen has one or two and they look great in her kitchen. She has such a way with things.

Well, we sat at the computer last night and tried to down-load the pictures of John's trip back to Brockville. The computer wouldn't even recognize the software--or the camera!! NOW WHAT??? We found the cord to be kinked and cracked, so we were hoping that was the problem!! (Let's hope so--that camera was darn expensive!!) Anyway, to make a long story short, he bought a Card Reader USB 2.0 and it did the trick. But...I was REALLY vexed! One store is town was charging 89.95 for one...and Radio Shack had the same thing for 19.95!! Now...where would YOU shop?????

Took "Og The Dog" for a stroll. He just loves getting out!! Suppose I should get him out one more time before I put my feet up....and I hear thunder!!

No crocheting last night...but tonight's the night!!! I want to get a scarf finished so I can start something else. I have several hats made for the holiday craft shows and bazaars...and ones I also list on ebay. But...living here in the far north is alittle different than living in the city...and believe it or not, people DO dress differently here. Not as fashionable...unless you call a toque, fashionable. Need to get a few of those made!! Possibly some stocking caps as well!!! Practical things to keep us Northerners warm!! I prefer Florida...now that keeps me warm!! :)

Let me share another hat with you...
Until tomorrow...be safe out there!!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August 5th --- A RAINY DAY

And I do mean it RAINED!!!!! Cats and dogs!!! Monster size drops!!! Lost the power on two different occassions. Lasted about an hour and the sun came back out!!! Hot and humid!! Can't win with the weather this year!! But...who can complain with the 3 nice days we had before today!!

News of the day...my Hubby is FINALLY home! Took him about 10 hours to get here. Car has been running great! He has to stop every now and again to stretch those legs of his. Plus...he has half the trees "marked" between here and Brockville!!! (Just like a man, isn't it??) But, he's safe and sound and I'm glad he's home!!!

Did some house work and tried a new recipe. SLOW COOKER LEMON GARLIC CHICKEN II...was tart and VERY good. I'll definitely make this one again. Served it with rice and green beans fresh out of the neighbor's garden. Here's the link to get you there. Worth a try!!! http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Slow-Cooker-Lemon-Garlic-Chicken-II/Detail.aspx

Have a gift card from Zeller's...25.00. Walked through there today...and what do I see!! A YARN SALE!! I bought 3 skeins of Light & Lofty--varigated greens, and 1 skein of Bernat Softee...in BRIGHT yellow. Thought it might make a cute hat. And I got ALL 4 skeins for 10.44!!! Good deal, eh?? I still have a scarf to finish....in varigated brown tones--Lion Brand Wool Ease. The color is called "Woods"...and that stuff is soooooo nice to work with.

Think I'll go down and sit in my chair --do alittle crocheting!! Let's see if I can get a picture to download tonight....I'll show you one of my hats!!

Until tomorrow...have a GREAT evening!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Civic Day in Ontario...

Today's a holiday...not sure why...but my guess is that the government needed a holiday for the month of August.

Pretty quite around here...nice for a change. Took Oggie-Dog for 3 walks today. Damn, it was hot!!! But he enjoys getting out and about, so it was a good thing!!

Spent part of my day in the garden. Pulled a ton of weeds..looking better!! Went into my craft room and opened up the sewing machine. FINALLY finished my mending. Another good thing.

Got up at 6:00...made some fresh "hummer food"--long over-due. But it's done and that little green and red hummingbird is a happy guy!! Had a bunch of activity out in the garden...the hummer, of course, and several yellow and purple finch at the feeder. The sun-flower feeder was busy as well. We keep it out there for the larger birds...but the red squirrel and chippers have taken over.

So that was my day...pretty uneventful...but a GREAT day!! Sun was out and laundry was on the line by 8:30!!!

Hey, check out my ebay store. It's pretty cool. If I can get it to download...I'll show you a picture of one of my hats!!! http://stores.ebay.ca/Debeeedos-New-To-You-Shop

Damn...won't download again....I'll show you some of my handmade items tomorrow.

In the meantime...pleasant dreams. I had a great day---hope yours was too!!!!


P.S. My sweet-heart comes home tomorrow!! I've missed him!!! And...we met 9 years ago today!! Isn't life grand!!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday!! YAHOOOO!!!!

Well now...it's SUNDAY!!!! And I'm writing earlier than ususal. I'm tired and I'm sure the rest of the day will be rather uneventful!! Only thing I have planned is to pick up the dog "poop" in the back yard, and maybe do a bit of mending. Depends on how much ambition I have later. I might just get a few minutes of crocheting in if I play my cards right.

Latest news...John's Mom is in the hospital. She had chest pains last night and they took a trip to the ER. Fortunately, it wasn't her heart, but you can never be too careful when you're 80 years young, right?? (Or any age for that matter!!) GALL STONES!! Ouch!!! But, I spoke with her this evening, and she's pretty chipper and free of pain. Tomorrow, she can go home--with a promise she'll go back on Tuesday for further testing!!! She'll follow thru...

Talked to my Sweet-heart this afternoon...a few times. The rain held off for the car show...and he won a "door prize". Set of floor mats...so that was kind of "cool"!!

Well, that's the big news of the day!!! Better get busy...and Oggie-Dog is sitting here alittle restless...obviously he wants to go out!!! Isn't he handsome???

Talk soon...Have a "groovy" day!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Another Saturday Night and I Ain't Got Nobody......

It's Saturday night and I ain't got nobody...la-la-la...Remember that song??

Just talked to "my better half", and he's "all geared up" for that big car show tomorrow. Took his Mom on the Poker Run...and although it was somewhat unorganized this year, they still had a good time together. Not often does he get time to spend with Mom when Dad isn't around...another story for another time!!!

As far as my day went...well... worked ths morning and came home and hit it hard. I cleaned out my upstairs freezer. Looks really good now, but I did find a few "mystery items". I just hate to throw things out...but there ARE occassions, right?? Also took on my spice cabinet..and got the "fur balls" off the top of my fridge. God, I love those cats...

No crafts today...but I called my neighbor Karen. She's a sweet-heart!! We seem to think alot alike. I suppose I could have asked her over for coffee...since she's right next door. Dahhhh.....Sometimes I wonder where I put my "head". Not important...as I think she knows I mean well!! Anyway...John and I, along with Karen and Bruce...went out and did some serious blueberry picking last week. YUMMMMY stuff!!! We should get together more often!!! I enjoy her company. If I can figure it out, I'll give you the link to HER blog later. In the meantime...here's Karen at "her finest"!!! :)

Time for bed...an early morning....


Friday, August 1, 2008

Another Friday...

Well now...John...my Hubby... is down in Brockville, visiting friends and family. Big car show on Sunday..AUTOMOTION. Took his little 'rollerskate" down...a 1957 Hudson Metropolitan...a real beauty in yellow and white. Wish I was there, as it should be a real good time!! We went down to the Michigan International Speedway a few weeks ago...featured car?? Well, the Metropolitan, of course!!! About 26 of those little beauties got to cruise the race track...As far as my day went...pretty uneventful. Did some mending, played with the dog and had to work.