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Sunday, December 13, 2009

'Tis The Season....

Yes, my friends...it's that time of year....Christmas...so much to do and so little time, right? Well, I think Sunny Kitty has the right idea..."take a nap...do it later".

I'm just about ready for the "big day". Still a few gifts to wrap and some baking yet to do...but I have the next 3 days off...and will get everything done. We're heading to John's parents on the 21st...and have to travel home on Christmas Day. At least I'm not working, right?? I have a 10 hour shift on the 26th...return to work for a short morning shift on Sunday...then we hit the roads again on an adventure to Michigan to see the boys and their families. Should be a blast!!!

Haven't been spending alot of time on my crocheting...I finished a special order last night...for a pair of crocheted mitts and matching hat. Turned out pretty nice......and hope the lady that ordered them will be as happy with them as I am.

Time to fix dinner and get some apple butter going in the crock-pot. It cooks all night long...and when I wake up in the morning, the house will be full of "apples and cinnamon"!!

Talk soon...get some rest...Santa Claus is coming to town!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009


Two in a row....sometimes I just surprise myself!! Nothing new in my world. John went to the hockey game and I have a ton of things to list on eBay. That's okay....makes it a good night...everyone is happy!!

Took Og The Dog for a walk this afternoon...a new spot. Saw deer prints in the sand...but no signs of any wild life at all. Disappointing...as I know they're probably standing in the bush keeping an eye on us!!!

Other than that...an uneventful day. That's okay...I see a notice at work.....OPEN CHRISTMAS DAY. I've never worked a Christmas Day in my 41 years of food service. I'm not going to start now...I have a roof over my head and lots of food to eat. Decisions...

Talk to you later...check out the snazzy snow boarder's hat and fancy button...evergreen...one of my favorites!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just Busy.....

Just a short note...still "alive and well"...and yes...still in Elliot Lake...against our better judgement.

Working on Christmas...heading to the States on Monday to do some shopping...more of a selection..and better pricing...even with the difference in the dollar. Should be a good trip.

Will keep you updated on what's going on in my world...right now...nothing of real importance.

In the meantime...check out this sleek "little number". Certainly looks Dutch to me. AWESOME!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


It's been awhile...boredom has set in. Nothing motivates me. How can that be...as I have so many interests??? It really doesn't matter how or why...what matters is HOW to get out of the "funk" I'm in. It will happen, I'm sure...just hope it happens soon, as I have orders to fill...it will soon be winter and my customers aren't going to wait until May for their hats and scarves, right??? Maybe a vacation is in order....hmmmmm..John's always ready for a good road trip. Maybe when he's feeling better.

Other than that...take a look at one of the hats I put together. It's a short ear flap hat...for either men or women. I'm taking this one to the craft show...hope to get another one made...in a more feminine color.

The sun has finally decided to shine. It makes everyone feel better...a good shot of vitamin D...

Think I'll clean the top of my kitchen cupboards...I'll talk to you soon......

Friday, October 16, 2009

Still Around....

I see, once again, it's been awhile since I've posted anything to my blog. Still dealing with a few family issues...and keeping busy around the house.

Check out these lovely tomatoes my neighbor gave me.... tomatoes "from hell". I made salsa...stewed tomatoes...soup base...and tomato preserves....gave some to my buddy Karen and I STILL have tomatoes!!! But, they sure will be a welcomed addition to our table come winter.

Have been doing some crocheting...completed a few hats...which I'll share with you later...and it's time to finish up a few Christmas projects!!

Other than that...life is a blast!! Handle with care!!!

See you soon!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

It's Out of My Hair!!!

Had a sale on eBay this morning...a 1 pound package of Light & Lofty yarn....a beautiful variegated boucle type...in brown tones called "Pheasant". I just love the yarn, but it causes me GREAT STRESS to crochet with the stuff. So...it found a new home...and I'm grateful it's now out of my hair!!! No temptation!!! Know what I mean??

Back to work tomorrow after 5 days off. Boy...my free time has a way of flying by!! But...I have a clean house and even managed to get most of my rock garden put "to bed" for the winter. Just a few more hours and I should have it done.

Very tired tonight...John went to the hockey game and I've had some quiet time at the computer. Actually...I've wasted a good hour playing games!!

Here's wishing you all a great week-end!! Hope the sun shines.....

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

MIA--- AGAIN!!!!

Just can't seem to find the time to sit and concentrate on my blog.....that...and preoccupied with "family stuff". I'm sure you all can relate to that!!!

Anyway...let's see! We had a yard sale last Saturday...sold alot of smaller items...alot went to the thrift stores...and very little went back into the basement. But...I have a real problem now...I gave away a package of yarn...the color I now have an order for. Hmmmm...maybe I can "sweet talk" that store manager into giving me back my yarn!

Here's a picture of a WIP...one that I finally finished...and forgot to take a picture of when it was complete. Turned out "awesome". I'm now working on another special order...a "skullie" in soft yellow....which will need a green flower.

It officially fall...yesterday at 7:18 p.m. I need to finish putting my rock garden "to bed" for the winter season...or will this be another unfinished project this year?????????

Have a groovy day!!! I'm thinkin' about ya!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Still around...

Haven't had much time to post in the last few days...John's been ill and my in-laws were here for a few days. It's been rather hectic. But...things have quieted down...and hopefully, life will be back to normal...or at least as normal as it can be for the time being.

John went to the hockey game with his buddy, Tom. I enjoy the few hours I have to myself...which are usually spent at the computer. I need to get a few things listed on eBay...as my piles are getting larger and larger, and I really do need to "weed" things out.

I made some zucchini bread...which I thought was pretty tasty. This particular recipe called for nutmeg and lemon zest...an interesting combination with the zucchini. I was able to get it all grated and in the freezer. Now I'll have some for over the holidays.

I'm working on an ear flap hat...a new pattern. An easy pattern, but I need to pay attention to what I'm doing.

Better get busy...or I'll end up in my favorite chair for a "snooze"...

Have a great evening....talk to you soon...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Rolled Brim Hat...

Here's the rolled brim hat I was telling you about...made of 100% cotton. And although I'm not a "purple person"...I do like the color combination. (I have so much yarn!!!) So...tell me...what do you think of that cute heart shaped button? Just something alittle different...gives the hat alittle bit of "spunk"!! I'll be listing it on eBay soon!! http://stores.ebay.ca/Debeeedos-New-To-You-Shop Stop by when you have the chance!!!

Worked today...once again it was very quiet. Usually is on Labor Day week-end....for some odd reason. But...the weather has been beautiful...and I imagine people are spending their holiday week-end enjoying their time outdoors....

Made baked pork chops for dinner--along with carrots and baked potatoes. It sure was tasty!! We had a coupon for "buy 1 get 1 free" at Dairy Queen---a 16 ounce Blizzard...which I needed like another hole in my head. It was soooooooo darn good...I shared with Og The Dog...

I'm beat...and would really like to sit and do "nothing" for a few minutes before bed.

Hope you're enjoying your week-end...Talk to you soon....

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Home Again....

Back home after a long week-end in Michigan. We had an 80th birthday dinner for my Mom...and the WHOLE family was there--a first in many, many years. What a great time!!!!

Not much going on here at home. I can say...we've actually been having some great weather....sunshine...blue skies and comfortable temps. But...in the evenings it has been getting cooler...a sure sign of fall.

I finished another hat--a tam in a light denim blue. VERY nice....if I do say so myself. I'm currently working on an ear flap hat. I'll share pictures of both as soon as I get some taken!! (Why do it today...when I can put it off until tomorrow!!!) :) A wee bit of sarcasm! I'm just having a lazy day!!!

Look at this sweet little bird getting a drink out of the bird bath...bless his little heart!!!

Have a great day---I am!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

A Day At The Spa...

Check out "da man"...aka Og The Dog...after a day at the spa. A bath and haircut...pedicure, etc. Pretty handsome, eh??

I've been MIA for over a week....TRYING to get some type of organization around here--as well as working a few extra hours each week.

But...I have been crocheting...and things are moving along quite nicely. I signed up for a craft show on Nov. 8th...in the mall. Tables were VERY reasonable...so hope I have a few sales.

I know this is short, but I'm on my way to bed. Tomorrow morning we leave for Michigan and a birthday party. My sweet Ma-ma turns 80 years old!!!

Talk to you when I get back...

Keep smiling!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

eBay Sales...

Well...I'm heading downstairs in a few minutes to finish up a hat I've been working on "FOREVER"....I've sold two of my hats in the last week with one on the way to California and the other is going out to British Columbia. Lord knows my prices are more than reasonable!!! have several more to get listed...and want to try selling a few of the larger tams. Wish me luck....

I worked today...an 8-3 shift. Makes for a long day...but at least I'm working, right? I'll be going back down to 3 days per week in a week or two...which is just fine with me.

Other than that...not alot of news to share with you this time. We're getting ready for our yard sale...which we'll have either this Thursday OR Saturday....depending on the weather. I just want this stuff GONE!!!! Nothing comes back in the house!!!

Hope you've enjoyed your week-end....see ya later!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sleepless In E.L.....

See the "grumpy" look on The Magnolia's face?? Well...I'm feeling rather the same way....It's just about 4:30 ...and I've been tossing and turning for several hours. Yes...I know the reason...and it's because I made a pig of myself before bed last night....with an ice cream float!!! And it was soooooo good!!!! (But not THAT good to keep me up half the night!!)

John's just about ready to start taping the drywall going down the stairs...and I'm just about done with my project in the basement...you know that one where I have 3 piles...yard sale, trash and charity organizations. Well, I'm quite proud of myself...I have a "ton" of stuff ready to go. But...there are still so many boxes left...I really need to get "tough".

I haven't been doing much crocheting the past week...a few minutes here and a few minutes there. Maybe tonight...we'll see what the day brings. I miss it!!

I guess we're going to hit a few yard sales in the morning...(here I am trying to get rid of the "stuff"...) It's something to do...and time we spend together.

Think I'll try to get some sleep...hope all is well in your world....

Monday, August 10, 2009

And The Winner Is.....

And the winner is....JOHN!!! Took first place in his class at The AUTOMOTION Car Show in Brockville this year!! He's so proud!!! (It's the large trophy on top of the desk!!!)

It's a "working Monday"! John's hanging drywall...and I've been trying to organize things a bit downstairs. I lost my ambition....but really need to "push" myself! It's over-whelming...but I'll get it done....maybe not today...but I WILL SUCCEED!!!!

Watched a movie last night with Jennifer Aniston....not a bad "flick"...held my interest. The out-come was alittle predictable...but...it was something to watch.

Vegetable Quesadillas for dinner tonight...along with some refried beans. I'll deal with making spaghetti tomorrow....

Hope all is well.......see ya later!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lost Another One....

Wrote out a post...added the pictures...hit the wrong button...and it was gone...AGAIN!! I do that sooooo often. Need to pay more attention.

It's been just about a week since I last posted. Nothing much new in my world. Have been working more hours and TRYING to get keep a clean house. Nothing too strenuous...but I am sooooo tired!!!

Remember the "blankie" I made for Oggie?? Here's a picture or two of it....very thick and heavy. Should be great for the winter!! But...I still think he prefers his first one!!! No idea why...he just doesn't like "change".

John's been hanging dry wall...in the hallway going to the basement. He wants to continue on to what someday will be know as "the family room". And this means...I need to start sorting through my yarn and "treasures" and start to unload some of this crap! Three piles...YARD SALE--GARBAGE--CHARITY!!! And there's no lookin' back! I REFUSE to leave this job for John...he'd either have a nervous break-down or toss it all in the back of the truck and head for the dump!! I really do think it's worth my time, don't you??

Well...think I'll spend the rest of the evening doing what I do best...absolutely nothing!!! Just about done with another hat!! And I need to get started on a white cotton hat and scarf set....should have been done long ago.

Until tomorrow...enjoy your evening!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ms. Averi Marie Crisenbery

Here she is!!!!! Ms. Averi Marie....born at 3.57 a.m. August 3rd, weighing in at 6 lbs. 6 ozs. and is 20 inches long. Looks just like my "little heller" Jeremy--her Daddy!! Little round face..button nose...ahhhhhhh!!!

My day?? I worked my butt off around here. Finished my craft room...and cleaned the upstairs...as well as the downstairs bathroom. I'll vacuum downstairs tomorrow. Got rid of a ton of "stuff..one pile to charity...one pile for the yard sale and one PILE to the trash!!!

The rest of the evening is mine...and I'm gonna sit right here.

Back to work tomorrow...should be quiet...day after a holiday week-end. That's okay...I'm whining tonight...my back is killin' me!!

It's time for eBay...see ya tomorrow!!

She's Here!!!!!

  • Good Morning!!

    Well, the phone has been ringing all night long. My youngest son and his lady are the proud parents of a bouncing baby girl!!!! Averi Marie Crisenbery arrived shortly after 4:00 a.m. this morning. Both are healthy and doing just fine!!!

    I'm thrilled...can you tell?? Can't wait to meet that little bundle of joy!!!

    Guess I better get my day started. I "played" in my craft room last night until quite late...pulling everything off the shelves in my closet. WRONG thing to do...as it was just over-whelming. But...I'm please to tell you about all the stuff that's going into the yard sale!!! I am SUCH a pack rat!!!!

    Going for the second cup of coffee...see ya later!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A VERY Busy Sunday!!!

Well, now....I worked this morning at 8:00...and it was so darn busy...I was ready to pull my hair out. But....I managed to wait on every one and actually give them the service they deserve. I work alone on Sunday mornings...and this particular Sunday I would have given my "eye teeth" for some help.

Since I got home...Og The Dog and I went for a short walk. He enjoys getting out...especially after being alone all day. Now...I am sitting here...waiting for my "second wind" to arrive. Too late for a nap...I'll be up all night. Anyway...it doesn't seem to be happening. I'll give it alittle more time.

Think I told you that John went to Brockville for the week-end. He's spending his time with his parents and visiting old friends and neighbors. His son, Rob...and daughter, Samantha are also in town for the holiday week-end (Civic Day)...and they'll all "hook up" tonight for dinner. I called earlier this afternoon...knowing John was talking the Met to the car show....AUTOMOTION...and annual event there. Well...he took first place in his class....and received a trophy that he tells me is 2 feet tall!!! AWESOME! Last night he went on the the Poker Run...and although he didn't have the winning hand...he did win the 50-50 draw....well over 100.00!!! YOU GO JOHN!!!!!

So...that's my big news of the day!! Nothing planned for the evening...but do have a few projects around the house that need to be finished. I have a mess every where I look!! Just might sit around and do "nothing"!!

Sharing a picture our little Met....it sure is alot of fun!

In the meantime...have an enjoyable evening...talk to you soon.......

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Had every good intentions of sharing a picture or two of Oggie's blanket now that it's done....but can't find them. So...it's the latest pictures of my flowers....

Here is one of my favorites. we planted 2 clematis' together..and this is the shortest of the 2 plants....AWESOME!!!! I thought they would intertwine...but so far, it hasn't worked out that way.

And here's one of my Shasta daisies...enjoying a visitor. My garden has really suffered this year with all the rain. And speaking of rain...it's been POURING for over an hour. Is it ever going to end???
Got up shortly after 6:00 this morning. Had all good intentions of going to a few yard sales...but after looking in my craft room...quickly changed my mind. Lord knows I don't need a thing!! It REALLY is time to down size. So....I did some ironing...picked up after myself...and took Og for a short walk before I got ready for work. Also listed more items on eBay...so much "stuff". Go take a peek!!!
As usual, it was a slow Saturday at the restaurant...but the money wasn't half bad. My boss treated me to more Spinach Pie...one of my favorite Greek morsels. It's so darn good!!!
Tonight...well, I have a few more shirts to iron...they've been gathering for awhile...and I REALLY want to start sorting my yarn. It's time to get rid of the stuff I KNOW I'll never use..either put it in a yard sale OR eBay. I have this obsession....as with food..I'm afraid some day I'll be without the means to purchase either of the two above mentioned...and I won't be able to indulge myself in such luxuries. But...I REALLY do think I'm past that stage...I hope so....
With that knowledge...I'm off to do...SOMETHING!! I know my blog needs some new music....
See ya later...gator... :)

Friday, July 31, 2009


Well...this is a project from last week...or was it the week before. Doesn't really matter, but it was well worth the effort. These are a few of the wild blueberries we picked. They were sooooo sweet!! But...far and few between. Tough picking, as there weren't alot of them around. The berries are late this year...and there's more to come. We just need some more sunshine...which is something we haven't seen alot of this summer!!

And this is the finished product!! Blueberrie jam. Now this batch didn't turn out as thick as last year. I was talking to my Mom and she told me...there is a simple solution to thick jam. NEVER can jam on a dreary, humid day. It's just like fudge!!! When it's humid out, it just doesn't set as well. I'll remember that for the next batch!! Geeeeeeee...our Mom's sure pick up some good tips...from their Mom's...and so it goes down the line!!

News of the day??? Not much. I went and vacuumed for Jeannie this morning...came home and was called into work alittle early. It wasn't real busy, but made some good money. People were VERY generous as far as MY tips went!!!

After work...I came home and took Og for a walk. He just loves to get out and about. But don't all dogs??? John is gone away for a few days...and he doesn't eat...sits and looks out the window or snoozes on the bed....and waits for his "Dad" to return. He snuggled with me last night. I just love him so!!! He just turned 7 years old a few days ago...how the time flies.

Hung the blue jeans out on the line after work. Hope they dry...as it was late in the day.

Listed more items on ebay this morning before I went over to Jeannie's place. Damn...I hope they sell. I want to get rid of some of this stock...as Lord knows there's a ton of things downstairs that need to get listed.

Other than that...not alot going on. I did crochet last night for awhile. I'm just about finished with another hat. Still have a bunch of odd lots of yarn. Trying to decide what to do with this bunch. Any suggestions???

Well, that's the news of the day. Nothing out of the ordinary. Oh yeah!!! We got a "HOT TIP" on a new stock earlier in the week. It went up .43 today!!!! We're in the black on this one! YAHOOO! And boy am I ever glad! Took alot of talkin' to get John to buy the stuff!!!

Adios!!! Talk soon......

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another Hat...

I can't believe I deleted this whole post. I was just trying to put a space between the darn paragraghs, and look what happened!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr... That'll teach me to leave well enough alone, right??

Nothing of real importance...but did start another hat in a speckled cotton. I'm going to make another rolled brim hat. But...I have some sweet little heart shaped buttons in pink and purple that I'm going to use on it. Should be awesome!!! I'll show you when it's finished...

Talk to you soon...



Is that the sun I see peeking it's way through the fog this morning?? That certainly would be something different. It's been a terrible summer here in northern Ontario. Wet,cold and gloomy!! I hope this isn't a sign of what our winter will be like this year! I just hate the thought of it all!!!

On a positive note...I finished a hat. This particular one is made out of cotton. The hat is made with Bernat Cotton Twist in Taupe...and the rolled brim is ecru in color. Nice contrast. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You just can't beat 100% cotton fibers! I'll be listing it on eBay...so don't forget to go and check out my store when you have the time.


John just left for Brockville....and should be back either Monday or Tuesday. There's a big car show there this Sunday--AUTOMOTION. He's been going for years and enjoys time spent with old friends...and of course, old cars! His son, Rob, is flying in from B.C. this afternoon...so it will be quite the week-end for the family!

Well, as far as it stands now...I have the day off. I certainly don't think I'll be answering my phone!!!

So for now...have a great day...I'll see you soon!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How Time Flies...

It's already Tuesday! Where does the time go???? I always seem to find something to occupy my time!!!

I worked all week-end. VERY quiet...although it did pick up for Sunday Brunch. It was so hot in that restaurant!! I was pretty happy when the dishwasher offered to clear a few tables for me!!! I really think waiting table, at my age, is soon to be a thing of the past. It's getting harder and harder to keep up the pace!! (I never thought I'd hear myself say that!!!!!!!)

John and I went to pick blueberries yesterday....we got about a quart. There is going to be a good crop this year IF we have some sunshine and warmer temps. I think we're going out again tomorrow morning for a few more cups. I need 3 cups of crushed berries for a batch of jam. While we were traveling from one spot to another...we saw a ma-ma bear and her little ones cross the road in front of us...TWINS!!

Here's a few photos of what I've been doing to occupy my time...and use up a few odds and ends of cotton yarn. I made the round dish cloth out of Bernat Cot'n Soft --the color is Bubblegum. (I got a full skein of it at a yard sale.) And the yellow and white cotton is from the bag of odds and ends I got a week or so ago. Someone can always use dish cloths, right??

I made breakfast enchiladas for dinner tonight..along with some fried potatoes. It sure hit the spot. I love Mexican food!!! I just remembered..I have several bags of whole tomatoes in my freezer. I bet they'd work out just fine for a batch or two of salsa!!

Until next time---PEACE be with you!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009


Well, now....I took a bunch of pictures..and I can't find them. Had several of Oggie's new blankie..our freshly picked blueberries and a few other pictures I thought you might be interested in...and they just disappeared! No idea what file they're in...if in fact, they are in one!!! So...I will just have to share a picture or two of the flowers in my rock garden.

What has bloomed so far this year has been very nice, but the weather hasn't been co-operating lately. It has been wet and cool...and the flowers and berries need some heat and sunshine.

John and I went to check out the wild blueberries yesterday in a different location. They're sweet and tasty...but about 2 weeks behind schedule. We plan on setting aside a few hours on Monday to get enough berries picked for a pie and a batch or two of jam. I still have quite a few quart bags in the freezer...always nice for the winter months.

Well, just wanted to check in...I've been busy listing a few patterns on ebay. Also having a sale on hats and scarves...and Christmas patterns...alittle Christmas In July promo. Take a look when you have a minute. http://stores.ebay.ca/Debeeedos-New-To-You-Shop

John's at the drag races tonight...so I have the evening to myself. QUIET TIME!!!!

Enjoy your week-end!!! Until next time!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday, Monday....

I have a headache...and no matter what I do, it just won't go away!!!! Maybe there's a weather change in store!

Check out my latest find...for 50 cents I got this bag of cotton yarn!!!

John , Oggie and I went for a drive last night...to one of our favorite spots for blueberries! The Cliff!!! An awesome place that has a nice crop of wild berries! Well...they're just starting to turn their dark blue color...maybe in a week it might just be time to get into some serious berry picking!! I grabbed a handful last night for our cereal this morning. Damn, they're good!!!

Haven't done much today. Managed to get a few loads of laundry out on the line and ran a few errands. Emptied the dishwasher and just messed around the house. Actually...I've wasted alot of time on the computer...but then...what else is new??

On our way to Sudbury tomorrow morning. John has a doctor's appointment with a specialist. Wish him luck!!

Better get some dinner started!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ma-ma and Her Baby....

It's been a pretty uneventful few days. I worked all week-end...and with all of the activities in near-by communities, it was VERY quiet. Certainly won't get rich that way!!! I'm now off for the next two days...and I have nothing much planned. Looks as though the weather is going to cooperate!! I just love the sunshine!!

Nice picture...don't you think? Ma-ma and baby crow. There is so much activity in our back yard. Still no bear sightings...but that's all-right with me. They get into my rock garden and walk all over the plants.

I finished Oggie's blanket...have the backing pinned on and just have to stitch it into place. Shouldn't take too long. I'll share a photo when it's COMPLETE. Not that it's anything too exciting...but it was certainly a good way to use up some "odds and ends" of yarn. I still have some scraps yet to use...might make a scarf or two.

Hope you're enjoying your week-end....I'm off to put my feet up for awhile...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Start of Something Beautiful...

I woke up this morning to find my clematis opening...Isn't it beautiful? I have 2 of them...planted directly behind each other. The intertwine with each other...absolutely GORGEOUS when in full bloom.

It's hard to believe that summer is half over with!! We were fortunate enough to spend a few days at The Motor Muster in Michigan...but we haven't gone ATVing or fishing yet this summer. Hopefully, after John is finished helping his buddy build his shed...we'll be able to spends some time doing some fun stuff!

Second day of sunshine!! It's just beautiful out. Might be a good time to take Oggie for a walk!!

Made a macaroni salad for dinner. Will have that with hamburgers and some baked beans. I made hamburger buns day before yesterday...a nice treat!!

Had a nice visit and dinner with friends out at Quirk Lake yesterday. Dinner was VERY tasty!! Dan grilled the chicken and Barb made a tossed salad and baked potatoes...along with banana nut bread for dessert. Had a few glasses of wine and bowled. They have the WII game system. Always alot of fun!!

Well, time for that walk. Hope to see you tomorrow!!!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


The rain has FINALLY ended for a few days. It's been a very wet and cool summer--with the exception of a week or so. We'll never get blueberries at this rate!! I need to think positive...as it's one of my favorite fruits. And the best part about it...we go out in the bush...pick a spot to sit and pick blueberries for hours. It's so peaceful...and relaxing. Just a great time to sit and think!!!

The babies of spring are out and about now. Above are a few pictures of "our" woodpeckers. Mama Peepers and her baby. The baby just "peeps" with delight, as Ma-ma goes to the suet feeder and grabs a bite and feeds it to her---or him. It is so "neat" to watch the activities of the rock garden!!!

Suet feed is expensive here...4.24 for 3....unless you can pick it up at the Dollar Store. Yesterday I tried my hand at making some...and they turned out very well. Now...I just hope they eat it...as it's half the cost of store bought suet cakes.

Still working on Oggie's blanket....but not real hard. Work on it for awhile in the evening and then go to sleep in the chair. Need to start earlier and get it done. I'm ready for a new project!!!

We're off to visit with friends this afternoon. Should be fun, as we haven't seen them in quite some time.

Better get some laundry out on the line...have a great day!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Og The Dog...

Here's "da man"...also known as Og The Dog! Well...Og likes to torment the kitties! Here he is displaying his new bone...right where the kitties navigate to and from the living room. He KNOWS he's not supposed to snap at the kitties...but feels he "has the right" when they get close to his bone! So..he BAITS those cats!!!. I'm sure you can figure out the rest of the story. Some times he can be so darn sneeky!!! As you can see...he's been caught in the act! He just dares them to walk by!!!

Here's my latest project....a new blankie for Og! I only have about 4 inches left to go and then I'll sew the receiving blanket to the back of it and it will be done. I'm using alot of my odds and ends in this project...plus the base color of blue. I thought I had enough of the blue yarn to finish it up...but boy...was I wrong!! And do you think I could find that color or texture any where??? No way! But...John and I stopped at The Good Will Store in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan...and lo and behold...there was a small baby blanket made out of the exact yarn I was looking for! And a real deal at 50% off !! So..it came home with me...I "frogged" and John wound up the yarn on the yarn winder...and I have more than enough to finish this project. (I probably should have washed it first...but it looked like he had never been used...so I took a chance.) Was fate in my hands or what!!!!!

Other than that...not alot going on around here over the week-end! I worked...and John has been helping his buddy build a shed.

And...I better get dinner started...

See you soon.......

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Hectic Time....

Well...I'm back home...FINALLY! It's been a hectic 2 weeks!!! I think I told you that John and I went to Greenfield Village for a car show. What a great time! Took a tour around the state of Michigan, and enjoyed our drive along the coast of Lake Michigan. Would definitely do THAT trip again!

So...we get home on Wednesday....and I head back down to Saginaw that Saturday after work. This time for THE BABY SHOWER!! You know, the one I've been talking about for the last few months. Anyway...it was a great time....and my Mom was even feeling well enough to go! It was nice to see family members and of course, my son and the Ma-ma To Be!!

The baby blanket was a "success" and received the "ooooo's and awwwww's" of something made by Grandma. (I was so sick of the color PINK!!!)

Now...I think I'm home for awhile. John has a few medical issues that we have to deal with...and I just want to stay home! We'll be heading back to Saginaw the end of August...my Mother's 80th birthday party!!!

I'll share a few other projects I have going some other time...Oggie's new "blankie" for starters. A good way to use up some scraps!!

Until next time...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

On The Road AGAIN!!!!

Just a short note...I'm on the road again early tomorrow morning. This time John and I are heading down the road to Dearborn, Michigan for a car show at Greenfield Village and The Henry Ford Museum. Hopefully the weather will cooperate, as it's a 3 day event!

Busy day...went shopping for some clothes. Spent more than I intended to...but I never buy anything "new" for myself. I always shop "second hand". But today was a different story. I did find a skirt at one of the thrift shops last week...black and white design and floor length. Well, today I cut it back , hemmed it...and it looks like a new skirt...updated and ready to go!! Two of the tops I bought today will match it!

The scalloped edge on the baby afghan is about half way done!!! I'll finish it up when I get back next week...should take me about an hour. I'll share the finished project with you then!

Spent some time taking a few pictures of the garden and the kitties... Magnolia and Sunny. The entertainment was pretty exciting--2 chipmunks and a few squirrels were on the deck for peanuts. It just drives those cats "wild". Keeps them occupied for hours!!

Talk to you you soon...I'm out of here for the next 6 days! See you when we get back!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I've been MIA for the last little bit...I figure if I have nothing to chat about...OR nothing good to say, I should just stay away.

You see...I have this "nagging torment" going on inside of me. I have always been a bubbly, outgoing type of person with a ton of friends. But lately...I have an attitude problem. I think it's the fact that I have been "crapped" on by a few of my friends lately...and at my age...I don't really care anymore. I'm far better off being by myself, as I can keep myself amused without any problem....AND my animals give me more joy than most people do lately. So...to refrain from hurting any one's feelings...(yes, I still have that attribute lurking somewhere inside of me)...I will remain content to stay at home and do MY THING!!!

Now...on to a more pleasant subject. Yesterday was an AWESOME day! Sunny skies and warm temperatures! The black flies were at a minimum until later in the afternoon...so working in my rock garden was awesome!! And today...is a duplicate of yesterday!!

John and I went to one of the second hand stores in the area this morning...I've had my eye on this particular planter...a ceramic bunny...and I just had to have it. For 50 cents...it was MINE!! I'm not sure what type of plant I'll stick in it...but I'm sure I'll find something I like!!! Pretty cute, don't ya think?

I'm just about done with that baby afghan--with the exception of the final two rows and the edging. I'll sure be glad when this one is completed.

I started working in my craft room earlier this afternoon...might be a good idea to stay with this project for a few hours!!! I'd like to hem a skirt...another find at the thrift store for 2.00...but need to find the top of my ironing board first!!

In the mean time....keep a positive attitude!!! Talk to you soon!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Peach Cobbler

My buddy, Karen...gave me this "awesome" recipe for peach cobbler. I finally tried it...and it is soooooooo good!!! THANK YOU KAREN!!!!!! We live in "blueberry country" and I'm anxiously waiting for the season. Can you imagine this recipe with fresh blueberries????
We had a yard sale on Saturday...and did quite well. Managed to get rid of quite abit...but that was only the tip of the iceberg. I'm sure we'll have another sale later in the season...as the clutter has got to GO!!!!
Spent the morning at the hospital with John. He has been having terrible pain in the lower abdomen. He goes in for an ultra-sound on the 17th -- bladder and prostate. In the meantime..he's on some "heavy duty" antibiotics...something the size of a small piece of chalk!!! If the pain doesn't subside, I'm sure we'll be going back in. He never complains, so I need to watch his facial expressions. A typical man!!! (Bless his heart!)
The baby afghan is moving right along. I'll glad when it's done, as I'm certainly getting tired of the color pink!!!
The hockey game is on tonight...better get ready for bed...grab that crochet hook and sit in front of the t.v. Go RED WINGS!!!!
See you soon....

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood....

It's just an "awesome" day....not a cloud in the sky and the temps are in the 70's. Is this PERFECT or what??? My only complaint is that the black flies are hungry...and I must look like a mighty tasty morsel....they just love me. Nothing alittle bug spray won't take care of...Elliot Lake Cologne as it's well know as!!

John worked at organizing a few more things for the yard sale this morning...his fishing tackle. The urge struck...and he called his buddy to do alittle fishing this afternoon. He didn't go out at all last year, so hopefully he'll have some fun!!

So...with this...I'm going out in my rock garden and pull a few weeds. It's looking pretty good!!!!

Oh by the way...that Moody Blues concert on PBS last night wasn't all that wonderful....from the year 2000....at The Royal Albert Hall. They only sang about 4 songs that I actually recognized.

See ya later......

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Moving Right Along....

So tell me...what do you think so far? Not a bad stitch...the crocheted version of the feather and fan stitch!! But...you certainly need to pay attention! Not the best picture, but I think you get the idea!! Cute duck!!!

Certainly have been keeping busy. John made a cover for some unsightly cement we had in the back yard. It's now ready for our sun dial and a planter or two. A much needed improvement. (My Man is so damn handy!!)

Also getting ready for a yard sale this Saturday. We have so much "stuff"....and I've been trying so hard to get rid of the clutter. I took a bag of clothing to one of the thrift stores in town this morning and working on another.

But for the rest of the evening...I'm going to sit and relax. PLUS...there's a Moody Blues concert on PBS tonight and I'm all "fired up" for this one!!

If you have the time...sit, relax and enjoy concert...it certainly will bring back some memories!!!!

Until next time...PEACE!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's Been Awhile....

It's been awhile since I've been here. I went back down to my Mother's for 11 days, while she had surgery to "put her back together" again. She had a colostomy and it was reversible. It's been almost a year since the car accident...and she's finally finished with her surgeries!!!!

"Og the Dog" had his annual physical exam this afternoon....and he passed with flying colors. Hard to believe he'll be 7 years old this July... and he'll then be considered a "senior". He'll always be "my little boy"!!! Isn't he a cute little guy??

While I was gone...the plants in my rock garden really grew! I'm happy with the way it looks so far this year! I moved several plants around last fall...and added several this spring.. Lookin' good!!!! Now...to keep up with the weeding....

Made a hat out of cotton yarn while I was away...and also worked on the baby afghan. Things are moving right along....a month from tomorrow is the baby shower! Better get my butt in gear!!!

Hope to see you tomorrow....

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Well, it's Mother's Day once again. My youngest son called while I was at work. I'm sorry I missed his call....and he went to work just about the time I finished my shift for the day. Regardless...it was nice that he remembered me...he always does. My oldest lad...well, that's another story.

It's been a busy week. I managed to get some major house cleaning done...and John got the trim up in the hallway. Looks SUPER!!!

Made my elderly neighbor, Jeannie, a sachet for Mother's Day....filled with lavender. She does so many nice things for people, I always try to remember her on special occasions. Anyway...it was just a small cross-stitch project! I was pretty pleased with the way it turned out. The picture above is "the work in progress".....and damn, if I didn't forget to take a picture of it when it was done. Oh well...it looks just like the photo on the package, except I used a white ribbon instead of the pink embroidery floss.

More cleaning this week. Trying to get rid of the clutter. My biggest problem is I hate to part with anything once I have it. But...one drawer at a time...and we'll see what happens.

Think I'll go put my feet up for awhile. I'm beat!!!! Hope to see you tomorrow.....

Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's FINALLY Sunday....

Well...what do you think??? These are my new clothing labels I ordered...and will use them on my hats and scarfs...or whatever else I make for the craft shows, ebay or for gifts. As soon as I see a sample of the business cards, I might order a few of them as well.

T.G.I.S.---Thank Goodness It's SUNDAY! My week is over with, and now I have what I call "my long week-end"--4 days off!!! I worked a double shift today...and it was well worth my time. We had a party of 40 come in...I just love surprises!!!

My hubby is coming down with the same virus I have. Poor guy! I know just how miserable he is. I'm feeling better each day, but my voice is very "coarse" and throat is "scratchy".

Looks like the next few days are going be a bit warmer and SUNNY! Lords knows I have a bunch of laundry that needs to be done!!! A few good days to hang my clothes outside!!! :) I just love the smell of line-dried clothes!!!

Well...think I'll go downstairs and watch some t.v. I'm going to make it an early evening!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Another Saturday...

It's been a week since I've been here....how time flies!!!

This week I've been alittle "under the weather". I came down with a sore throat...head cold...a harsh cough...and just feel like someone kicked the "shit" out of me. Just a nasty virus that has re-surfaced in the area and it decided to pay me a visit. I sure wish it would go and visit someone else...

So...that's been my week. I did manage to crochet a few rows on the baby blanket.... and I even did some reading....a fun book by Erma Bombeck..."A Marriage Made In Heaven or Too Tired For An Affair". If you get a chance...it's worth spending some time with!!

Other than that, I've been "useless" to say the least. Hopefully, I'll have more to share with you in a day or two.

In the meantime...stay healthy!! Talk to you soon...