Let Me Know You Were here!! :)

Thursday, May 10, 2018

John's New "TOY"

Well, it finally happened.  John bought a new loader/riding lawn mower....etc.  We have a smaller version...a John Deere, of course.  But...it's 40 years old.  Needs a few parts, but runs.  For how long?? Who knows.  John can fix ANYTHING...but it's the cost of the parts that are just "out of this world". 

Yes, I'm glad he got it...as we have some major projects getting ready to start around here, which I will share with you in a few weeks when you can actually see some progress.  AND...are you ready for this??  I got to use it.  Yup, he gave me a lesson and I got to cut the back yard.  This "bad boy" runs like a dream and can cut the lawn in half the time.  BONUS!! 

I've been fighting with my sewing machine and I'm ready to toss it out the window.  But, following suggestions from the owner of a local sewing center...I MIGHT just have the problem figured out.  I'm taking my samples to her this afternoon...and her opinion will be the deciding factor if I get a new machine or not.  Will keep you updated!!! 

Rain has stopped...sunshine heading our way!! 

See you soon!!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

My Youngest!!

Meet Jeremy...my youngest son...and his two daughters, Averi and Allie.  All dressed up for the Daddy-Daughter Dance 2018.

I spent over a week in Michigan.  Jer and his bride, Natasha, went to Las Vegas and I got to babysit.  I just love going there.  And I love coming home.  This time, it was hard...I miss them all so much. 

It's difficult to explain...I love my home, my wonderful husband, my dog...etc...but I just want to go back and spend another week.  Make sense? 

I also spent a few days visiting my Dad.  Stayed at the condo...as he is in an assisted living home.  The condo will be going up "for sale" in the very near future...a sad time.  I just wanted to sit there, alone, and watch t.v., crochet and feel my Mother's presence.  Didn't work out that way.  Hopefully, I'll get that opportunity in the near future...I'm so hoping for that!!! 

Enough!!!!  Tonight, we are going out to dinner with my dear friend, Janet and her husband, Todd.  Not sure exactly where we are going, but I'm sure it will be a great time. 

So, that's my news...nothing spectacular.  I guess I'm just venting to get out of my "funk". 

Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon!!  

Friday, May 4, 2018

The "Gangsta"

Hi Again!! 

Just stopping by for a minute...by-passing the months of  February and March.  Actually, February was a good month.  I think I told you we went to Florida for the entire month!!  And we booked the same place for next year...it was wonderful!!

Now we'll stop by the first part of April.  We have a new addition to our family.  Meet FRANKIE...the Gangsta...the Monster...Frankenstein....born October 1st, 2018.  Every inch of this little man is pure love!!!  Of course, he has his moments...but then who doesn't.  

A gloomy day...but looks as though we have just about 10 days of sunshine headed our way.  I'm looking forward to getting in the garden. 

Have been spending a good part of the day listing patterns in my ebay store.  Things have been quiet for the most part..hopefully, things take a turn for the better soon. 

Have a wonderful Friday!!  It's the week-end!!!!!  :)

Monday, April 30, 2018

A Trying Time...

Yes, it's been awhile....what more can i say.

It's been a trying time here the last four months.  On the 23rd of November, we lost our Oggie Dog.  He was over 15 years old...and passed at home in my hubby's arms.  A collapsed  trachea.  He struggled to breath...and his little heart just gave up.  The pain is sometimes "over-whelming".

January wasn't much better.  John lost his Dad...but this was a different story.  There was never a lot of love between them.  He had been sick for awhile...and chose to end his life via Assisted Death...legal here in Canada.  Personally, I don't believe in it, but "to each their own". 

John and I took a break from it all and went to Florida for a month.  Had a very nice condo, in Panama City Beach, right on the gulf. 

Well, lets see if I can keep this blog up on a regular basis...I enjoy writing and sharing my adventures.  I have so much more to share....but the sun is shining...and I want to get my day started on a positive note!!

Have a great Monday!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” – Marcel Proust

I have this great friend...Janet...and we always have a great time when we're together.  But, lately, we have both been busy, away...or just "caught up in life".  I miss her.  But...I certainly have been getting more accomplished around the house and gardens.  We need to plan a day to "catch up"... 

I've been busy working on a hat order...4 hats and a pair of mittens.  I have several hats made this year and will take a few orders for the holiday season...but I have a few of my own gifts to make, so I will pace myself and do only what I THINK I can handle, without pulling my hair out. 

Here's one of the hats I finished for my eBay store.  A lovely shade of yellow.  I call it my "happy hat"!!  Great color for those dreary days of winter.

Other than that...not much excitement around here.  Getting the house and yard ready for the winter months.  New windows and front door will be installed on the 20th of November.  I'm sure that will make a difference!!  I know it will look much better.

Well, it's bath time...and I want to finish up the hat I'm working on tonight.  Have a great evening...it's time to relax!!

Saturday, October 7, 2017


Why is it, when John is gone for a few days...I stay up late and get up before 6:00 a.m?  What's wrong with this picture?.  I'm even up before Oggie Dog wakes up.  He strolls out around 7:00 a.m. or so.

This morning I picked up Janet and we went to town.  She's not feeling well at all and I'm having trouble with my bowels.  Great pair we make.  Gone a few hours and now I'm beat. 

Listed another one of my hats...True Taupe, made of Bernat Chunky #5 weight.  Love it....

Not the best picture....but it's a great looking beanie!!!!  Sure hope my hats start to sell.  Kind of difficult to promote them when it's 70 degrees out!!!  I do better locally, than on eBay or Etsy.  I make more money as well!!  We'll see what this year brings. 

Better get something done....John is home tomorrow!!  A good thing.  

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Busy Day...

Last night, I stayed up until after 1:00 am.  Wanted to stay awake to let Oggie Dog out at 11:00.  I know that if I sat in my chair and put my feet up, my eyes would close.  You get the picture, right??

So this morning, my Oggie let me sleep in until almost 7:00.  Bless his little heart.  He must have know that Ma-ma wasn't smart enough to go to bed at a descent hour.  

So this morning, I hit it hard.  Had to go to the laundromat to wash our king size comforter.  Oggie decided to "barf" on it a few months ago.  Of course, I washed it by hand, but it left a big stain.  After my trip to the dreaded laundromat, I went for a hair cut.  Turned out okay, but not my favorite hairdresser.  After that, I headed to the nursing home to see John's parents.  Short, but sweet.  Good people.

Now, I'm home...sitting in this chair and I need to get downstairs to my craft room.  It's on my "to do" list while John is having a great time in Pennsylvania.  (Snicker...)  But that's OKAY, as this is my vacation, too. 

Yesterday, I worked my fanny off, going through closets and "purging" some of my clothes.  Went to the thrift store with 2 garbage bags full.  Felt great!!

In the meantime, didn't feel like cooking.  Called my buddy, Janet, whose hubby went with mine to Pennsylvania (trouble there) and we went out for dinner.  BONUS!!!   Service sucked, but food was good!!

Patio door is open, and I can hear my wind chimes sing their song  Just love it!!!

Also managed to get a few of my hats listed on eBay.  So happy.  Now, just need to sell them.  Take a peek!!

Talk to you later...need to let the dog out and head to that DREADED craft room!

Have a wonderful day....