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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stash Busting!

I went to the basement with all good intentions of emptying every one of my yarn bins, boxes and bags...and organizing all of my yarn by weight and color. What a joke! I immediately turned around and walked back upstairs. What a bunch of nonsense and certainly a "SCARY" project. But it has got to be done. We're talking of moving back to the city of Brockville....and I know I'll have to get organized. If John has a full truck load of yarn to move, trust me...he'll grab his sore spot (aka his wallet) and cry. Now...take a look at that picture...isn't that just sinful???? I'm addicted...

Well, I bid on a yarn winder yesterday and I should know in less than an hour if I've won this particular item. Lets hope so! THEN...I'll tackle this project...

Had a pretty good day. Made a crock-pot full of beef barley soup and homemade rolls. Along with a dinner salad, it was some good eattin'!!

Also took Oggie Dog to the "spa" for a bath, haircut and had his nails trimmed. This time, we decided to take him to a new groomer in town, and she did a great job. And the price was certainly right! We'll be going back to see her...for sure!!

Well, John went to his bluegrass group this evening, so I have a few hours to myself. Not sure what I'll take on next....maybe just sit and crochet. American Idol is on tonight. Can't miss THAT!!!

It's been a terrific Tuesday!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday, Monday...

The week-end just flew by...and here it is Monday...ALREADY!!! And the sun is shining! I put the sheets out on the clothes line this morning...and they were dry within an hour or so. What a lovely wind! And earlier this afternoon, thought I'd take a chance on a load of dark clothes. Everything smells of "spring". (You'd never know it's REALLY spring from this picture!!) Yes, this is my back yard...or part of it. Can you believe how much snow is left???

Didn't get much crafting time in this week-end. John and I watched a few movies. And yesterday, we jumped in the car and went for a drive. Stopped by one of our favorite little restaurants in Webwood. They have the BEST hamburgers and fries there. And we enjoyed the ride...a nice change of scenery...even in the rain.

I have the next four days off...and hopefully, I'll accomplish a few things I want to do. Nothing major...but my craft room needs some attention. Maybe I'll start by getting some of my ironing done. Good idea!

If all goes well, I'll see you tomorrow!!!! If not...check out my craft room...I'm probably in there!! :)
Have a GREAT day!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Short and Sweet...

Just a quick "hell-o" before bed. The last few days have been fairly busy...both at home and work....so haven't had much of a chance to write. Trying to de-clutter...and get rid of things that are no longer needed or used. (Hey...stay away from that yarn!!!) :) I'm sure we'll be having a yard sale as soon as the weather cooperates!!!

Looks like we're in for more nasty weather. I am soooooo tired of snow...as well as everyone else is, I'm sure. Take a look at this mess from a few days ago...Wednesday, I believe...the ice on the clothes line and trees. I was surprised we didn't loose the power. (The picture is a little fuzzy, but I think you get the idea!)

Went to the grocery store after work this afternoon. No Frills, one of our local markets, has some really great sale items this week, so stocked up on a few things. We bought one of our favorite frozen pizzas...a pepperoni pizza this time and doctored it up with some mushrooms and onions. It tastes just as good, if not better than most pizzeria style pizzas. Served that with a tossed salad and had a very nice dinner....fast and easy.

Watched some t.v. tonight and managed to get 4 rows done on the baby blanket. Once I get past the garter stitch border, I'm sure it will be more fun to work on.

I'm beat...it's bed time for me. Have a good evening everyone!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Trip To The "City"...

If you know anything about the province of Ontario, you'd then understand that a trip to Subdury from the city of Elliot Lake, is a real trip to "The City". Elliot Lake, even with a population of over 13,00o, offers basically nothing, when it comes to shopping. Go back an entry or two in my blog, and you can read my story about the "pink yarn". Regardless, John and I went to Sudbury yesterday so I could deal with my glasses...and went to Walmart, so I could find my "pink yarn". HOORAAAAY!! I found it...but there wasn't a doubt in my mind. (I love Walmart!!) I can now work on the baby blanket for the upcoming birth of grand-daughter #4!! And while we were gone, the mailman delivered my yarn for an afghan I plan to make for a wedding gift early this summer. So, between the gifts, my projects for Christmas and the holiday craft shows, I will be a busy girl!!

Didn't get much accomplished around the house today. We had a few errands to run...bank, post office, etc. Also, had to deal with a few phone calls, and that was about it. Boy, time sure has a way of getting away from me.

John went to his blue grass group tonight, and I'll probably catch up on laundry..or maybe just sit and crochet. Whatever I do, I'm sure it will be enjoyable!!

A storm moving in tonight...BIG possibility of freezing rain...but that too shall pass!!! I'm snug and warm in my little house!!!

Hope you've enjoyed your day...on a scale of 1 though 10...I'm rating mine a 10, of course!!! I got up this morning and put both feet on the ground, right????? Life is good!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Crows....

Just about this time last year, John and I had great fun watching a pair of crows. Now...Mr. and Mrs. Crow were property hunting and they found the perfect piece of real estate in one of the neighbor's trees. Let the building begin!! Every day from dawn to dusk, the pair would search for building supplies...come back to their "little piece of heaven" and build and build and build. Mrs. Crow would fly in and sit on a nearby branch, while Mr. Crow diligently arranged his sticks, twigs, mud...and whatever else he could find. Mrs. Crow would then hop over to the nest...wiggle herself in...and off they'd go for more materials. This went on for almost 2 weeks.

Well, this afternoon...I noticed a crow...jumping up carefully on each branch until he reached last year's nest. And off in the distance, I saw a crow sitting...watching... and soon joined the other.

Will they be staying??? I hope so. It was so amazing at how the two worked together. They actually conversed with one another...Mrs. Crow giving Mr. Crow instructions... and Mr. Crow agreeing, of course! (Hey, it's my story)!!! And throughout the summer months...after the leaves had surrounded their home...you could hear them talk...and watch them fly back and forth with food for the little ones. They were raising a family.

Fall came...and the leaves fell from the trees...and they were gone. It's amazing how nature cycles...I do hope they come back to stay.

Check out last year's nest!! You can see Mrs. Crow sitting in her nest, with her head visible.

Today has been a good day...I worked this morning and got home around 3:00. We sat up far too late last night and watched a movie...but it was so worth it....The Family Stone", with Diane Keaton. I even managed to work on a hat...in a lovely medium green color..unknown fiber, but I think there's some wool involved here. I'll share a picture with you when I get it finished.

We're off to Sudbury again tomorrow...better get to bed.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another Saturday!!

Worked a 5 hour shift today...seemed like "forever". All in all, not a bad day!!! There's always something to do...

After work, John and I went to Zellers...a small department store here in Elliot Lake. Let me tell you...they have alot of yarn...but it's the worst kept department in the entire store. A skein of this and a skein of that. I gave up on the white yarn I was using for the baby afghan...it's very pretty yarn, but a pain to work with. To sum it up, it looks very "untidy" and "pulled". So, we stopped by Zellers to look at something in a pink. I gave up.... But we're going back to Sudbury on Monday...should be able to find something there. I can't believe I don't have any full skeins of pink yarn in all of those bins of STASH!!! I'll have to do something about that!!!!

Sharing a picture of a project I recently finished....a hat and short scarf. It was a fun project and I love the yarn...Red Heart "Painted Desert". Karen picked out blue buttons for the scarf and they look rather nice!!!

Watched a movie we bought at one of our local thrift stores last night..."Fly Away Home"...with Jeff Daniels and Anna Paquin. It was all about a young girl and her father who adopted an orphaned flock of geese and taught them to fly. It's been around for awhile...but this is the first time I've seen it. I highly recommend it!!!!

Other than that, it's been a pretty uneventful day. No sunshine...infact, it snowed a good part of the day. GLOOMY!!!!

Hope your week-end is going well...I have NO complaints!!

See ya later......

Friday, March 20, 2009

The First Day of Spring....

Well, it's official. Today is the first day of spring 2009!! It certainly has been a long winter! I still haven't seen a robin yet...but I'm sure it won't be long now, if infact, they haven't already arrived.

The waterfall just outside of town, is a sure sign of the melting snow. The thunder of the water is "awesome"...and this makes spring more realistic each and every day. This picture was taken last year about this time. Isn't it beautiful??

I missed everyone yesterday. John and I went to Sudbury for the day. Did some shopping and browsed the thrift stores. We both had an appointment with the optometrist and went over to Lencrafters to pick out our new frames. Talk about high pressure!!! This will, no doubt, be our last trip there to purchase our frames. But, regardless, I found a pair I really liked. It's just unfortunate I have to return them on Monday. They are far too small...it feels like my head is in a vice grip! I can't understand why I didn't notice it while they were being adjusted...but it didn't "hit me" until we were driving home.

Managed to knit a few rows on the baby afghan last night. I finished the garter stitch border and now move on to the feather and fan pattern!!!

Better get downstairs and see what's on t.v. before bedtime. Do you think I'm in a rut??????

Enjoy your week-end!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Meet The Magnolia...

It's another bright, sunny day....windy, which is perfect to hang a load of clothes out on the line. But...it's still cold...and you have to work fast...or freeze your "paws". Today, I washed the comforter on our bed...and it's just whipping away with the wind. Should smell "awesome" when we crawl into bed.

Didn't get much accomplished today. John and I worked on my U.S. taxes...and that's now done for another year. Even though I live and work in Canada, I'm still a U.S.citizen and need to file there as well. Doesn't make much sense to me...but I guess the United States is one of a very few countries that requires you to do so.

Made a run to the local supermarket this afternoon. They have Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup on sale for 49 cents per can. And...we all know how this works...once the sale ends, the price will more than double. I use it to cook with, so I now have enough to last me the rest of the year. I'm not real fond of canned foods, but sometimes there is a real advantage to cooking with soup.

I don't mention my "fur babies" often...and when I do, the conversation usually evolves around Oggie Dog or Sunny Kitty. Well, here's a picture of Maggie...also know as "The Magnolia". She has the prettiest dark eyes at times and long coarse fur. We got her about 6 years ago from the Ontario Humane Society, and I think her time was just about up....as she had been there for quite some time. They told us she had a tendency to BITE! Well, I don't know where they got their information from...but they certainly were misinformed. She's quite the "lover". and she's definitely a "ma-ma's girl!! My sweet Maggie!

Enjoy your day!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day!!

No Irish stew here...but my warm blessings to all of you that celebrate St. Patrick's Day!! Erin Go Brough!!

Another busy day...a run to the post office, bank, doctor's office and hospital to pick up some paper work. John and I went to KFC for lunch. A nice treat...something we haven't done in awhile. I just love the greasy chicken. I know it's so bad for you...but...how could I refuse???

Started the baby blanket last night. I now know why I prefer to crochet. It's so much faster. Probably a good thing I started it well in advance!! I'm slow and far too picky!!

Short and sweet tonight...want to sit and at least get a few rows done on the "blankie".

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all you Irishmen...but then isn't every one Irish on St. Patty's Day??

Monday, March 16, 2009


It's been a rather busy day. Got up early and went with John to meet with the doctor that ordered his tests. Fortunately, most of them came back just fine...but still the question of why he has such pain at times. Still more medication and more testing yet to be done, but at least things are moving right along.

I got called into work this afternoon to work a party of 42...a hockey team from ?????. Can't remember. Regardless, it was well worth my time--3 hours or so... and I'm glad I grabbed the opportunity.

John went to the hockey game tonight. Think I'll just hang out at the computer...might just get a few things listed on ebay. I've been neglecting my store...and I need to spend some time with it.

Check out the squares I've been making. I've been trying to use up some odds and ends...and when I get enough made, I'll make them into an afghan and give it to someone on my "gift list"...or donate to a local charity.

Went to the mall this afternoon...had to buy a circular knitting needle for a my grand-daughter's afghan. Think I told you about grand-daughter #4....so this one is for her "home-coming". I'll be sure and share a picture or two as I move along with it.

Dancing with the Stars is on tonight. Will keep the t.v. on up here as I get some ebay listing done.

So...that's my news of the day...nothing real exciting...but alot of activity. Hope your day has been a good one...mine was!!!

Keep smiling!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm Addicted!!!

I've been behaving myself for far too long!!! Just happened to stroll into one of our local thrift stores and looked what jumped right into my arms??? All of this lovely chenille and a bag of bulky weight yarn for 5.00. Can you believe it??

I managed to get some crocheting done last night...and it felt pretty good just to sit there and "play" with the yarn. Will do the same this evening.

I got up early and dried 2 loads of clothes. The dryer is working great, by the way!!! Washed my hair and just messed around the house for awhile...did alittle bit of this and alittle bit of that. Went over to Jeannie's place, pushed the vacuum, and had a short but nice visit. Didn't last long, as I had to get to work.

Wasn't real busy at the restaurant, but the tips were good. Managed to keep busy...as I always do. Back again tomorrow and Sunday...with a 5 hour shift each day.

Had left-overs for dinner--hamburger chop suey along with a blanched vegetable dish..some cantaloupe and strawberries for dessert. The fruit tasted good....

Better get downstairs before the night slips away. I get on this computer and can find all kinds of good things. I'm sure you know the feeling!!!

See ya tomorrow....

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Grand-daughter!!!!

Well..we got a phone call from my youngest son, Jeremy, yesterday. I knew of their pregnancy, but have been anxiously waiting to see if a little boy was in the immediate future, (something different), or if a little girl was on the way!! Looks like grand-daughter #4 will be arriving some time in August! All looks well, and baby and Ma-ma are doing fine!! My oldest son, Jason and his wife have 3 little girls. They say they're "done"...giving up on that little boy, but we'll see. Jason loves kids, and I think he would have a dozen or more if he could! Anyway...another little girl...and I am so happy for them both! Need to pull out some of that pink yarn I have "stashed"!!

Didn't get any crocheting done at all today...but might be able to squeeze in an hour or so tonight. We had to make a dash to Espanola for a dryer element this afternoon...John's downstairs now putting it back together. Hope this does the trick! He just yelled upstairs that I now have a dryer! He's so darn "handy"!!!

The doctor's office called this afternoon while we were out. One of the doctors that took care of John while he was in the emergency room over the week-end wants to meet with him Monday morning. Hopefully, something showed up on his ultra-sound and they can get to the root of the problem!

Splish-splash..better take my bath..it's getting late. Hopefully, I'll see you tomorrow!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More Snow??????

More snow...more rain...more ice! Think this might be the last of it???? Lets keep our fingers crossed!

Uneventful day...although I've had a good one. Got up early and met my crafting buddy, Joyce, for coffee a Tim Horton's around 8:00. It's been awhile since we've had a chance to visit, so I had a great time.

Also gave Karen a call...hoping I'd have a chance to run over...but she's not well. That medication they gave her is sure playing "hell" with her system. She stopped taking it all together. So.. it was back to the hospital this morning...and haven't heard anything yet. Hope all is well, and she'll be back to normal soon.

My dryer quit this afternoon...not surprised, as it's been running on "borrowed time". The heating element is burnt out...and John got one ordered. Thank goodness he can fix just about anything!!! Saves us a bunch of $$$$. So...hopefully that thing will be up and running in a few days!!

Check out my fabric. Got it at Walmart...and plan on making a valance for the living room. Should look "sharp" when I get it finished. Shouldn't take much...as it's all straight seams and nothing fancy. Anxious to get it finished...I'll take pictures when it's up.

Think I'll work on some fun things for this blog. Keep in mind that I'm not real computer savvy...so don't expect much!!!

Keep on smilin'!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Stressful Saturday....

Well, it was an all-around stressful day...and I'm going to sit here and WHINE!!! Are ya ready?

First of all, check out a picture that John took of this "Big Boy" on our last trip to Michigan. Count his antlers...a ROYAL BULL ELK . They're just beautiful animals...and their "bugle" is just an amazing, bone chilling sound. You really do need to experience it! Can you tell I'm an animal lover???? I'd have one...if I had the room in my back yard!! I guess I'll just have to settle for the bears in the spring!!! They come and go!

My crocheting WAS going well. I wasn't happy with the scarf I was working on, so I "frogged" it out and started again with a larger hook. Much nicer...I'm pleased with it.

Now today after work, I went grocery shopping. Went for 2 or 3 items, and spent a good deal of time in the produce section. So...53.00 later, I came home--home to find my sweet-heart beet red and feeling NASTY. He hasn't been feeling well the last 3 or 4 days, so he wanted to go to the hospital. And it was probably a good thing we did go. Seems his gall bladder is acting up and the pain is just more than he can handle. Keep in mind, that John is not one to run to the doctor for every little thing, so this was definitely a major problem. They are keeping him over night, waiting to see if "it" settles down. He has an awesome doctor...so he's in super good hands. Anyway, to make a long story short...tomorrow morning will tell all...and we then go to the next step. He either comes home on a low fat diet until they can decide what to do after more tests, OR they keep him and take the bad boy out. Time will tell.

HOSPITALS!!! I guess I should be thankful there are so many good doctors out there. BUT...between John and my dear Mother...I am, quite frankly, at wits end with hospitals and doctors and SICK people. Plus...my dear friend Karen went into the hospital a few days back with a bladder infection and came out as a diabetic. Poor soul...but she will fair well as she is a good girl...and I know will adjust. And I know you'll be reading this Karen!!!!!

So...in the meantime...I think I'm done whining...and I'm off to bed. DON'T FORGET THE TIME CHANGE!!!

Sweet Dreams!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Button, Button...Whose Got The Button....

I DO! I DO! Look at my latest "treasure". Found these buttons at one of our local thrift stores for 50 cents. Now, I'm not sure if they're ceramic or some type of glazed clay...but they're awesome. And I had to have them! Not sure exactly what to do with them yet, but I'm sure I'll come up with an idea or two.

John and I enjoyed our "get-away". Spent our first night in Gaylord and then made our way over to Petosky located just off of Lake Michigan. A lovely town...an older place...with so much to see and do. Many of the homes are closed up for the winter...and I do imagine this place is extremely busy during the tourist season.

Since we've been home, it's been "life as usual" here. John is trying to get the motor of the Met put back together...and I've been working on a few crochet projects. Tonight I actually got several inches done on a scarf...so things are moving along nicely!!

Well, it's getting late....really think it's time for bed. I'll talk to you soon. In the meantime, remember...spring is right around the corner!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

3 Weeks Until Spring...

Today is March 1st...and just 3 weeks until spring. I looked at the long range forecast...promising...but still very cold. Hey...we can't change it, right??

A busier day at work!! Time just flew by. And now I'm off until next Friday. I just love these 13 hour work weeks!!

John and I are "taking off" for a few days. We're heading down to Gaylord to pick up the engine for the Met. We have reservations at The Quality Inn...and staying in our favorite room. John, I'm sure, will go for a swim. Nice pool and whirlpool to enjoy. We might head to Petosky on Tuesday....hit the casino and stay at the hotel there. They have a few "awesome" thrift stores to enjoy, as well!! We'll head home on Wednesday...hopefully before the snow hits...AGAIN!!!

Here's a photo of the hat and scarf set I made for one of Mom's care-givers....one of my last special orders. I love the brown color...believe it's called "Cocoa Brown" by Red Heart.

Well, hope you have a good week. I'll be home on Wednesday...and here's hoping I have some exciting pictures to share with you!
See ya soon!!!