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Monday, April 6, 2015

Another Easter...

Easter has come and gone for another year.  It was a pretty uneventful day...I worked..if you want to call it that.  I had 10 customers...in a 5 hour period.  Sad...very sad!!  There was a time...maybe 2 years ago, that there was "standing room only" for a wait of over an hour.  I'm a server...and a very good server.  But...those days are gone, I'm afraid.  My new boss...well, he's just a kid and if he won't help himself...why should any one else.  I gave my 2-week notice yesterday...and as of April 19th, I will go into full retirement.  Much to do and see...so I'm not real concerned about becoming "bored". 

How do ya like this??  My Christmas cactus has finally decided to bloom...3 beautiful blooms....at Easter.  Never anything real encouraging around the Christmas season.  

And my violet...one of several...with such pretty flowers.  I wish they would all flower...maybe I'll get lucky yet!!!

Haven't been doing much crocheting...I'm working on a yellow scarf right now...and have a rather large order for more items for the same lady.  And....just received a special order for 2 berets.  They're all "the go" right now.  I've been searching the web for a pattern I like.  Shouldn't be too difficult to find something!!!

Well,  if I don't get off my butt, I'll never get anything done this afternoon....and I've been on "a roll" most of the day!!  Hope this finds you healthy and happy.  Life is good...talk to ya later!!