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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Too Cold Out There

Boy...it's cold out there...and the wind is nasty.  It's even too cold for Oggie Dog to go out for anything length of time....and boy, he'd sure like to get out there for a walk.  Since he had surgery on his legs last year,  I noticed the cold weather seems to bother him.  Hopefully, the weather will improve over the next few days...at least long enough to get out there for a walk...right Og??

I've been MIA for quite some time...made it through Christmas and the New Year.  Had a great time with the kids, but glad it's over. 

Now we're focusing on organizing...you know, get rid of all the "stuff" you've accumulated over the years...de-clutter, etc. etc.  I've managed to get rid of a few odds and ends...2 bags and 2 boxes of yarn...and I still have a ton of it I should get rid of.  But...it's an addiction...and I CAN'T GET RID OF ANY MORE!!  (I'll think about it!!)

So...I'll go back into that craft room...and see what I can accomplish.  Clutter sure causes me alot of stress!!!

Have a good evening....nice to see you again!!