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Thursday, December 12, 2013

13 Days...and Counting!!!

Just 13 days until the "BIG DAY"!!  Are you ready??  Don't ask...the answer is "NO"!!  But I'll get there!  My cards are done, and most of them in the mail...a few gifts have been wrapped.  I have one thing in my favor...I won't be having Christmas with my family until mid-January.  That, believe me, is a life savor!!!

I really have nothing else to purchase...I pick things up through-out the year.  (I already have a few things stuck away for next Christmas.)  But...I do have some crocheting and sewing to complete...

Here's a hat I just completed...another tam!!  Made with Caron Simple Soft "Party"--color is Spring Green".  It has a little "bling" woven through-out the yarn....a strand of "shiny" thread that dresses it up a bit!   Cute, don't ya think??

Better get it listed in my store!!  So with that...a word of wisdom for the day...DON'T LET THE HOLIDAYS STRESS YOU OUT!!!!   :)  Agree???

Until next time......

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Not much new here...I have had the last 2 days off...and the only thing I have accomplished to get ready for the holidays, is hang John's Betty Boop towel in the bathroom.  He just loves that girl!!  I'll share a picture of her the next time...if I remember.  Yes...it's "tacky"...but if that's all it takes to keep him happy, then I'm happy, right??

Took Oggie Dog to the vet this afternoon...to have his stitches out.  A quick and easy trip.  I'm glad we went earlier..as there is a freezing rain warning in effect for the area.  It's snowing and blowing out there now!!  No...I'm NOT a winter person...but it comes and goes regardless...

Here's a hat I just finished.  It's another grey one....very pretty....and a tam.  If it doesn't sell, I might keep it for myself.  Good neutral color...will go with just about anything I own.

Hot dogs and beans for dinner.  I LOVE hot dogs with fried onions!!!!  A gourmet meal.  Healthier this time around....using chicken hot dogs and they ARE tasty.  We had a "fancy" dinner last night...roast beef, potatoes and carrots....so tonight we'll "splurge" and eat something fun!

Until next time.....

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The First of December

Where is the time flying to??  So much to do...so little time.  Yes, I AM a procrastinator and this year is worse than usual.  Christmas will come and Christmas will go...just like any other day....

Here's a hat I finished...grey goes with just about anything.  It's in my eBay store...along with a few other hats and scarves...http://stores.ebay.ca/debeeedosnewtoyoushop --- go have a peek!!

Nothing planned for the week YET...my new boss just can't seem to get a routine set up.  He really needs to understand that WE have a life OUTSIDE of that damn restaurant.  I really do hope he gives me a lay-off.  We shall see.

Better get ready for work..hope all is well in your neck of the woods!!!  More to share next time!!!!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Og The Dog

This is "Oggie The Doggie" aka "Og The Dog", "Og The Man Dog" or "Monkey".  He is 11 years, 3 months and 27 days old.   Handsome, don't you think?  Poor guy has had surgery on both back legs...and came through with "flying colors".  But...he hasn't been feeling very well...kept licking his lips and swallowed hard.  Come to find out, the poor guy has a gum infection and goes in for surgery on Friday.  Needs his teeth cleaned and possible extractions...and a few warts removed to prevent more infection in his little body!!  He's on a mega dose of antibiotics...thank goodness his blood work came back "great".  I guess I am grateful there is nothing else wrong with him.  I am so attached...he's my "fur baby".  To make a long story short...I haven't told him about another trip to the vet...I know he won't be impressed!!! 

Weather is just plain miserable today....and going to get worse as the night progresses.  Warm, rainy and very windy.  Lost power for a few minutes this afternoon...hopefully, that's the end of THAT nonsense. 

Hubby left for Tennessee this morning.  He went with his friend Jack...and they're delivering a car engine...for some unknown reason.  I volunteered his services to help with the driving...John's always up for a "road trip".  And there's certainly no pressing reason to hang around here.  I do hope they're out of the nasty weather...and they 're safe and sound.  He'll call tonight, I'm sure!!

Tonight I'll crochet...still have a "shit load" of hats to finish.  Have a few of my own I need to list on eBay...along with a scarf.  Sure would be nice to clean out the "old inventory"....

So...that's my news in a "nut shell".  I worked today...not a bad day...not a good day....so can't complain. 

Have yourself a great evening....stay safe...and dry!!! 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


eBay has been keeping me very busy...and I'm thrilled!  Not only is it good for my "pocket book"...it's a great feeling to make someone happy.  Not exactly in that order.... 

I FINALLY sold this neck warmer!!  It has been listed in my store for about a year now.  Although the price wasn't as high as I think it should have been...I'm happy someone will be enjoying it this winter!!

I also have an order to fill...12 hats.  I'm moving slow on this one...can't "get into it".  I hate the patterns...infact I had to "revamp" one entirely.  When this is over and done with, I want to open up that sewing machine, and start working on MY gifts!!! 

Just though I'd stick my head in and give you a  big "hell-o".  Hope your day is going well....I'm enjoying mine!! 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Well now, you have to admit I'm doing better.  It's been less than a month since I've been to my blog...

News??  Yup...alot going on...now where to start.  Hubby is away.  Made a trip to the Sault to pick up his flat bed trailer....down through Michigan and back into Ontario.  Truck shopping!!!  About time. He's been looking at trucks, calling dealerships...etc...for the last 2 months.  Well, he found one, through a private dealer...in Leamington, Ontario...and that's what he is in the process of doing this afternoon.  I might as well tell you...he should have treated himself to a brand new one...but being the frugal man that he is, he bought a used one.  Keep in mind, his truck is 14 years old and looks as good as the day he bought it.  BUT...things are starting to wear out...and you know the story.  This particular truck, a 2010, seems to look brand new...and has a cap.  I'm tickled for him....

As far as my story goes...I have an order for 12 hats to complete.  Can't get my head wrapped around this project, but...slowly, it's being completed.  I hate the patterns...but ya do what ya gotta do, right?  I'll share pictures when I get them done...

Work?  Business is good.  My boss sold the business, and today I signed my termination papers.  The positive side is...the new owner asked me to stay.  A good thing, as I really HATE change.  Besides...I only have 9 months until retirement...and YES, I am counting the days.  New boss...nice young man.  I wish him the best.

Moose season here in Northern Ontario...I hate this time of year.  Yup, I AM a big animal lover!!  I don't believe in killing for "sport".  My opinion only...so please don't be offended.  Sharing a picture of a moose Hubby and I saw last fall on a drive down to the Brockville area.  Isn't she just beautiful????? 

Until next time...have a "groovy day".  I see I have a new follower here at "Running....".  HI JUDY!!!  Thanks for hooking up with me!!!  :)

Monday, September 30, 2013

MIA Again!!!


Yes, went MIA once again.  I waste too much time here on the computer and get nothing done....which includes writing in my blog.

Not much going on...made a trip to Michigan....John has been to a few car shows....and that's it.  I've been working more hours than usual....which cuts into my "free" time.  I'm ready for retirement.

I've had several sales on eBay!  I sold 5 hats to a boutique in Toronto...which in turn, gave me a very nice order.  And...I'm really behind with this one.  I'm so tempted to "hire" this one out---just to get it out of my hair!  Can't see that happening...

Yes...I do sound negative....and I am.  Too much going on in my little world to deal with.  John is looking to buy a newer truck....he can't make a decision.  A battery for a piece of his equipment is leaking.  He had to ORDER one in.  Go figure...this is HELL-iot Lake after all.  And his flat bed trailer is another story.  All the paint peeled off of it...full of rust underneath.  Ordered a new one...it came in to all the wrong specs.  Everyone is happy EXCEPT him!!  And he's now without a flat bed trailer and 3200.00.  It will be awhile BEFORE he gets his new one.  The one that should be happy--isn't.  What's wrong with this picture.

I miss my family...hate this town...and no longer want to live in the city.  Sure wish I'd win the lottery.

Have a wonderful day...tomorrow will be better, I'm sure.  I'll try to get some pictures taken of the last 2 hats I've made...

Sunday, August 4, 2013


My blog activity has been sporadic over the past month or so. No excuses....

So here's a "run down" of the last month or so.....

Gardening:  Not much.  Weather was wet--hot--wet--cold....and looks to be "wet" again.  Garden is doing terrible...some tomatoes are starting to appear and a few  peppers...which are supposed to be red peppers.  Will there be enough sun and warm weather to turn them red???? 

Crocheting:  Not much...finished a raspberry colored tam and one row left on an admiral blue one.  Better get my butt in gear if I want enough inventory for the fall and winter season.  My eBay store needs some fresh inventory.

Work:  Yup...5 days a week and have been called in on a regular basis.  Wanted just 2 or 3 days, but it doesn't seem to be happening. 

Trips:  Not to the States...which is my "top priority".  I miss my family and "retail therapy".  We did squeeze in a trip to St. Joseph's Island--about 2 hours from home.  Went with our best friends, Barb and Dan.  Saw several deer and one doe with 2 spotted fawns.  Pretty neat!!  Lots of pictures.  And a porcupine crossed our path while visiting Fort St. Joseph. 

Other than that, not alot of news.  My friend, Mrs. Baker, has been moved to an independent living--quite some distance away....I miss her.  But it was for the best...after all, she's 89 years of age and is starting to have some trouble...both physically and mentally.

My parents are having some major healthy issues, so I need to get down there...and, I promised my son I would come down and give him a hand with the girls.    He's going through a divorce.  Hubby is having some major medical issues and has appointments all through the month of August.  He's currently down visiting his parents in Brockville.   And there's the AUTOMOTION CAR SHOW today.  He left Thursday, and will be home Tuesday evening......He enjoys this time.  Wish I could have gone down as well. 

And last, but not least...I have 339 days until I retire...God willing, of course.

So PEACE and LOVE to You all.....and YES...I still want to move to the country and live like a hermit!!!

Until next time...aren't they beautiful??

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sunny Skies

We've had two days of sunny skies...and warm temperatures.  Turned on the fans...just too warm for Og The Dog.  He can't sleep at night, and keeps everyone awake. 

Working 5 days this week....I'm beginning to realize that I'm getting too old for this job.  Waitressing is hard work...and I'm no "spring chicken".  But...the money is good...hope I can hang on until I retire...just alittle over a year to go!!

Here's a picture of two of my hats...great for spring, summer or fall.  Made of 100% cotton...cool in the summer and warm in the colder months.  I sure hope they sell!!  If you're interested...head over to eBay Canada.    http://stores.ebay.ca/debeeedosnewtoyoushop


We went for a drive last night...checking out the wild blueberries.  Not quite ready...another few weeks.  But...if we can keep the moisture coming and a day or two of sunshine, I think it will be a "bumper crop".  Keeping my fingers crossed!! 

Hope you're enjoying your Wednesday!!  So far, so good!!    :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Sunny...in a Box.

Sounds like a special juice of sorts, don't you think?? 

As you know...my animals are a very big part of my life.  I'm sure you have had a chance to meet Sunny Kitty through-out this blog.  He, at one time, was a "child from HELL"....but has "mellowed out" over time.  At just about 14 years of age, he is still full of surprises...and usually up to "no good".  He loves a new box....and this one was on the table!  Ya gotta love him!!!

Not hing much new and exciting here.  Hubby left to go on a week-end outing with his son.  Hope he has a good time.  I'm working all week-end...which has both its good and bad points.  I'd much rather stay home...but....you know the story.

Will be listing 4 new hats in my eBay store...will share them with you another time.  I really hope they sell.  Two of them are made with cotton...great for the summer time.

Other than that, no news is good news.  Sure wish the sun would shine...

Have a wonderful week-end!!!  :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Time Flies...

Time flies...hard to believe that it's been a day shy of 2 months since I popped my little head in here.  Nothing much going on...actually too much to tell you about, so we'll try to start fresh...once again.

Weather has been nasty!!  So wet, my zucchini seeds went to "mush".  So, I just bought a plant and will call it good enough.  I hope I don't loose my tomato and pepper plants to the wet weather. 

I've been doing some crocheting...4 hats completed in the last few weeks.  Hope to get pictures taken in the next day or two so I can share them with you.

Will really try to do a better job here.  I spend enough time on this computer, so could actually spend a few minutes telling you what's going on in my life, right???  Not that it's extremely exciting....but...

Right now it's time to start dinner.  Pork chops...

See You Soon...

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Many Changes...

Let's start with the weather...it's NOT snowing, but pouring.  A good thing...should help to wash the dirty snow away!!!  Agree????

Second on the list...a job change.  Yup, another one within the last 5 months.  It's a long story BUT...I'm going back to work for my old boss who graciously kept me around for over 5 years.  He has his restaurant back and should be opening towards the end of May.  I have 1 year, 2 months and 14 days left before I can retire.  But, who's counting!!  :)

And last but not least....I've had a cold...feeling nasty...and have been wasting so much time.  I spend hours upon hours looking at things to knit or crochet on the internet.  Now, if I took all of that wasted energy and did something with it...HOLY COW...I'd REALLY be doing something!! 

So...with that in mind, I think I'll go do something...like take a nap. 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Disappointing Project

I'm one round shy of finishing a hat I've been working on "forever".  I'll finish it this afternoon....but I HATE it!  I love cotton brimmed hats for the spring and summer months...they're colorful and serve a purpose.  So...I tried using a skein of yarn I had in my "stash"--Paton's COTTON TOP.  It's ply is uneven and it's full of "lumps and bumps"--they way it should be.  But, it's just not suitable...it stretches...I mean REALLY stretches...and the stitches look uneven.  If I sold that in my eBay store, I'm sure they consumer would be just plain pissed off.  Know what I mean??  So, I'll give the hat to one of the thrift stores and move on. 


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Another Hat..

It's finished..another cloche.  This particular one was made using Bernat Chunky--wine in color with a gold brushed button.  What do ya think??  I just love this particular pattern...it's fast and the end results are just plain "classy".

I worked in the craft room.  Hubby bought me a new cupboard...and I filled it with yarn I had "stashed" in tubs downstairs.  While I was at it...I managed to part with 2 large tubs...which I will put in my yard sale as soon as the snow melts.  Most of it was "dated"...and stuff that I've lost interested it.  But...have no fear...I still have a ton of the stuff...that I'll never use up in this life time!!

Took "Og The Dog" for a walk this afternoon.  He just loves getting outside.  Also dropped a few things off at one of our local thrift stores--a lamp and small t.v....both in working condition.  Now  out of my hair..not worth the stress of saving it for the yard sale.

Well, not alot of excitement...just some daily info.  Hope this finds you healthy, wealthy and wise.......  :)

Until next time...

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Home Again-Home Again!!

Just back from our holiday--10 days away from home.  And it was WONDERFUL!  We spent 7 days in Washington D.C. and surrounding areas.  There is so much history there...and so much to see.  We'll definitely have to go back...as we just scratched the surface.

While we were gone, I managed to get some crocheting in.  Finished a tam in Aran.  What do you think?? It's not my favorite color...but it's a good neutral color.

I'm just about finished with a cloche..this one in wine.  Just need to add the button, and it will be complete.  After this, I think I will move on to a different pattern for summer.  It has a nice brim on it...great for walking, gardening, etc.  I make these out of cotton...and the colors are wonderful!!  I call them my "happy colors".

Well, time to finish up dinner and on to my craft room.  I'm cleaning house...I already took a large box and 2 big bags full of goodies to one of our local thrift stores.  Now on the the yarn...

Have a great Saturday!!!

Friday, March 1, 2013


And you want to know WHY I am so sick of winter???  Take a look.  This is in front of our house.

It's like walking through a tunnel. Now take a peak in the back yard.  This is what's piled up in my rock garden...won't see those perennials until September.

At least we can enjoy today's SUNSHINE!!!

Have a great Friday!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Cluck Cluck!!

Had to go to the post office this morning and drop off a few things at one of our local thrift stores.  Naturally, we had to walk through and have a look...just because that's what we do!!  Besides..you just never know what you might come across. 

John found a LED flashlight with charger...BRAND new!!  I found a fat quarter of fabric AND a chicken.  Yup...a chicken...a handmade pin cushion...done in a crazy quilt design.  Isn't she the cutest thing ever???  (Little things make me happy!!!)  And I only spent 50 cents!!  So...now I have a HAPPY pin cushion...made with loving hands...and my standard tomato cushion will be tucked away for a rainy day!! 


I did manage to get some crocheting done yesterday...but the tam still isn't finished.  Hopefully, I'll make some REAL progress on it today or tomorrow. 

Planning my next project....think I'll consider a few cotton hats for summer.  What do ya think??

Enjoy your day...and don't let ANYTHING get in your way!! 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Sez" It All...

Sunday...no work for the next 5 days and I'm lovin' it!!  I'm off to a slow start today...still in my "jammies" and it's after noon.  Haven't even made the bed yet.

Not much going on in the "craft department".  I still have another pair of John's jeans to hem and an apron pocket to repair.  I did start a slouchy tam in Aran...matches the scrappy scarf I made...but just using one strand in the solid color. 
Feeling kind of strange...I've sent messages to my youngest son and called once a day...no return call...no message answered.  I imagine he's going through a pretty rough time...divorce and all...but that's no reason to shut me out.  I'm feeling rather BITCHY.  (I'll  jump in the car and drive a good 8 hours just to find out what's going on in his world.)  Guess I'll just leave him alone...maybe he'll come around.  But...and this is sad to say..I don't really give a shit anymore.  And this, my friends, is where the "BITCH" falls into place...

So...now that I have this off my chest...think I'll go and do some laundry and crochet!!  I'll share my hat with you as soon as it's done...

Enjoy your afternoon!! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Finally!!  I finally finished my "scrap-happy" scarf.  Here's my "tah-dah"....are you ready?? 


It was great fun...warm and toasty!!

My next project??  Not really sure yet.  I THINK I might take the rest of the Aran colored yarn and make a tam.

But for now...I am going into my craft room and finish hemming those 5 or 6 pair of jeans that are piled on my chair.  Why rush you say??  I agree...but they've been here for several months.  I lost track.  Besides, they are causing me MAJOR stress and anxiety, every time I look at them.  I guess it's a long over-due project.  I started last night.....and need to keep going.  If I sit on this chair much longer, I will become a permanent fixture...

So until next time...wish me luck...

See u soon...

Friday, February 15, 2013

A Day Late...

Well, I'm sure you know what this is all about...just by looking at the date.  HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY.  Hope it was filled with love and happiness for you.

I worked...but it was a good night.  We were fairly busy...and people were generous. 

I made heart pins for the girls at work.  Aren't they cute??  Crocheted with odds and ends of yarn...a safety pin and piece of felt to just give the back a "finished" look to it.  Took MAYBE 15 minutes...  And, here they are...  How festive!!! 

Back to work this afternoon.  Shouldn't be too busy...I'm sure everyone spent their money yesterday!!! 

Went to the dietitian this morning.  Need to get those cholesterol levels back in "check".   It's not that bad...but put up a "red flag".  Need to read labels and drop some weight!!

Better start getting ready for work...so until next time...  SMILE!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013


It's been a rough 4 months or so...new job...aging parents--KIDS--the holidays.  It's been very stressful...so stressful, infact, that it has affected ME...health, etc.  Now, don't get me wrong, I can't blame everything on the above...but it has added to certain issues.

But, when the going gets tough, the tough get going, right??  No more junk food--number 1 issue!!  Number 2...no more stress...which means I need to eliminate some of the stressful issues in my life, or at least, resolve some of  them.  And if they can't be resolved...they need to be put on the shelf, for future reference...if it ever comes to that. 

Haven't been doing much as far as the crocheting goes...a row here, a row there.  I have a pile of mending on my chair in the craft room that needs attention.  Just looking at that mess, puts alot of stress on my shoulders.  Better get it done.

Work tonight...not a bad thing, I guess.  Puts some "jingle" in my pocket.

And speaking of work...I better go do something with my hair.  Looks like I just crawled out of bed!!! 

Have a great afternoon....   :)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

What A Waste!!!!

I have to admit....I waste so much time sitting at this computer.  And I have a Bucket List miles long, of things I want to do with my life.  I better get busy!!!

But...I must tell you...I started another crochet project.  Remember the tub of yarn scraps I shared with you??  Well, here's the results...2 balls of tied and twirled yarn!!  I'm in the process of using my "treasure"...and will share the end results with you in a few days.  Nothing "earth shattering", but pretty cool, all the same!!  The picture is pretty bright, but you get the general idea!!

I've been suffering with the remains of a chest cold...infact, I took so much cough medicine and Ibuprofen, that my blood pressure jumped sky high.  So high, I went to the ER at our local hospital.  Blood pressure will be retested on Monday and I'll have some blood work done as well.  Probably sounds like "no big deal" to you, but I deathly afraid of needles...and go right into a panic!!  I'll let you know how I make out, as I have some cream to use which will numb my skin......

So with that bit of needless info.....I better get ready for work.  Enjoy your day....

Talk to you soon....

Monday, January 28, 2013


I ask my self constantly...WHY do we live in Northern Ontario??  In Northern ANY PLACE???  I just hate winter.  They're calling for freezing rain tomorrow!!  :(

Remember the red Aeropostale jacket I mentioned in my last post??  It SOLD!!   Good news!!

Picked out my next crochet project...will share with you tomorrow.  Right now, it's time to head to the post office!!!!

See ya soon!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Just a quick "hell-o". Besides, there just isn't much going on today.  It's Sunday, after all....Sunday in Elliot Lake.

I worked both Friday and Saturday...thank goodness I only work 2 shifts per week.  That boss of mine is PSYCHO!!  Although, I do like the job, itself...and the people I work with...she is something else.  I don't know if I'll last this one out...but will give it my best shot.  After all, the money is good!!

Had a pretty good week on eBay...sold several patterns.  And I have so much more to list.  If I could get 5.00 for every pattern I have...it would easily be 1000.00.  Tell you what this room looks like??  (Sigh)  I have an Aeropostale jacket in my auction...and I'm hoping it sells.  It's such a beautiful cherry red color!!!  Wish me luck.

Well, that's about it for this time...hope this finds you well....

Friday, January 25, 2013

A Treat for ME!!!!!

More snow...but nothing to worry about.  I can tell you one thing...I am counting down the days until spring!!  How about you??

My youngest is in the hospital...surgery to remove a cyst under his chin.  Normally wouldn't be too much to worry about, BUT it's so close to his lymph nodes...a specialist was called in.  Day surgery...I hope things went well.  Waiting for a message from his "wife".  Yup...they're back together....but a temporary thing.  She lost her job.

I treated myself...to a new book..."Stitch 'N Bitch" by Debbie Stoller.  Can't wait to get it!  Bought it on eBay...price was right and the shipping was reasonable.  I want to learn how to knit with double pointed needles...

Other than that...back to work tonight.  Glad I only have 2 short shifts this week-end.  I have had a cold, or flu since last Sunday night...still feel like a bag of shit!!

Have a great Friday...stay warm...and be kind to others...

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hi-de-ho Neighbor!!

Not much happening on the home front...infact, it's been a long week.  Sunday night came down with a cold/flu or whatever you want to call it.  So, I have been under the weather.  Haven't even picked up a crochet hook in a week or more.  But...I did manage to tie a bunch of odd lots together to make a "scrappy scarf" some time in the near future.  A good way to use up some scraps, right?  (You know me...I can't throw a damn thing out!!!) 

So, here is "my pile" of scraps...I'll put them together with a strand of off-white.  I've seen them on a few web-sites and found them quite unique!! 

Back to work tomorrow...nice place to visit...but I have my eyes and ears open....if you know what I mean.  Not my cuppa tea.  And Lord knows, it's NOT the people I work with...they're awesome!!!

See you soon...need to get a few things listed in my eBay store.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Well, I managed to finish with my "spring fling" in  the upstairs bathroom.  Although I didn't purge much out of the linen closet...it is clean and organized.  Hubby and I started in on the computer/eBay room, and made a dent on a few shelves.  Looking better!   Good job.  :)

Well, I might as well tell ya...my youngest son, Jeremy, and his wife are divorcing.  I made Shauna an afghan for Christmas, but didn't quite get it finished.  To make a long story short...I planned on giving it to her and bringing it back home to finish it up.  But...since she didn't "show her face" the day and a half that we were there, I just brought the damn thing home.  I'll finish it and then probably take it to a craft show...or put it in my eBay store.  Regardless, I just want to finish the stupid thing and get it out of my hair.  It's a very pretty pink and plum color...ripple...and should make someone a nice "gift". 

Back to work tomorrow...so tonight will continue to list on eBay.  Free listing until January 19th. 

Until next time...enjoy your day!!!  :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Retail Therapy

John and I had to make a trip to Sudbury yesterday...one of those trips that takes all damn day.  He had an appointment at the hospital for a CT Scan.  Lord knows, I do hope they can figure out what's wrong with him.  On top of his "inside" problems...he also has a neck that cracks on a regular basis.  Pain is so bad, he feels as though a knife is working it's way into his skull.  Then there's his leg...he fell before Christmas....twice.  We've been to the emergency room a few times...and not one x-ray has been taken of his leg. 

Anyway, while there...we did some shopping.  More window shopping than anyting else.  I had several coupons to use up at Michael's--plus they had a GREAT sale.  So...I participated in some "retail  therapy"...which helped...for the moment.  Cotton yarn was 50% off...a real treat!! 

Other than that...not much going on.  I finished up my "spring cleaning" spree in the main bathroom...now onto this room...which will now be known as the "computer/ebay room".  Another mess....

Hope this finds you well!!!  :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Hell-o! Is It Me You're Looking For???

Yes...I know.  Life gets in the way, I'm afraid. 

Christmas has come and gone...thank goodness.  This year I really fell behind, because I PROCRASTINATED!!!!  Finished up with everything the day before we left for Christmas in Michigan....and that was a week ago.  Terrible.  I say this every...but I will NOT let this happen again. 

Hubby isn't feeling well...they can't seem to figure out what is wrong with him.  Wish we lived back down in Southern Ontario...we had a fabulous Doctor there.

Started a new job.  Dunlop Lodge...still a waitress and still love it.  Fine dining at it's best.  Hope to retire in a year or so...maybe not.  

Started my spring cleaning.  I know, you think I'm nuts...I've only been at it for one day...but did make some much needed progress in the upstairs bathroom.

So...we will see what life dishes out...one day at a time.  Life has been pretty "unfair" lately...if I do say so myself.

See you soon.