Let Me Know You Were here!! :)

Sunday, August 4, 2013


My blog activity has been sporadic over the past month or so. No excuses....

So here's a "run down" of the last month or so.....

Gardening:  Not much.  Weather was wet--hot--wet--cold....and looks to be "wet" again.  Garden is doing terrible...some tomatoes are starting to appear and a few  peppers...which are supposed to be red peppers.  Will there be enough sun and warm weather to turn them red???? 

Crocheting:  Not much...finished a raspberry colored tam and one row left on an admiral blue one.  Better get my butt in gear if I want enough inventory for the fall and winter season.  My eBay store needs some fresh inventory.

Work:  Yup...5 days a week and have been called in on a regular basis.  Wanted just 2 or 3 days, but it doesn't seem to be happening. 

Trips:  Not to the States...which is my "top priority".  I miss my family and "retail therapy".  We did squeeze in a trip to St. Joseph's Island--about 2 hours from home.  Went with our best friends, Barb and Dan.  Saw several deer and one doe with 2 spotted fawns.  Pretty neat!!  Lots of pictures.  And a porcupine crossed our path while visiting Fort St. Joseph. 

Other than that, not alot of news.  My friend, Mrs. Baker, has been moved to an independent living--quite some distance away....I miss her.  But it was for the best...after all, she's 89 years of age and is starting to have some trouble...both physically and mentally.

My parents are having some major healthy issues, so I need to get down there...and, I promised my son I would come down and give him a hand with the girls.    He's going through a divorce.  Hubby is having some major medical issues and has appointments all through the month of August.  He's currently down visiting his parents in Brockville.   And there's the AUTOMOTION CAR SHOW today.  He left Thursday, and will be home Tuesday evening......He enjoys this time.  Wish I could have gone down as well. 

And last, but not least...I have 339 days until I retire...God willing, of course.

So PEACE and LOVE to You all.....and YES...I still want to move to the country and live like a hermit!!!

Until next time...aren't they beautiful??