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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Rolled Brim Hat...

Here's a picture of the rolled brim hat I was telling you about...made with Paton's
"SHETLAND RAGG" Chunky Yarn...a blue and charcoal combination. It's alittle late in the season to list it in eBay auctions...but might put it in my store until the fall and winter season approaches.

Not much going on around here...a cooler day...but at least the sun is shining. I've been working in my craft room...and have made some real progress with "de-cluttering". I gave a garbage bag full of yarn to one of the elderly members of a local church. I know some of these people that draw a pension don't have money for too many "extras"...so she might as well enjoy it, as I'm sure I'll never get around to using it all. She does quite abit of charity work...so it certainly has gone to someone that will appreciate it!!!

I also have a pile of clothes that John and I both "out-grown" and will be divided between The Canadian Diabetes Association and The Society for Animals in Distress. No sense in hanging on to these things...as some are pretty outdated and some will NEVER fit again. Besides...if I loose a bunch of weight--I deserve something new and stylish, right??

Well, I better get back to work...we lost power for a few hours this morning...so I'm behind with my plans for the day.

Have a great afternoon!!! :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Distant Thoughts...

I still have distant thoughts of moving...an urge to get back closer to "civilization"-- as I call it...closer to the city and conveniences, yet far enough in the rural area to keep my distance to the "hustle and bustle" of city life. I'm torn between the real possibility of having to forgo the things I have now...not monetary, necessarily, but time wise...to enjoy the things I dream of...I feel as though I'm stuck in a tunnel. I'm running out of time...


Here are the muffins I made yesterday. I usually make the larger, bakery style muffins...but need to cut back on "my eats". And are these "bad boys" ever tasty....Refrigerator Bran Muffins with raisins and walnuts....very little sugar and damn are they good. If you'd like the recipe...just give me a shout!!!

Back to work tomorrow...BUMMER!! I guess I REALLY am one of the fortunate ones with so many people out of work these days.

Have been weeding out my craft room...cleaning out closets and dresser draws. I've made up my mind...it has all gotta go. I'm using the "4 box" method...and it seems to be working...so far!!! Just need to keep focused...besides..."out of sight--out of mind". I knew I was a "pack-rat"...just didn't realize how BAD!!!

Back to work...have a great afternoon!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Treat for ME!!!

I know--I know...I didn't need this yarn...but it was calling my name. Obviously...it needed a new home!! The color is Rain Forest...lovely and soft with variegated colors of fall and winter. I'm going to make a scarf out of it...I'll show you when it's finished!!!

Not alot going on this week...the weather is alittle cooler and the temps are supposed to drop by quite a margin. I did see my first robins of the season on Tuesday. I'd say that's a sure sign of spring, wouldn't you??

Have been doing some crocheting, but not alot....finished a dish cloth for a friend of mine, and am now working on another. Not sure what I'll do with them all, but I'm using up my odds and ends....and that just makes room for more, right???

Think I'll go downstairs and make some muffins...I have a ton of All Bran cereal to use up. I put the "crushed" cereal...or "dust" as I call it, in a container to use in various recipes. Let's see what I come up with...

Enjoy your day...I'm thinkin' about ya!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Home Again, Home Again...

John and I took a few days and went over to the States...this time to the west side of Michigan...Petoskey. Barb and Dan went with us and once again and we had a blast! Good food, some shopping and some fun in the casino. Fortunately...we didn't loose a cent...but played for hours on "free money" from the hotel....a nice package with restaurant discounts and credit for the slot machines.

We found some good deals while over there...we purchased a flat screen television for the kitchen...some clothing, a new bathroom sink, groceries and parts for both the truck and the car. Awesome sales this time of year...anything to get the economy moving.

Finished a hat I started to crochet last week...along with a few dish cloths. I have so many "odds and ends" of cotton yarn to use up....need to get it out of here.

This afternoon I went through some of my cookbooks...I'll donate them to a local charity organization. I don't use half of them...time to go.

This photo is out of out motel room...notice the weather vane and bay...just a gorgeous morning. I can't wait to go back!!!

Until next time...take care!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Sure Sign of Spring....

This is my favorite African Violet...it blooms from mid-March through mid-December...and here we go!!! Look at the beautiful blooms just starting....

Back to work tomorrow...3 days, then we're heading back to Michigan for a few days. Think I might have mentioned to you that we're going over to the west coast of the state...Lake Michigan. I have my list all made out...some things are so less expensive there...like milk and eggs...the list is endless.

Spent a good portion of the afternoon listing a few things on eBay. Listing fees were 50% off...so it was a good day to take advantage of the savings. I really need to get rid of some of this stuff...and I'm just about ready to back the truck up to the door and start loading it up. Believe me...I good just about fill the damn thing.

Had company for dinner last night....Barb and Dan. We had turkey breast and gravy, potato salad, cauliflower and squash...pickles and a coconut custard pie for dessert. Tasty....I just love the left-overs.

Other than that...not alot going on this week. A pretty uneventful few days.

American Idol tonight...they'll be down to the final 12 after the "kick off" this evening. Big Mike sang a beautiful song last night...brought a tear to a few eyes... ahhhhhhhh romance.....

Until next time...keep smilin'...I'll be watching ya!!! :)

Friday, March 5, 2010


The look on his face tells the story..."You ARE sooo annoying!!" He'll get over it...Sunny...he's a good boy...just has his moods. I 'm guessing his "sun bath" was far more important than posing for this "close up".

Another beautiful day...looks to be a repeat tomorrow. ..and most of the week actually!! The snow is melting...fast...and I can see parts of the earth in my rock garden. I can't wait to get out there and play in the dirt!!!! I moved several of my flowers around last year and I wonder what will come up first. Will it be the tulips or the daffodils???

About a month ago, we ordered 2 new windows for the basement ...and they were installed this morning. Sure makes a big difference!! We'll actually be able to open and close them...and they come complete with a lock!! Now I just have to remember to use it!!! Just can't be too careful these days....

Heading over to the west coast of Michigan in a few weeks...should be a good time. Staying in Petosky...the shoreline is beautiful...nice restaurants and all kinds of neat things to see and do!! Maybe I'll remember to bring the camera this time!!!

I'm currently working on a short scarf to go with the brown and turquoise tam I finished last week. I found some blue buttons that match perfectly. I'm just about finished with it..should be done tonight...MAYBE!!! Next project?? Well, I was thinking about getting my cotton yarn sorted out. I have a pattern for a rolled brim hat...nice for the summer months. I've made a few in the past...and they're cool enough for the warm weather plus the brim rolls down...helps to keep the sun out of your eyes. I'll post a photo when I get one done...

Well, might just have to go and see what I can waste my time with downstairs...never much on t.v. until later. Have you seen Drive-ins, Diners and Dives?? Am awesome program...worth watching.....and I THINK you can find it on one of the food channels.

Until next time......PEACE...enjoy your week-end!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Check It Out.... :)

Check out the picture, Ladies!! This is my first "load on the line" for 2010. Was hoping to do it again today...but it's rather "cool" out there this morning and cloudy. :( Hey..."a penny saved is a penny earned"...better in my pocket!!!!!

Not alot of excitement here over the past few days. Oh...I did get that large kitchen cupboard cleaned and organized...looks good. Scrubbed down the counter tops and I now think I'm done with the kitchen...for awhile!!

Next...on to the craft room...and this one is a real problem. Hell-o...my name is Debi and I'm an addict!!! It's difficult to part with my yarn...but it's becoming necessary to do so. I TRIED to sell some at a yard sale last spring...but unfortunately, people thought that the dollar I had each NEW skein priced at was just too much. EXCUSE ME!! But have you been Zeller's lately?? This IS Canada, ya know....nothing is cheap here!!!! Oh well...I should realize that most people here in Elliot Lake are on a fixed income...and I should show some sympathy. I did throw in 2 skeins of yarn to a lady who does charity work. Well, needless to say, I got "pissed right off" and took the rest of it down to The Sunshine Shoppe...where it went out on the floor for a price higher than mine....and it sold. But, then again...it DOES go to help the animal shelter and I was GRATEFUL for that.

Enough complaining...not my style...obviously, I got up on the wrong side of bed this morning....

Have a GREAT day...I'm going to!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

A Touch of Spring...

Although a little on the "cool" side...it is just gorgeous outside. It's 37 degrees...and not a cloud in the sky. The sun is getting stronger as the snow is starting to melt here and there. After all....there's just 3 weeks until it's officially spring time!!

It's been very busy at work...tips are good and the boss is in a great mood. I was asked to work a few more hours per week...again. I'm having real doubts about it...after all...the weather is getting nicer and we have plans on doing some traveling during the week. Must give it some thought.

Worked on my kitchen cupboards last week...took everything out...wiped the shelves down and ORGANIZED. So much more room....One large cupboard to go and I'm done with the kitchen.

Just finished up another tam...this one is made in variegated tones of brown and a turquoise blue..Red Heart Earth and Sky. I have enough left over to make another hat and possibly a scarf. Kind of pretty...don't you think??

Until next time...let the sun shine in!! :)