Let Me Know You Were here!! :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Good Morning!!

Have been "up and at it" for a  few hours already this morning.  Want to get a few things done around here, before the heat becomes "unbearable".  On days like today, I wish for air conditioning!!  However, for the few days a year we MIGHT use it, I can deal with the heat for a day or two!!!

Having a yard sale this Saturday...for sure.  I've already gone through  several things and taken a few boxes to the local thrift stores.  What doesn't sell at this yard sale, will be going, too.  I can't deal with the clutter any more.  Time to concentrate on the things I enjoy doing and less time moving things around to avoid the mess!!   I have spoken!!  lololol

Have I shown you my "pride and joy" yet this year??  Isn't she a beauty??  She usually stands taller...but I took this picture right after a hard rain.   She's already perked up alittle!!!

Well, better get moving...or I'll end up sitting here "forever"!!  Have a GREAT day!!!  And don't over-do it in this heat!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Look and See.....

Look and see what I got out of that bag of blueberries I was telling you about a few days ago. Of course, there are a few bags in the freezer...but I made some Blueberry Jam and got 7 pints of sweet, yummy jam for our bagels and toast!!! 

It's been HOT here in Northern Ontario....but then it's been hot all over!  Looks as though we're in for some rain this afternoon...and Lord knows we can use some.  Tomorrow will be the worst of the week...so want to get my house work done this morning. 

I'm about half way done with the scarf in the "Dirty Rose" colored yarn...the one that will match that "Dirty Rose" colored hat!!  lol  Will share when it's finished. 

In the meantime...I'm going to go finish my vacuuming...before I can't tell the difference between the hair that's floating around my living room floor and the cats!!!

Enjoy your day!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Blueberry Season

It's blueberry season here in Northern Ontario.....always a great time out in the bush.  Weather was perfect...not too hot...nice breeze!!  I could have stayed out there for hours. 

Went to a few yard sales this morning.  Found a few "treasures"...nothing I needed. ...but you can NEVER have enough yarn, right????

It's supposed to get extremely hot and humid here over the next few days.  The restaurant has no air...and by the time it gets replaced, the hot, muggy season will be a thing of the past. 

Think I'll go and work on a scarf I'm making....the craft shows will be here in just a few short months!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nice Surprise....

On Sunday, I came home between shifts to find this beautiful bouquet of flowers from my Hubby.  I celebrated my 59th birthday--working a double shift.  This certainly was a most welcomed surprise!!!   Aren't they just lovely!!

It was certainly a very hot week-end...and working without air, was alittle more than most can deal with.  It's not a pretty site, when your waitress welcomes you to Sunday Brunch...wearing a sweat band.  Well, I AM exaggerating...but I should have been wearing one!!!  lolol

Went out to Quirk Lake to visit with a few friends yesterday.  John went out there again this morning...to launch the sail boat.  Hope my buddy Barb, remembers to take some pictures!!!

Well, I have a list of things I want to get done today and one is trying out a new recipe.  I'll let you know how it turns out!!

Have a GREAT day!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Yard Salin'

Saturday...yard salin' day!!  Not that we NEED anything!!!  But it's always a "blast" and ya just never know what you MIGHT find!  My big purchase of the day...this basket.  Cost me 50 cents!!

John found a box of Louis L'Amour books...all marked at 25 cents each...the man parted with ALL of them for 5.00.  I bet there's at least 50 books!!  Hubby is in 7th heaven! 

After our shopping spree, I went to work and hubby went on a mission with his best buddy, Dan.  They went to look at a sail boat...and if all goes well, they'll be bringing it home.  Dan wants to learn how to sail, and John is the "man for the job".  Personally speaking...this is Dan's way of keeping us in the area for as long as he possibly can.  I doubt if we'll EVER get out of here.  So...if this is the case, I have some plans for the back yard...and I'm sure I can talk hubby into this project.  (Will share details at a later date!!!)  :)

So...if Sunny The Cat will let me at the box of books, I'll go through them and put them in the book case alphabetically! (He looks kinda "cranky", doesn't he....) The ones he has duplicates of,  will go into OUR yard sale next week.

Hope you've have a great day...mine has been!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

My Clematis...

I have 4 clematis plants...2 that intertwine together and are absolutely gorgeous...a brand new one, by the arbour that probably won't flower this year and 1 that grows up the garden shed.  This particular clematis was a gift a few years ago...and I wasn't sure it would make it, as it looked all but dead to me.  I cut it back after the first year and later read THAT was a big mistake and last year the silly thing grew one vine and had 1 flower. This year it's big and bushy..and has 2 HUGE flowers, (that's it)..of all places, at the BOTTOM of the plant. They are beautiful and a light lavender in color...but it IS a challenge.  I won't be defeated by this damn clematis!!!

Had a busy week...cleaned the house and started to "de-clutter" the basement.  I have to admit...I'm "letting go" of a few things that I thought I'd keep "forever"--patterns and old magazines, so far.  I'm saving my 12 + large Rubbermaid tubs for last--they're full of yarn!!!

I think it's just about bath time.  Want to get up early and hit a few yard sales.  (Like I need more stuff...)

Have a great week-end!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Real Beauty...

Just wanted to stop in and say "hell-o" before I head outside to the rock garden.  It's looking pretty good, but needs some attention here and there.  Isn't that what it's all about??

It was very busy at work over the week-end.  And HOT--no air conditioning.  It's certainly not very attractive to "sweat" at your customer's table!!!  I think I need a change!!!

Have been keeping busy around the house.  It took me quite some time to get this place dusted and vacuumed...as I've kinda neglected it the last few weeks.  After dinner, I need to get some mending done, and might even find time to crochet.  We've been trying to "declutter"...a few items here and a few items there.  I'd really like to get this place in some kind of order...just in case we decide to put it on the market...

It's just a beautiful day...think I'll go and spend some time outside!! 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Poppies...

My poppies were beautiful again this year....but it's so unfortunate that they last for such a short period of time!!!  And it looks like the neighborhood raccoon might have walked across a few as well...or was it the bear??????  Whoever it was, didn't even leave a paw print!!!!

It's a holiday week-end here in Canada....Canada Day (July 1st)  celebrations all week-end long, with various activities planned here as well.  John went to a car show in Espanola and I'm on my way to work. 

Haven't been doing any crocheting. I have all good intentions, but seem to go to sleep as soon as I hit my chair!!!!  (I really need to go to bed earlier!!!!)

Better finish getting ready for work....have a safe week-end!!!