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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Shame On Me!!!

I've really done it this time...it's been almost 6 weeks since I've been around to tell you all about my life--such as it is.  In general....life has been very stressful...but no sense into going into details...just deal with it, right??

Once again, I PROMISE to do a better job...SHAME ON ME!!!! 

Here's  a picture of one of the tams I just finished.  It's a beautiful yarn...variegated in such lovely colors.  Unfortunately, there weren't as many craft shows scheduled in town this year.  I believe alot has to do with the collapse of our mall.  So...I'm counting on my eBay store to help me along.

My Christmas shopping is just about done...need one or two more gifts....and then get them all wrapped.  I'm going to cut down next year...the grand-daughters are getting older...and you wonder just how much they appreciate the efforts....we'll see.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Do You Feel Neglected???

My poor "blog"...I have neglected it for just about another month.  Where does the time go??  But...instead of filling you in on all of the stuff that has been going on...which hasn't been much...I'll start fresh. 

I have been doing some crocheting...started on an afghan for my daughter-in-law.  And....I've actually been working on a few hats.  But...I think I'll be listing them on the internet, instead of attending the local craft and hobby shows.  I haven't heard of ANY this year since the mall has been shut down!!  Maybe the churches will take up the slack, but can't count on anything right now.  Last year, I sold several out of my eBay store...so maybe I'll travel that road again. 


Check this one out....very pretty green.  The pictures aren't the best, but you get the general idea.  Now, I just have to get off "my ass" and get them listed, before the winter season is over with!!  (I waste so much of my time!!)

So, with that comment made...I think I'll go clean my bathroom, start dinner and get my clothes off the line.

Until next time....


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Time Flies!!

It's been almost a month since I posted.  If you read back, you will see it was a pretty stressful day.  But...I've been monitoring my blood pressure and it is AWESOME!!!  Heart rate is a little high...but I think that happens when I cook with wine.  lololol

So, hubby left for the annual Barrie Flea Market this morning..I went to work and tried to get a "head of the game".  Worked!!  Bread is made, noodles and rice prepared, cake baked and dessert crust made.   Yes sireeeeee!!  Came home and put clothes on the line.  Awesome breeze out there!!  You can feel "fall" in the air. 

I blanched some broccoli, 2 heads of cauliflower and stewed a bunch of tomatoes that are ripening faster than we can eat them.  Threw in some celery, onions and garlic.  Will be nice for soup!!  

Last week, we went and picked some apples from the wild apple tree in the field across the street.  Aren't they pretty??  We peeled, cut them up and cooked them down for apple sauce!!  Tasty!!  Nice for the freezer!! 

Today is my youngest son's 34th birthday.  Called and wished him a good day...so nice to hear his voice.  I miss him. 

Now, I will finish my day with a bowl of stewed tomatoes...a warm bath and then maybe sit and crochet for awhile.  I have a NASTY head cold. 

So with that thought...I do hope you're enjoying your day.  Mine has been AWESOME!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Back to work tomorrow...but for how long???  I went to cash my payroll check...and the bank teller  told me "I'm so sorry...but there's just not enough money in the account to cash your check".  Do I need to say more?????  So...regardless, I just don't know how much more of the "bull-shit" I can take before I blow a fuse!!!  Yes, I DO sound like a big "whiner"...but that's only part of the story.  The rest is "on the back burner" for the time being...but I really do think I need to go and have my blood pressure checked out.

But...something good actually happened while we were on the phone...trying to figure out while AOL shut down while I was applying to Service Canada for an access code for my contributions to retirement....a bad omen!!!  All is well....I actually finished my green hat.  With a big white button, it's going to look "awesome".  I'll share a picture next time...

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Harvest

Rule #1--don't laugh.  This is MY first REAL harvest of cherry tomatoes...and I have "tomatoes from hell"!!!  I decided, with  the advice from my neighbor, to put 2 plants in each hole I prepared...and guess what??  You guessed right...But aren't they beautiful???  My "big boys" are just starting to turn red....my red and yellow peppers are still green...and most of my "buds" were destroyed with my chipmunk spray....so we'll see what happens there.  :(  And my zucchini has a ton of buds...but nothing yet.  I don't think they're getting as much sun as they need, plus I put them in tomato cages to grow "up" instead of "out".   The chipmunks didn't help, either!!   It's definitely a learning experience. 

Worked this morning and talked the "boss" into closing the restaurant down after the brunch.  Needless to say, we weren't busy this morning and I'm sure this evening's shift wouldn't have been much better.  He's "cut back" so much that it's not only affecting my customers, but my MOOD as well, It's just nothn' like it used to be.  People are NOT happy!!!  Oh well, I guess anything I walk out of there with  is more than I walked in with, right??   Enough said!!

Cold front moving through...it is now 63 degrees F. out there.  Sweater weather!!  Feast or famine.  More rain to move through this evening.  It was extremely hot and humid yesterday and last night I actually took some much needed "time out" and sat in one of our "curb find" Adirondack Chairs.  It was absolutely gorgeous listening to the crickets, watching the birdies head home and the chipmunks running off to their dens.  I was extremely content. 

So with that thought in mind...PEACE be with you and yours.....until next time....

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Dog Days of Summer

Yes, it is HOT...but it could be worse.  My heart goes out to the struggling farmers, the people who ALREADY are having trouble paying for their groceries and, of course, the animals.  Yes, I am an animal lover.  I hate to see any animal suffer or go without...especially the necessities to survive.

Anyway...I worked this morning, but only for a few hours, came home and did absolutely nothing.  I have no energy.  Obviously, I didn't get enough sleep last night and haven't for the last few days.  I'm paying for it now. 

I did get several items listed on eBay...as I'm really trying to get rid of some of my inventory, so I can start fresh this holiday season.  Do you realize that Christmas is right around the corner?  I start early, as I have 2 sons with 2 wives and 5 grand-daughters!

So tonight, I will go water the gardens...take Oggie for a walk, and maybe crochet.  I started a hat...yes, another green one.  Thank goodness there are several shades of green!!!!  Take a peek...I love the color.  As you can see, the stripes on my ironing board are even green!!!

Enjoy your Saturday.  Stay cool!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Holiday Week-end

Well, it's a holiday week-end here in Ontario--Civic Day.  Really not sure what it's all about.  My guess???  The government and bank employees need an extra day off during the month of August.  (That wasn't nice now, was it???) 

JK left this morning for his week-end in Brockville.  They're holding the annual car show this Sunday..."Automotion".  He really enjoys this one...plus there's some time with family and friends. 

Remember the material I used for the curtains in his trailer?  Well, I had enough left over for a matching pillow--16 inches square.  Looks pretty good...(not that it was a difficult project....).

As for my time at home...well, I'm working.  Also need to take Magnolia to the vet for another needle some time today.  This should be a real treat...as she just HATES her carrier.  But...she is looking pretty "spunky"--a good thing.

Enjoy the day....talk soon.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

For The Love of a Pet...

For those of you that love your pet as much as I love my 3...then you know how costly a vet can be....especially here in Canada.

Magnolia was sick AGAIN...feeling better, yes....back to normal, no.  Pills and injections.  We're not sure what the future holds for Maggie...just playing it by ear for a few weeks.  Keep your fingers crossed...

I've been "fighting" with the chipmunks.  They've discovered my tomato plants.  So...I took a clove of garlic, 2 cups of water, and a jalapeno..blended and strained the mixture...added a drop of dish soap and vegetable oil...and sprayed my plants.  Smells "nasty".  And as a precaution...I sprinkled cayenne pepper all around the plants.  I'll fix those little critters!!  And as a secondary precaution...I cut JK's hair and spread the clippings all around my garden as well!!  Hopefully, I have all my bases covered!!!  We shall see!!  After I saw one of them carry off one of my green cherry tomatoes, I declared my garden a "war zone". 

We went to Sudbury to do some shopping on Monday....didn't need much of anything, really...but it was nice to get "out of town" for an afternoon.  Stopped and got a few birthday cards, an oil filter for the ATV and had lunch. 

JK leaves for Brockville on Friday.  Big car show and time to visit with family and friends.  I'm working most of the week-end, so he might as well go and enjoy himself, right??  Damn, I wish I would win the lottery!!!!

Beautiful day...I hope it's bright and "cheery" in your neck of the woods!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

It's a Warm One!!!

Recognize this guy??  I can take the heat, but I'm not "big" on the humidity!!!  I know, I know...I'll be "screaming" for this warm weather come January, right??

Well, I have made a BIG dent in my craft room.  I have a big bag of items for the thrift store...and a large box and a large bag for the yard sale.  I'm so proud of myself!!!  Anything that causes me "stress" is OUT THE DOOR!!!!  And it's not coming back in!! 

I worked this morning...VERY quiet.  I needed armed security to help me to my car!!!  (And you know I'm lying to ya!)  I have to go back tonight, but only for a few hours. 

Took Og The Dog for a walk this afternoon, but didn't go far...it's just too hot out there for him!!  Hopefully, it will cool down later...and we'll give it another try!!

Not a real exciting post....but then again...I haven't been doing any "crafting" at all the last few weeks.  Maybe I'll pick up my crochet hook this week....Lord knows I have enough yarn. 

Have a great Sunday!!

I have a bad habit of getting my "second wind" right around 11:00 p.m.  Really need to stop this, as I have a hard time navigating in the morning.  But, Sirius Radio is keeping me "groovin"...love Motown...try Soul Town...it's GREAT!! 

Work tonight was "just okay"...only 4 tables, but they were all generous.  Had a nice compliment from an elderly gentleman and his wife...told me they appreciate "good service".  Very nice!  But, after 43 years in this business, I hope I do something right.  Even if it's something simple...like refilling a water glass, whatever...it seems to make people happy.  Makes me smile!

But..although I'm NOT ready for the grave at 60 years of age..I'm slowing down and it really "pisses" me off.  Since I decided to "roll down the street" while walking the dog...blowing out the knees of my jeans and scrapping up the palms of my hands...flopping around like a "fish out of water" on the cement and being TOTALLY embarrassed as some one on the street decided to rescue an "old lady and her dog" by picking me up, dusting me off and checking me over...which I was TOTALLY grateful for...I've been having a little trouble.   My damn legs are killing me...mind you, only from the knees down...and my feet are on FIRE!!!  And it's worse when I walk on a cement floor!  (WHINER!!! )
So what's a girl to do??  In my mind, I still think I'm 25..I look in the mirror and see my Mom...but SHE IS  BEAUTIFUL!!   So, I put my "big girl panties " on and I'm going to see the Dr.---not my M.D, as he's an idiot and has mis-diagnosed JK 3 times...poor soul...BUT my "bone cracker"...super man...and GOOD at what he does.  Keeping my fingers crossed as he can put "Humpty Dumpty" back together again. 

Now...I think I might go down and add an extra pound or two on and have a ham and cheese sandwich..throw on an onion..let Og the Dog out..and go to bed.

Love, Peace and Rock "n" Roll!!!  Thinkin' 'bout cha!  Yo James Brown....

Saturday, July 21, 2012

What About Me???

Okay, Og!!  Here ya go!!!  I've been mentioning the cats......much to his dismay, but not much about my "Little Man" lately--Oggie The Doggie.  Well, Og isn't a little boy any more...he'll be celebrating his 10th birthday in just a few days!!!  Time sure flies!!  He's in good health..alittle "chubby"...has had 2 knee replacements..but other than that, he's as "fit as a fiddle"

Well, JK left bright and early this morning for alittle Father-Son time for a few days..  They're meeting at the half-way point...somewhere in the Algonquin Park area.  They rented a cabin...JK took the boat...and I'm sure there will be lots of food in store!!  It sounds to me like this might be an annual thing...although we see Rob 3-4 times per year.  All-in-all, I'm sure they're have a BLAST!!

I worked yesterday--split shift--and I'm off today.  So much to do...although my house is good and clean.  My big plans are to tackle my craft room...or at least a good part of it.  I did mention to JK that he wouldn't recognize it when he got home.....anything I get rid of or put in its proper place will be an improvement.  It's VERY scary in there!!

But first...I'm of to a few yards sales.  NO, I do NOT need a thing, but it's always fun to scout out another man's junk, right???

Enjoy your Saturday!!!  I'm going to!!! 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sunny Love....

It's been awhile since I've mentioned my Sunny Kitty...so here's alittle bit of Sunny LOVE!!  What a handsome boy!!  Hard to believe he's been around for almost 13 years....and still going strong!

Having company for dinner, so spent the morning cooking and "baling cat hair".  Nothing special...cauliflower salad, Italian Baked Chicken and sauteed veggies.  I'm getting hungry!!

Yesterday, JK and I actually did some "de-cluttering".  Worked on the closet shelves in the computer room, and you should see the stuff we got rid of!!    I was shocked...well, not really.  But they look awesome now!!  My plan is to TRY and convince him, that he REALLY doesn't need 35 shirts.  What do ya think my chances are??? 

Have an awesome day.....better get cleaned up before Barb and Dan get here....

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Feathered Friends...

 I have a "Mother and Child" at my suet feeder.  That little one (on the left) is so demanding and noisy!!!  But, it's so enjoyable just to sit and watch them!!    I THINK this is the Downy Wood-pecker breed...the smallest wood-pecker in North America!!

Okay...go ahead and ask me how I'm doing with my latest project..."clutter clean-up".  Well...I went to the market to get a box...and now have 3 things in this box!!!  Obviously...not very well....but I AM making the effort.

My eBay sales have picked up in the last few weeks.  I've managed to get several items listed...I'm pretty happy about that.   I hope it continues...after all, don't people start to feel the "holiday spirit" sometime in July???

Crafting??  Haven't crocheted in so long, I can't remember the last time I had a hook in my hand!!!

Better get started on dinner...new recipe tonight!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

It's Gotta Go!!

Clutter...I can't stand it...and it's getting out of control.  Unfinished projects...they're getting out of control.  My yarn stash...it's getting out of control.  Ebay items...yup...outta control.

Clutter is a cause of STRESS...it's gotta go!!

I'll keep you posted....

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Just a quick "hell-o"!!  I have a busy day planned...as I did very little yesterday.  I promised JK that I would have his curtains finished for his trailer.  I have one set of panels to go--wish me luck!!  Take a look at the fabric...it's all about the 50's ya know!!  (Picture is alittle dark, but you get the idea!)

I celebrated my 60th birthday yesterday...many birthday wishes and phone calls.  Where did those 60 years dash off to????  My Mom was certainly correct when she told me to use my time wisely--as the years just fly by!!!

My Magnolia kitty isn't feeling well...AGAIN!!!  I'm hoping we don't have to take her to the vet.  She has long, coarse fur...and the symptoms all point to another "hair ball" stuck some where.   I know that doesn't sound very appealing...but it sure makes both of us happy when she decides to get rid of it!!!

Well...with that picture planted firmly in your mind...I better get off this computer and go sit at that sewing machine.

Enjoy your day....

Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday, Monday.....

Another hot, sunny day.  I guess we're enjoying fairly cool temperatures compared to those in the States. 

Finished my bath puff...and gave it away before I had a chance to take a photo.  I'm sure I'll be making another...so "stay tuned". 

A friend of mine gave me a bag of rhubarb...and look what I did??  Made a pie--strawberry rhubarb!!!!!  Just about put "the old boy" (my hubby, JK) into cardiac arrest!  Also cooked the rest of it down and made rhubarb sauce....tart and tasty!!

No crocheting--no knitting---but am getting some ironing done.  Even managed to get some new items listed in my eBay store.

Hope you're enjoying your Monday......

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hot and Humid

It's hot and humid here in Northern Ontario---I hate it--but it's weather we'll cry for come mid-January, right???

JK...aka my hubby, is giving his shop a "face lift".  He's putting on new siding...which now will match the house.  We're getting "closer and closer" to putting up a "FOR SALE" sign in front of the house...MAYBE!!!  The problem is....the cost of living is so darn good here...that it makes it almost impossible to leave Elliot Lake.  Every where else, it is so darn costly to live!  Get the picture???  :(

Crocheting...hmmmmmm.  A dead subject right now.  I haven't picked up a crochet hook in almost a week--and I'm working on a bath puff that should take me just a few hours to make!! 

Enjoy your day...I'm going out for coffee with a few friends.  Back home, I'm sure JK will put me to work!!  ;)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rainy Night in EL

We had some much needed rain move through last night....and in all honesty, we could use a few days of soft rain.  The "bush" is so dry.  No rain, no blueberries!!!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

My vegetable garden is doing very well...other than the one tomato plant Mr. Raccoon snapped off and left...everything seems to be in GREAT shape.  I'm hoping the chipmunks will continue to ignore it!!!! 

We made a fast trip to Michigan to visit my parents.  They both look good for their mid 80's.  Still self-sufficient...but don't do much anymore.  They love to travel, but keep it local and try to be home before dark.  This aging process doesn't appear to be much fun!!! 

Well, better get some clothes on the line....hopefully they'll dry in this humidity!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Life sure has a way of getting busy...don't you agree??  I've missed my blogging time...but then I haven't exactly been a well-organized person!!!

My DH built me a raised garden...and it's doing amazingly well.  I have several tomato and pepper plants, along with some basil, peas and zucchini.  We also put in some marigolds...I have read they do a great job repelling some of the insects!!!  And they happen to be my hubby's favorite flower!! 

My female cat...Magnolia, has been ill.  Seems my other cat, "Psycho" Sunny bit her on the butt...left 3 puncture wounds and it became terribly infected.  So, Maggie spent the night at the Vet's office and came home the next day with a drain tube.  She wasn't home 5 minutes when Sunny decided the tube just wasn't something that should be there, and tried to pull it out of her.  Back to the Vet...and she spent the remainder of the week there.   :(   She's been home for 5 days now...and is doing MUCH better.  Poor little thing!!!

Other than that...I've been doing some crocheting.  Finished a few hats and I'm now working on a bath puff. 

I'm seriously thinking of quitting my job and taking the summer off.  DH wants to do some traveling, a GREAT idea!!  I'm just hoping I can find another job in the fall!!! 

Until next time...and I promise not to wait a month....enjoy your day!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rock Out....

Well, I finally got a new rocking chair for the deck.  I just love it...and it's so comfortable.  Paint is starting to "crack"...and that's alittle disappointing....but easily remedied.  I had a four legged visitor while taking this picture...a young chipmunk....I'm sure there are more around!!  They all know who has the peanuts...

Went  out to Quirke Lake to visitt some old friends last night.  Nice to spend time with them.  Came home to a phone call from another buddy I haven't seen in awhile.  She happened to be in the neighborhood and stopped by for an hour or so.  It was a late night, but so enjoyed it!!

Time for American Idol...the remaing contestants are all great!!!!  Hard to determine who will be the winner!!

Until next time....

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


My daffodils are FINALLY making an appearance.  Aren't they beautiful?

It's raining...we certainly need it.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Things Are Picking Up...

Well, just a short post...but thought I better at least stop by for a quick "hell-o". 

Ebay sales have perked up again...a good thing.  Nothing like before Christmas...but at least it's encouraging. I sold a pattern...now wished I would have saved it for myself!!  LAMB CHOP!!!  Isn't he the cutest thing????

We've had another busy week...made a trip to Brockville to visit  hubby's Mom and Dad.  A nice trip...but we never seem to have enough time to go visit our friends. 

We're once again thinking of moving back to the area...but I sincerely doubt it will happen.  We go through this EVERY spring.  I have all but given up hope we'll  EVER get out of HERE!!  Dreams are free...and I once again have visions of living out in a rural area...with cows in near-by fields...a garden and the joy of living in my "own space".   I'm certainly not getting any younger. 

Geee....I sound like I'm on a real "downer"...not really.  Just one of those days...

Keep dreamin'.....

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm Too Sexy For My Hair....

A day at the "spa" for Oggie Dog.  Nails done, bath and a hair cut!!  Isn't he handsome!!

Not much news over here.  Have been crocheting...and have a few more neck warmers and hats finished.  (Will share next time!!)  Think I'll start on a scarf tonight.  I'm NOT going to let the holiday craft and hobby shows "sneak" up on me this year!!  NO WAY!!

DH and I went over to The States last week.  Spent a few nights at our "favorite" little spot in Northern Michigan.  Went to a few antique stores and Walmart, naturally.  You have to remember that we have to drive 2 hours to get to the closest Walmart here in Northern Ontario.  Isn't that a shame to be so isolated????    Anyway, I only bought 1 skein of cotton yarn...lovely new varigated color.  And, of course, bought a few fat quarters of fabric.  I plan on making some quilted coasters.

So that's my news....nothing too exciting...but no complaints.  Oh yeah...I DO have one.  I sure wish it would warm up!! 

Keep smiling...see you soon!!

Monday, April 2, 2012


Where does the time go??  Do I waste too much of it doing idle things...or am I constantly busy???  I just can't answer that question...

Well, not alot of activity around here.  I think I have the hubby convinced that I need a raised vegetable garden built....it's now in the planning stage.  Poor guy has sooo MANY projects on his plate, I almost feel bad asking!!!

Work is work.....you know how that goes.  I DID give my two week notice on Saturday...but decided to stay...just a bit longer.  At least until some of these projects are completed. 

We went out to visit our best friends last week....and on the way out, I saw something "white" dash across the road.  It stopped in the bush, just a few feet from the edge of  the road...a beautiful snow shoe rabbit...which turns brown during the summer months.  I've seen lots of rabbits in my time, but NEVER a snow shoe bunny!!  (I didn't think to bring the camera, so "borrowed" this photo from the internet.)

Ahhhhhhh...something new!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


There's been spring like weather here in Northern Ontario for about a week now!!  But, it will soon change back to seasonal...and the temps will dip once again.

I managed to catch a nasty cold....and it's lingered for over a week now.  Today is the first day I've actually felt like doing something...yet here I sit.

Remember this particular hat?  Well, I sold it to a lady in California...and she sent it back, requesting a refund.  I was so damn upset...BUT she does have allergies to pet hair and lo and behold she found 3!!  She should have read the write up...it mentions we are smoke free, but we DO have pets!!  No more said!!!

I've been crocheting up a storm...and have completed several hats and a few scarves and neck warmers.  I plan on being ready for those fall and holiday craft and hobby shows!!!  No excuses this year!!!  lolol  (We'll see how long THIS lasts!!!)

Monday, February 20, 2012


The week-end went by in a "heart beat" even though I worked 2 long shifts.  I'm tired!!  This old gal can't work those 12 hour shifts any more!  Damn near kill me!!!!  (Can still work circles around those young waitresses!!)

I have 4 days off and not much planned.  Will do our grocery shopping tomorrow, as the stores are closed today for Family Day...also President's Day in the States.

Check out another hat.  I'm working on a neck warmer to match it.  It's a Red Heart yarn--Earth and Sky.

Enjoy your day!  I'm going to!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Well, it's been almost a month since my last post!  How time flies!  BUT...we have been busy...organizing, remodeling and just some general clean-up!!  Although I didn't get rid of as much as I hoped to...I still managed to part with some, and haven't bought any.  I AM going to treat myself to some "fancy" stuff...but in no big hurry to do so.

I have been doing some crocheting...made a few hats.  I'll be listing more on eBay as I get them finished.  I want to be prepared for the craft shows this year...so there will be some "heavy-duty" crocheting going on.  All the money I make from my hats and scarves goes toward Christmas gifts for the family...a BIG help.  This has been my BEST winter yet for sales, so I'm VERY pleased.

Other than that, no news is good news.  We haven't been getting too much snow and the temperatures haven't been too bad.  I just HATE winter.....and anything under 70 degrees is just far too cold!!

In the meantime, I hope this finds you well.  See you soon!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Too Cold Out There

Boy...it's cold out there...and the wind is nasty.  It's even too cold for Oggie Dog to go out for anything length of time....and boy, he'd sure like to get out there for a walk.  Since he had surgery on his legs last year,  I noticed the cold weather seems to bother him.  Hopefully, the weather will improve over the next few days...at least long enough to get out there for a walk...right Og??

I've been MIA for quite some time...made it through Christmas and the New Year.  Had a great time with the kids, but glad it's over. 

Now we're focusing on organizing...you know, get rid of all the "stuff" you've accumulated over the years...de-clutter, etc. etc.  I've managed to get rid of a few odds and ends...2 bags and 2 boxes of yarn...and I still have a ton of it I should get rid of.  But...it's an addiction...and I CAN'T GET RID OF ANY MORE!!  (I'll think about it!!)

So...I'll go back into that craft room...and see what I can accomplish.  Clutter sure causes me alot of stress!!!

Have a good evening....nice to see you again!!