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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Comfort Food...

As usual, I am always busy over the week-ends..work, ya know. That dirty 4 letter word!!! But I'm one of the fortunate ones...I DO have a job....right??

Well, Saturday morning, I made a batch of banana nut muffins....the big ones. They were so good...I don't think I've made them since last fall. Comfort food!! Pair one up with a cup of tea...

This week I haven't accomplished much. I did finish up one of the hats I had an order for....a red mock ear flap hat. Three more to go... I really need to get my "butt" in gear. I keep thinking I have all of this extra time...BUT...well, you know the story.

We're heading to the States on Monday...this is our annual Christmas shopping trip. I do have a good part of it done...but there still are a few things I'm looking for. A good reason to get away.

Went to the dentist on Tuesday...easier than I thought it would be. I had a filling replaced and some "bonding" done on my front tooth. The worst part of the whole procedure was the "grinding" noise I had to deal with. It's over...and they look better. I'm lucky to have a good dentist I trust!!!

Well, better get this show on the road. Need to vacuum the downstairs yet...Lord knows it needs it.

Have a great day!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm Backkkkkkkkkk!!!

It's been almost a month since I sat down to share my "daily adventures" with you. Not that I do anything that's earth shattering...but it's my life and I quite enjoy it--for the most part.

Not alot to share. The craft show has come and gone. I did better than last year, but not as good as I had hoped for. I sold a pair of mittens...some "scrap happy" dish cloths, pot scrubbies....and 3 hats. The good thing is that I have several orders for hats that need to be finished by Christmas week. Hopefully...a "no brainer."

Have been working on Christmas gifts...both homemade and purchased items. I'd say I'm about 50% finished. We're heading down to the States in a few weeks to finish it up.

Plans for today...I have to go over to my neighbors and push the vacuum...go to work for 3-4 hours...stop off at the post office and market. Ebay sales have slightly picked up , so I want to get a few things listed for the week-end.

So I'm off...like a "herd of turtles"...better get this day started. Check out one of my hats....thought for sure it would sell at the craft show. Maybe it's the color. Oh well...

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Yes...I'm still around...just haven't had much free time the last few weeks.

Last week, John and I took a few days and went to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The weather was SUPER and we had a great time. Went to both Lake Superior and Lake Michigan...walked along the coasts and saw all kinds of "neat" stuff. We both enjoy the old lighthouses...and came upon a few. This particular one was on the shore of Lake Superior. And it was just beautiful!!! So much to see...so little time.

I've been working on several hats for the craft show..Nov. 6th. It will be here before I know it!! Should have time to make a few more tams if I play my cards right!! I'm currently working on a scarf...made of Red Heart Light and Lofty yarn. The color is Cape Cod...a variegated yarn of several interesting colors. I call it my "tutti-fruity" scarf. Very nice...and very soft!! Hope it sells!!

Other than that, nothing much new here! I'll share some pictures of my latest crocheting projects as soon as I get some taken!!

In the meantime...enjoy your day!! It's just beautiful out there!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

This Old Chair...

This old chair sits on the deck and it certainly didn't see much rockin' this year! Not quite sure why I don't spend my time out there...I have a nice back yard...small, but nice...a rock garden full of flowers...and weeds...and so many birds that come to visit. Now, it's almost time to put it away for the winter...there's always next year.

Spent about an hour working in the garden yesterday. John pulled out some ground cover and I moved a few plants around. Still more to do...but hopefully, we can finish it up in a few hours. There's light at the end of the tunnel!!

Had an awesome time at Barb and Dan's yesterday. Sat on the deck and later moved to the "fire pit"...watched the birds and had a nice visit. Dinner was soooo good--chicken, veggies and a homemade lemon meringue pie!! Finished off the evening with a game of cards...and yes..."wine sipping on the deck" just happened to be on the agenda!!

We have John's parent's coming for a few days...need to get some house cleaning done. Guess I better get busy...

Have a great day!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's FINALLY Finished!!

I finally finished that mock ear-flap hat! It's such an easy pattern...but I just couldn't get into it!! Looks similar to that of a "flapper bucket style"...but regardless..it's done and I just hope it sells!!! (I certainly need a new model"!)

Have to work this afternoon at 3:00...extra hours and hopefully, I'll be busier than I was last week-end!!!

Tomorrow we're heading out to Barb and Dan's for the afternoon...should be a good time...always is with those two!! And the weather is supposed to be warmer...a good day for "wine sipping" on the deck!!

Well, short and sweet today...need to get some house work done before I head to work.

Enjoy your day!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Just a Quick Hell-o....

Just stopping in for a minute or two...much to do this afternoon, which includes going to the doctor's office with John. Appointment was at 10:00 this morning...but some how got cancelled. Hmmmm.....that office is just so overwhelmed with patients....but the staff sure does try hard!!! What more can you ask for???

Got up and ran a few errands. Bank, post office and the thrift stores in town. Found a partial skein of yarn for 25 cents...enough for another hat.

Managed to get my clothes on the line right after lunch. The sun isn't quite as strong as it used to be--a sure sign of the colder weather fast approaching.

Og...looking irritated...he'd much rather be out walking than sitting in this house on such a nice day!!!

Hope you're enjoying your day...until next time!!!! :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

Today is my Mother's 81st birthday...bless her heart!! I called yesterday to wish her a "Happy Birthday"....and hear of her plans for today. Nothing special going on....but my Dad is taking her to Applebee's for dinner. I sent her a card and will pick something "special" up for her on the next trip down. Lord knows she certainly doesn't need anything...but that's not the point.

I'm between shifts and have to go back to work at 5:00. It's been about 3 weeks of split shifts and I'm starting to "feel it". I guess I'm not as young as I used to be...but I'll never admit to that.

Called my "sweet-heart" when I got home and he was having lunch in Perry Sound. Should be home in another 2-3 hours. He camped all week-end at the Barrie Flea Market....so I imagine he'll be glad to get home and spend the night in his own bed.

Took Oggie for his walk and fed the kitties. They've all settled down for a nap...(wish I could join them!!) But...I should be good and tired around 9:00 p.m....and you can bet it will be "early to bed" tonight!!!

Think I'll go throw a round on that mock ear flap hat. No...I still haven't finished it. But I'll be sure to share it with you when I'm done!!!
Oh...by the way...this is my Mom and her brother, Nelson. This particular picture was taken in July when we went to visit him at Marwood Manor in Port Huron, Michigan. I believe he's now 86 years "young"...but the poor soul is suffering from Alzheimer's. What a terrible, terrible disease...I think much harder on the family than the individual themselves.

Enjoy your Sunday... :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sign of Fall....

It's gloomy...calling for rain...almost all week. And it's rather cool and "still" out there. I've been trying to get out in the rock garden for over a week now, but if it isn't raining out, the garden is a muddy mess. Maybe, JUST maybe, the weather will improve...at least for a day or two so I can get things finished up. And take a look at this lovely leaf sitting in the grass...just for me!!!

VERY quiet at work today...I guess there's just too much going on in town. There was a FREE BBQ for one of the candidates for Mayor...and S.A.D. (Society for Animals in Distress) had their annual radio-thon. I hope they did well. Several good items were donated for the silent auction...plus another BBQ. Oh well...the money I made is far more than I went in with!!! A positive attitude is needed on days like today!!

Got up early and put the bird feeders out, feed the kitties and listed a few things on eBay. And believe it or not, I managed to do some crocheting. Didn't do any last night...Oggie and I watched t.v.--ate some dinner and we went to bed. John will be home tomorrow...a GOOD thing!!

Nothing special planned for tonight. Already did a load of laundry and took Og for his walk. Maybe some crocheting and/or list a few more things on eBay! Gotta get rid of this stuff!!!!

So there ya have it...a day in the life of Debi!!!

Keep on smiling...

Friday, September 10, 2010

My Friday..

Home and relaxing after a fairly busy day at work...another 6 hour shift and it went by in a hurry!!! Several of my "regulars" were in...spread throughout the day...which was nice. Gave me a chance to chat.

Had a good night's rest...woke up before the alarm...but was in bed relatively early. Dried a load of laundry and listed several items on eBay. Got home from work shortly after 5:00...fed the kitties and took Oggie for a short walk.

Went to the post office before work...mailed off 2 patterns and got a shipping quote for a movie John sold. Stopped at 2 thrift stores..and bought 2 wine glasses for the restaurant and an interesting spoon rest...or at least I'm assuming it's a spoon rest. Regardless..I'm liking it!!! No markings, but doesn't really matter...as it's now mine!!!

No crocheting yet for me today, but want to sit and watch some t.v this evening. I'll get that damn mulberry colored hat done yet!!!

Peace be with YOU!!!! Thanks for stopping by.......

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Quiet Times...

John left this morning for the Barrie Flea Market. It's a big event...car parts, etc...hundreds of vendors...and usually takes a good 2 days or so to walk through it all. Plus...he has a list of things he's looking for...a place for the "guys". I'm working extra hours the rest of the week, so the time should go by fast.

Worked on a hat yesterday afternoon...the mulberry colored mock ear flap hat AGAIN...this time using a larger hook. Looks much nicer...
Worked a 6 hour shift today and I'm so glad to be home!!! Although I kept busy...it was rather quiet day. (Thank goodness my customers were generous!!) And I get to work the same hours again tomorrow. Time should go by quickly as I'll have to set up the salad and dessert bars...and I do enjoy that!!! It's the week after Labor day....it's always a "quiet time".

Listed a few things on eBay...hopefully things will pick up there...time of year and all. John listed a Super 8 movie "America On The Moon"...didn't sell on the auction...but as soon as I listed it in the store, and mind you I raised the price a dollar...BAM...it sold!! Awesome!!!

Took "Og The Dog" for a walk after work, fed the cats and wasted time on the computer. I really need to set my priorities!!! Time would be my "friend" if I'd use it wisely!!!

Better get some laundry done...hope you're enjoying your Thursday evening!!!

Check out these "lovelies"...my 2 oldest Grand-daughters on their first day of school!!! I just think they're the greatest...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to Work...

My two days off sure flew by in a hurry....back to work this evening. I shouldn't complain...in reality I'm one of the lucky ones....so many people out of work these days.

Didn't accomplish much on my days off...I did do some laundry...cooked and made one batch of apple sauce. I need to get the bathrooms cleaned before I go to work.

John's heading to the Barrie Flea Market tomorrow morning. He's camping...spending time with a few friends and looking for parts to build a trailer to haul behind the Met. Winter project. I'm working...extra hours as well...so he might as well go and have a good time.

Had a few sales on eBay. I think it's time to get the rest of my hats listed for the upcoming winter weather. What doesn't sell on eBay...I'll try to sell at the craft shows.

Here's a picture of the rich aqua tam I was telling you about...turned out rather nice, I think!!!

Until next time....keep smilin'!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Another Sunday...

I just have a few minutes before I have to get back to work. This is my last split shift...as far as I know, until next week-end. I'm tired...so I'm grateful for that!!

I managed to get my apple sauce done...with the help of my sweet hubby. I peeled and he diced...which took us quite some time, as the apples were very small. And my boss gave us another BOX full of apples!!! Yup...more apple sauce...but you can do so much with the stuff...muffins...bread...cookies, etc.

I finished up my dark green hat...started a mock ear flap hat in mulberry...but "frogged" that one. Will give it another try with a larger hook...something just didn't look right. Will work on that tonight after work. Watched a movie last night and made another slouchy tam in a sage green. I think it's time to find a different pattern---just alittle variety for the craft show. Might even work on some mittens...if the mood strikes me.

Well, better get cleaned up and head back to the restaurant. Hope you're enjoying your Labor Day week-end.

Until next time...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Taking A Break!!

I have a few hours until my next shift...so I'm taking a much needed break. It was very busy at work this morning...almost too busy for one person. I hope things aren't quite as hectic tonight.

Take a peek at those apples. John and I found an apple tree on one of our walks...and picked a good size bag full. I made a batch of apple butter...which turned out really nice---tart, but nice and thick and yummy on toast, pork chops....etc. Still have quite a few left...looks like I'll get some apple sauce made for the freezer.

Have managed to do some crocheting. I finished up the green slouchy tam and I'm now working on a mulberry colored, mock ear flap cap. I'll get pictures taken as soon as I have some time.

Better get the cats fed and coffee set up for tomorrow morning. I hope you're enjoying your week-end...it's been a real beauty!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yummy Stuff!!!

I love vegetables...especially this time of year when everything is fresh and wonderful right out of the garden!! My Mom gave us the tomatoes and red onions, along with a few green peppers. The beans were a gift from my neighbor, Ann...and were they EVER tasty!! A real treat!! Damn...I wish we had the room for a garden...maybe someday.
John and I started working on the rock garden yesterday...thinned out the ground cover and moved around a few plants. Looks bare...but beautiful. Well, it will be beautiful next year when everything is in bloom. Still work left to do...hopefully we'll get back at it over the week-end.
Haven't done much crocheting...maybe this afternoon. Will see what the afternoon holds.
Nothing real exciting..it's all good...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Once In A "Blue Moon"!!

Isn't he handsome?? All dressed up for my son's wedding. That's the 3rd time in 11 years I've seen him in a sports coat and dress pants. Hubba-hubba!!!

The wedding was just beautiful....alittle confusing at times, but it all worked out. All four of my grand-daughters were in the wedding...alittle costly for my oldest son, Jason, and his family. But...a good time was had by all...and thank goodness, it's over with!!

Haven't been doing much since we got home. We got a new desk top computer while we were in The States...still a few bugs to work out and it's almost like learning to ride a bicycle all over again. I'm glad John knows what he's doing!!!

Started a new hat a few days ago...it's another tam...dark aqua...but looks gray-green in color to me. I heard from Quilter's Plus a few days ago...they dropped me off an application to be in their craft show this year. First week-end in November. A few more hats and neck warmers and I should be "good to go".

Working a "split shift" again today...need to get the kitties fed, get myself cleaned up, and head back to work.

Have a great Sunday!!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Very Long Day....

It certainly has been a long day...I worked a split shift-6 1/2 hours this morning and a 4 hour shift this evening. Not bad at all...but my body is now telling me that I'm just not as young as I think I am. Who wants to admit that it takes "everything you have to give" to work these hours at my age???? Not that I'm an old lady...and can still work circles around some of the others....but......I think you know where I'm coming from.

I was thinking...it's been soooo long since I've actually sat down and crocheted. I have an afghan to finish for my daughter-in-law for a Christmas gift....started it 2 years ago. I think it's time to get it finished up, don't you??? Plus...there's a few craft show I want to reserve tables for...so I really need to get more hats and scarves finished. Lord knows I have the yarn..... :)

Take a look at this tree. The day John and I went for a picnic, we took a path that ran along the river. I call it "The Beaver Tree"...obvious reason why. It looks so shiny...I think from the sap that has run through it....almost appears as though someone took the varnish to it. It's was absolutely beautiful!!

Hubby will be home tomorrow...probably late afternoon. It sure will be good to have him home. I never sleep well when he's gone!!!

So...on that note...I'll say "good night"!! I'm on my way to take a bath!!!

Saturday, July 31, 2010


It's been a pretty uneventful Saturday. I was awake at 5:15 this morning....laid there hoping I would go back to sleep. Just didn't work out that way. So...I got up...had my coffee, listed a few things on eBay and dusted the upstairs. Not that it needed it! I'm sure you noticed a wee bit of sarcasm in my tone of voice, didn't you???

Work was rather boring and long. I had a few tables, but being a holiday week-end and what turned out to be a beautiful day...it was pretty quiet. I managed to keep busy...always do...helps pass the time. Tomorrow is going to be a tough one...I work a split shift. Need to get to bed earlier tonight.

Hoping when we stop at my Mom's next week, the condo garden will have more than enough veggies to share. I think I told you of the summer squash and zucchini that they shared with me last time I was there. They looked so nice all blanched and bagged up for the freezer!!! Actually, kind of pretty don't you think?? A few years ago, they gave me 2 boxes of tomatoes. What a treat!! And last year, I was told, they just rotted on the ground...no one wanted them. Wish I would have known. So I'll drop a few hints this year, and maybe I'll just get some for some vegetable juice and salsa.

Well, guess I'll push the vacuum up here...at least that will be done and out of my hair. Need to get our clothes ironed for the wedding....think that might wait until Monday.

Until next time...keep smiling!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Civic Day Week-end...

A holiday week-end here in Ontario....Civic Day. Not sure what it's all about, but everyone here takes advantage of the time off on Monday!!!

John left for Brockville this morning around 6:00 a.m. We were up at 5:30...and as you can assume, it's been a very long day!! I went over to Jeannie's and vacuumed for her, as I do most Friday mornings....went to work at 11:00...and was out of there by 2:15. A very quiet day...but who wants to sit inside on a day like today??? Grant you...everyone needs to eat, but I'd much rather spend time with family and friends around a camp site than sit in a restaurant. Tomorrow might be a different story...as it's supposed to rain.

After work, I took Og The Dog for a walk and changed the bedding. Just got it out on the line to dry...and hopefully with the wind, it will be dry in no time.

Plans for the evening??? Not alot...might just open up my sewing machine and do some mending. I found a nice pair of slacks at one of the thrift stores...and they're too long. Plus John has a pair of new "undies" that need some stitching along the waist-band and a pair of work pants that needs some attention. See what I can get done.

I listed a few new items on eBay this morning....put them in the auction. So...what doesn't sell in a few months, will be history. It's getting to expensive. I list several of my winter hats and scarves...so need to give it some serious thought. I noticed one of my "favorite" crocheters is selling things left and right. Hmmmm...this might be the time.

Other than that...no news is good news. Need to call my sweet-heart to make sure he arrived in Brockville safely. Gave him a call earlier...he wasn't too far from his destination.

Take a peek at Og...a home hair-cut!!! I really think he looks like "Lamb-Chop"!!!

Until...tomorrow??????? Have a groovy day!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, John!!!

Well, today is my hubby's birthday...officially 58 years of age. Doesn't look a day over 50 if ya ask me!!!!

We really didn't do anything special...but decided to go on a picnic and sit by the waterfall in Serpent River's park. Lovely spot...and being the tourist season, there were quite a few people having lunch. We decided to "rough it", sit by the falls and relax with our tuna sandwiches, cherries and oatmeal cookies.

Walked a few of the trails after lunch and just enjoyed being outside. Oggie Dog enjoyed the change of scenery...and new "territory"... and believe me, he's a tired boy tonight!!

John leaves for Brockville early in the morning. His son is flying in from B.C. and daughter is coming in from Toronto...a little family time. There's the annual AUTOMOTION...a huge car show on Sunday....always a good time. He's taking "The Met" down...alittle more time on the highway...but he loves driving!!!

On that note...I better get some sleep....morning will be here before I know it!!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Home Again.....

Well, I got home late yesterday afternoon. Trip to Michigan was a good time. My Mom and I went to my future daughter-in-law's bridal shower. She certainly got alot of nice things.....and expensive items on top of that!!! WOW!!!

Spent Monday afternoon helping my Mom clean out a few shelves of her closet. Made some real progress...in the "shoe department"!!! Looks pretty good and she was able to part with a few of her favorites...heels are just too high for her these days!!

Took my crocheting with me, but didn't pick up a hook once. Shame on me!!! I really need to get some crocheting done for a few of the local craft shows and eBay. Plus...I really don't want to spend alot of money on Christmas this year...so I'm hoping I can remedy that situation with at least a few homemade gifts.

My parent's neighbor gave me a bunch of zucchini and summer squash...so should get it blanched and in the freezer. Sure will be nice this winter....

Better get down to the kitchen...before it's too late in the day. Before I go...check out this handsome "dude"...with my grand-daughter, Averi! My youngest son, Jeremy!!! I sure am proud!!!

Hope all is well with you and yours!! Keep smilin'!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Like A Nightmare...

You just can't get rid of me that easy. I'm like a reoccurring nightmare...I keep comin' back!!! I see another month has come and gone. I can't believe how fast time is passing flying by!!!

So let me think for a minute...I finished my baby afghan....that's it in the picture. It was an extremely easy pattern...and worked up fast. Now it's time to start on more items for the craft show and work on Christmas gifts.

John painted our bedroom and added some crown moulding. It's so nice!! I put up a new valance and have adder a new comforter...well, new to me. We've been pricing new doors for the closets...and believe me when I tell you, they aren't cheap!! Better keep saving my pennies...

Went to Brockville for a few days to spend time with John's parents. Did some heavy duty shopping while there...and found a dress, jacket and shoes for my youngest son's wedding. I'm wearing black and white. Took me FOREVER and 18 "gazillion" stores...but decided on a little black dress, black and white jacket and patent heeled sandals. Will throw on pearls and call it "good enough". Just can't justify wearing something "fancy" ONE TIME...and let an expensive dress hang in the closet. Money certainly doesn't grow on trees, right??

Heading down to my Mother's tomorrow...we're going to the bridal shower...Sunday... for my "soon-to-be daughter-in-law". Heart just isn't into it...but should be a good time...

Well, that's my news...hope this finds you and yours well. Oh...by the way...did you hear Ringo Starr turned 70 this month???? Hmmmmm..prime example of "flying time"!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Life Gets In The Way....

I see it's been awhile since I was here last....sometimes life gets in the way. I'm sure you know the story.

Much has been going on the last few weeks...seems like I'm always busy doing something. I only work 3 days per week...yet that seems to "cramp" my style. Some day I'll retire...but will keep on working until I squander enough cash away.

I've been working on the baby blanket....a never ending project. I "frogged" the granny square and decided on the hexagon design. There were just too many holes and the pattern was far too busy for this variegated yarn.

We've been thinking about getting a different car the last few days....and yesterday we actually went and took a few for a test drive. Had it narrowed down to 2...a Sebring or an Avenger. But after a good night's sleep and some soul searching...we've decided that our 2001 PT Cruiser still looks good and runs great...so why spend the money. Decision made!!

Have a peek at my baby blanket. It's much larger now...and I'm hoping to have it done within a week or so. After that, I'll finish up a few Christmas gifts.

Now...I better get my clothes out on the line. Enjoy your day....

Monday, May 24, 2010

Victoria Day!

It's Victoria Day here in Canada...aka...another day for the government officials and banking institutes to have a day off.

Nothing much planned for the week. I want to get some flowers planted in my barrels and treat myself to a few new perennials. John loves marigolds, so will fill a few planters with them.

Beautiful out there this afternoon...but hot. Looks to be a gorgeous week.

Haven't done any crocheting at all over the week-end. Might "frog" out the baby afghan I started and use a different pattern...one with less holes in it.

Heading to The Country Club for the buffet this evening with a few friends. We can afford the buffet...but to go out and order off the menu is a different story.

Our yard sale went quite well over the week-end. Got rid of a bunch of "treasures", but there's still so much that needs to go. We're thinking of having another one on the 5th of June...right after the seniors get their monthly paychecks. Maybe I can move some of this yarn "outta" here!!! I only sold 7 skeins (2 packages) on Saturday!! :(

Check out my flowering crab tree...she was just beautiful this year!!!

Need to get outside and enjoy some sunshine...have a great day!! ;)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another Beauty!!

Another beautiful day. Warm temps, light breeze and HOT sun! Wish there was just alittle more wind...which would keep those nasty black flies on the move and from biting!!

Here's a picture of that baby blanket I was telling you about. I didn't crochet again last night...sat in my chair and drifted off. I managed to stay awake for "Dancing With The Stars"..but it was down hill after that. I really do need to get focused....

John mowed the grass this morning ..and I managed to get a load of laundry on the line. Had to run a few errands...and now there's nothing planned for the next few days. We want to have a yard sale on Saturday--that is if the weather co-operates. Lord knows we have a ton of stuff to get rid of...and I just don't want to "GIVE" it away before trying to make a few dollars off the stuff.

I better get busy...it's the maid's day off.... ;)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunny Skies!!!

I am soooo glad I got out of work early today. It is an absolutely gorgeous day here in Northern Ontario. Not a cloud in the sky and 75 degrees! And, it looks like it's going to be like this all week long. Hopefully, this will kill off those nasty black flies!!

Not much planned for the week...John has a doctor's appointment and Oggie goes to the "spa". Other than that...besides the routine house work...things should be pretty quiet around here...(if all goes well.)

I got a new lamp for my craft room...well, new to me...and it only cost 1.00 at one of the local thrift stores. (I just love a deal!!) There were several yard sales over the week-end....but I didn't bother going. I need to have one of my own--so I really don't need to buy more "treasures"!

Didn't pick the crochet hook up at all yesterday...sat in my chair and took a "snooze" last night. But there's always this afternoon...and I might sit out and enjoy some sunshine as well!! As soon as I get this baby blanket finished...I need to focus on some of my Christmas gifts. I can't believe it's already mid-May...

So...that's about all the news I have...nothing real earth shattering. Never-the-less...it's my life...and it's just the way I like it..(with a few exceptions.) ;)

Have a great afternoon!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hi There!!!

Time sure does have a way of getting away from me. We've been "on the go" for the last few weeks...and now it's time to slow down....at least for a few days. Thank goodness I work...need to get some rest--some where along the line!!!

We just got back from a few days in Brockville. Went to see John's parents and did some "house hunting". Looked at a beautiful place with a great view of the St. Lawrence...but...it needs ALOT of updating and if someone where to build close by, it would just be another house on the block and the value would drop considerably. I'm sure one will show up that we "just can't live without"!!! Time will tell.

I don't think I ever shared a picture of my hot pink, rolled brim hat. I finished it quite some time ago. I love the color...nice and bright...my "happy hat". I'll stick it away with the others for future craft shows!!

I'm now working on a baby blanket...and I decided on the granny square pattern. I'm using TLC Yarn...soft and easy to work with. It's called Giggle...a variegated yarn in lovely colors of lilac, pink, blue, yellow and lime green. I'll share a picture later.

Better think about getting ready for work. Hope this finds you well! Enjoy your week-end...hope the sun shines!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

I see it's been awhile since I've been here...some times life just gets in the way!!

Happy Mother's Day! I certainly hope it's a day to remember. I'll hear from my youngest son...but my oldest lad seems to forget what day it is...and YES...I DO have a real issue with this. Do I need to say more???

Haven't been doing much crocheting the last few weeks. I started a baby blanket in TLC Baby--Giggle--a variegated yarn...but keep "frogging" it...as I'm not sure what pattern I want to use. I still have a few ideas floating around. If nothing else, I can always fall back on the traditional "granny square" pattern.

Sorry to cut this short...but I better get to work alittle earlier today...the busiest restaurant day of the year is Mother's Day. I thought there would be plenty of help scheduled...but, once again I'm wrong. Looks like I'm IT!!! People.....................

Have a GREAT day....I'm going to!! :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Finished Project....

I've had this sheet for a few years now...I found it at a yard sale for 1.00...and it looked like new!! Anyway...the sheet is a double and our bed is a queen size...you get the picture, I'm sure. Well, it worked...for the most part...but was alittle narrow and we usually had a "tug of war" during the night...

So...I decided to make a set of pillow cases. The sheet was far too nice to toss or give away...and I like the print..so putting it in a yard sale wasn't an option. And...we only have one set of king size pillow cases...so...viola'...I now have a new set of pillow cases!!! And have you priced them lately?? The higher quality, better made ones cost a fortune.

Finished my mending...and now it's time to straighten up my craft room. That's the project for this afternoon. John went out to give his buddy, Dan, a helping hand with his gazebo...and Og The Dog and I have the afternoon to ourselves!!

So...with that bit of information...I'll leave you all until...next time!!

Keep smilin'!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Simple Pleasures...

Still working at organizing...and made quite abit of progress yesterday. I had time to sit on the floor of my craft room and play with odds and ends of yarn....spent time on the computer looking for useful ways to use up these odd lots...and actually found several small projects that look like they might hold my interest!!

I've also been working on a pile of mending that needs some attention. I didn't realize how much I missed sitting at my sewing machine. Well, I've whittled that pile down to just 2 items...and I'll be done!!

Yesterday afternoon, I went out to the rock garden and did some weeding. Not alot of weeds..."preventive maintenance", easy work without becoming weary of the project. If I spend 30 minutes a day...I'll be finished in "no time". John moved a plant for me...and hopefully, it will get enough sun to flourish. No black flies as of yet...they're coming...and they ARE miserable!! Bug hats and nets are usually the attire for a few weeks in the spring. Fortunately, "black fly" season only last a few weeks...and the warm, dry weather usually kills them off.

So, you see, my day was filled with SIMPLE PLEASURES...I'd love a repeat of yesterday!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Feathered Friend....

I've been meaning to share this with you for over a week now....a while back...Mother Nature dumped a spring snow on us, which covered the ground. The robins were back and in a turmoil...as they couldn't find any worms or bugs to eat. Mrs. Robin...decided she was hungry enough to hit the suet...and has been a regular visitor. Now, that the snow is gone, she spends hours in the rock garden...on the suet..etc...back and forth. Such fun to watch her.

I saw an oriole a few days ago...they are far and few between in this area. Last year, we had a "flock" of them spend a few hours in the rock garden and off they went. Didn't see one the rest of the year.

Mambo's baby...last year's offspring...and a huge black squirrel...pays us a daily visit...usually early in the morning. She loves the sunflower seeds. Ma-ma red squirrel is here quite often...and Mr. Chips is a regular. The woodpeckers are always around...as well as the little chickadees and others. A busy place...our rock garden.

We have been keeping busy around the house...John has been working on the basement hallway...and it's looking "awesome". I've been de-cluttering---things are looking up. If we decide to sell...this place needs to look perfect...well, almost. And, if we don't sell...it will be our "home"...instead of a warehouse!

I've been removing a few of the items from my eBay store....that just don't seem to be drawing alot of interest. Giving us a break on the auction prices is wonderful...but the store listings have gone up 17 cents per item. Come on people...what's wrong with this picture???? I think 50 items in my store will be my limit...if that!!

Time to get busy...I hope you're all doing well. The sun is shining...my laundry is already on the line...and life is good.

Talk soon........ :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Well, no sunshine today...and looks like we're in for more rain. That weatherman even mentioned the "S" word...SNOW!! Damn, I'm gonna wash his mouth out with soap. But..you have to remember this is northern Ontario...last year it snowed around the first of May.

Last night...another late night of t.v.... and raining when I went to bed. I opened the window and listened to the wind and rain...it is so soothing...almost like a good sedative!!! And I slept like a baby!!! Hmmm...snow just doesn't have the same effect...

John's been busying working in the hall-way going downstairs. I sure hope he's done sanding...that drywall dust makes a terrible mess. But...it certainly will be worth the effort (and mess) once it's one. We have our eye on another house...a small 2 bedroom on the St. Lawrence. It definitely needs some work, but it is a beautiful stone home...and could really be turned into something special. It's all about the location, so we think any money we invest into fixing it up--modernizing is the word I'm looking for, will definitely be to our benefit.....we'll see what happens.

Started another rolled brim hat in a hot pink....(think I mentioned it a few days ago). I only have a few rows to go to finish it up....but here's a good look at the color. I'll take another photo when it's finished. I think...when I'm done with the hat, I'll try to finish up a Christmas gift I started....quite some time ago. Might be a good idea...I'd love to have a "homemade Christmas" this year!!!

Hope you're enjoying your day!!! See you soon.....

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!!

It's been a long day. I worked this morning, on a few short hours of sleep...and I'm just beat. I do hope everyone enjoyed their Easter holiday.

I went through my jewelry box this morning...and found my "vintage brooch". It's a chick in an egg shell...a gift from my oldest son, Jason...back in the spring of 1980. He was just 5 years old then...and he made it in his kindergarten class. Oh...the compliments I received from many of my customers. To turn back the hands of time.....

John and I went to Subway for dinner....I just love those cold cut subs....and add about everything imaginable to it. Always good and sloppy...a mess to eat...but it's so darn good!!!

Just hate to cut this short...but I need some sleep...stayed up far too late again tonight...it's already after midnight.

Sweet Dreams....

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Meet "Mr. Chips"!!!

Mr. Chips is back...and has been for about 2 weeks now. He has a few special markings that tells me he's the original "Mr. Chips" from last year. He has our schedule down "pat"...knows when it's breakfast...knows when it's dinner time. You can just about set your watch by him.

John finished organizing his new portable garage this afternoon...made a trip to the dump...and got rid of alot of "stuff". It looks MARVELOUS and I give him credit for parting with his "treasures". It's a tough job...

As far as my "de-cluttering extravaganza" goes...so far so good. I'm making some progress...but I'm starting to have trouble parting with some of my yarn...gotta "toughen up"...and I know I can do it.

Tomorrow's Easter Sunday...also my grand-daughter's birthday....hope her gift arrived on time. I'm working...I have the early shift and the time should slide by.

In the meantime...I'm going to take my bath and relax for awhile. Not alot of excitement on this end...but I have no problems with that...

In case I don't talk to you tomorrow...have a wonderful Easter Sunday~~~

God Bless Ya.....

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hey Mom......

Oggie...waiting patiently to go "outside". "Hey Mom...open that door..." Bless his little heart...he's such a good boy!!!

Still "de-cluttering" and have made some major progress. My "mountain" of yarn is slowly getting smaller...and it's such a good feeling. I've even been working in my closet...and it's looking pretty good as well. Still alot to go through...but it's slowly coming together...

John took down the old grey portable garage and is now in the process of putting up a new one. The other was pretty worn...full of holes and looked like hell...so this is really a big improvement!! A few more hours and he'll be done with it. Fortunately, he had help...our old neighbor, Tom, came over for a few hours. A big job goes so much faster when you have an extra set of hands...don't you think??

Haven't crocheted in a few days....hopefully, I can fit a few minutes in tonight. I'm exhausted...we'll see if I make it that far.

Back to work tomorrow...Good Friday. Nothing special planned for the Easter week-end...wish family members were closer. Wish in one hand...sh*t in the other...you know which one will fill up first. Oh...that certainly sounds like a "bad attitude"!!!

Enjoy your holiday week-end...God Bless........

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Rolled Brim Hat...

Here's a picture of the rolled brim hat I was telling you about...made with Paton's
"SHETLAND RAGG" Chunky Yarn...a blue and charcoal combination. It's alittle late in the season to list it in eBay auctions...but might put it in my store until the fall and winter season approaches.

Not much going on around here...a cooler day...but at least the sun is shining. I've been working in my craft room...and have made some real progress with "de-cluttering". I gave a garbage bag full of yarn to one of the elderly members of a local church. I know some of these people that draw a pension don't have money for too many "extras"...so she might as well enjoy it, as I'm sure I'll never get around to using it all. She does quite abit of charity work...so it certainly has gone to someone that will appreciate it!!!

I also have a pile of clothes that John and I both "out-grown" and will be divided between The Canadian Diabetes Association and The Society for Animals in Distress. No sense in hanging on to these things...as some are pretty outdated and some will NEVER fit again. Besides...if I loose a bunch of weight--I deserve something new and stylish, right??

Well, I better get back to work...we lost power for a few hours this morning...so I'm behind with my plans for the day.

Have a great afternoon!!! :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Distant Thoughts...

I still have distant thoughts of moving...an urge to get back closer to "civilization"-- as I call it...closer to the city and conveniences, yet far enough in the rural area to keep my distance to the "hustle and bustle" of city life. I'm torn between the real possibility of having to forgo the things I have now...not monetary, necessarily, but time wise...to enjoy the things I dream of...I feel as though I'm stuck in a tunnel. I'm running out of time...


Here are the muffins I made yesterday. I usually make the larger, bakery style muffins...but need to cut back on "my eats". And are these "bad boys" ever tasty....Refrigerator Bran Muffins with raisins and walnuts....very little sugar and damn are they good. If you'd like the recipe...just give me a shout!!!

Back to work tomorrow...BUMMER!! I guess I REALLY am one of the fortunate ones with so many people out of work these days.

Have been weeding out my craft room...cleaning out closets and dresser draws. I've made up my mind...it has all gotta go. I'm using the "4 box" method...and it seems to be working...so far!!! Just need to keep focused...besides..."out of sight--out of mind". I knew I was a "pack-rat"...just didn't realize how BAD!!!

Back to work...have a great afternoon!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Treat for ME!!!

I know--I know...I didn't need this yarn...but it was calling my name. Obviously...it needed a new home!! The color is Rain Forest...lovely and soft with variegated colors of fall and winter. I'm going to make a scarf out of it...I'll show you when it's finished!!!

Not alot going on this week...the weather is alittle cooler and the temps are supposed to drop by quite a margin. I did see my first robins of the season on Tuesday. I'd say that's a sure sign of spring, wouldn't you??

Have been doing some crocheting, but not alot....finished a dish cloth for a friend of mine, and am now working on another. Not sure what I'll do with them all, but I'm using up my odds and ends....and that just makes room for more, right???

Think I'll go downstairs and make some muffins...I have a ton of All Bran cereal to use up. I put the "crushed" cereal...or "dust" as I call it, in a container to use in various recipes. Let's see what I come up with...

Enjoy your day...I'm thinkin' about ya!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Home Again, Home Again...

John and I took a few days and went over to the States...this time to the west side of Michigan...Petoskey. Barb and Dan went with us and once again and we had a blast! Good food, some shopping and some fun in the casino. Fortunately...we didn't loose a cent...but played for hours on "free money" from the hotel....a nice package with restaurant discounts and credit for the slot machines.

We found some good deals while over there...we purchased a flat screen television for the kitchen...some clothing, a new bathroom sink, groceries and parts for both the truck and the car. Awesome sales this time of year...anything to get the economy moving.

Finished a hat I started to crochet last week...along with a few dish cloths. I have so many "odds and ends" of cotton yarn to use up....need to get it out of here.

This afternoon I went through some of my cookbooks...I'll donate them to a local charity organization. I don't use half of them...time to go.

This photo is out of out motel room...notice the weather vane and bay...just a gorgeous morning. I can't wait to go back!!!

Until next time...take care!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Sure Sign of Spring....

This is my favorite African Violet...it blooms from mid-March through mid-December...and here we go!!! Look at the beautiful blooms just starting....

Back to work tomorrow...3 days, then we're heading back to Michigan for a few days. Think I might have mentioned to you that we're going over to the west coast of the state...Lake Michigan. I have my list all made out...some things are so less expensive there...like milk and eggs...the list is endless.

Spent a good portion of the afternoon listing a few things on eBay. Listing fees were 50% off...so it was a good day to take advantage of the savings. I really need to get rid of some of this stuff...and I'm just about ready to back the truck up to the door and start loading it up. Believe me...I good just about fill the damn thing.

Had company for dinner last night....Barb and Dan. We had turkey breast and gravy, potato salad, cauliflower and squash...pickles and a coconut custard pie for dessert. Tasty....I just love the left-overs.

Other than that...not alot going on this week. A pretty uneventful few days.

American Idol tonight...they'll be down to the final 12 after the "kick off" this evening. Big Mike sang a beautiful song last night...brought a tear to a few eyes... ahhhhhhhh romance.....

Until next time...keep smilin'...I'll be watching ya!!! :)

Friday, March 5, 2010


The look on his face tells the story..."You ARE sooo annoying!!" He'll get over it...Sunny...he's a good boy...just has his moods. I 'm guessing his "sun bath" was far more important than posing for this "close up".

Another beautiful day...looks to be a repeat tomorrow. ..and most of the week actually!! The snow is melting...fast...and I can see parts of the earth in my rock garden. I can't wait to get out there and play in the dirt!!!! I moved several of my flowers around last year and I wonder what will come up first. Will it be the tulips or the daffodils???

About a month ago, we ordered 2 new windows for the basement ...and they were installed this morning. Sure makes a big difference!! We'll actually be able to open and close them...and they come complete with a lock!! Now I just have to remember to use it!!! Just can't be too careful these days....

Heading over to the west coast of Michigan in a few weeks...should be a good time. Staying in Petosky...the shoreline is beautiful...nice restaurants and all kinds of neat things to see and do!! Maybe I'll remember to bring the camera this time!!!

I'm currently working on a short scarf to go with the brown and turquoise tam I finished last week. I found some blue buttons that match perfectly. I'm just about finished with it..should be done tonight...MAYBE!!! Next project?? Well, I was thinking about getting my cotton yarn sorted out. I have a pattern for a rolled brim hat...nice for the summer months. I've made a few in the past...and they're cool enough for the warm weather plus the brim rolls down...helps to keep the sun out of your eyes. I'll post a photo when I get one done...

Well, might just have to go and see what I can waste my time with downstairs...never much on t.v. until later. Have you seen Drive-ins, Diners and Dives?? Am awesome program...worth watching.....and I THINK you can find it on one of the food channels.

Until next time......PEACE...enjoy your week-end!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Check It Out.... :)

Check out the picture, Ladies!! This is my first "load on the line" for 2010. Was hoping to do it again today...but it's rather "cool" out there this morning and cloudy. :( Hey..."a penny saved is a penny earned"...better in my pocket!!!!!

Not alot of excitement here over the past few days. Oh...I did get that large kitchen cupboard cleaned and organized...looks good. Scrubbed down the counter tops and I now think I'm done with the kitchen...for awhile!!

Next...on to the craft room...and this one is a real problem. Hell-o...my name is Debi and I'm an addict!!! It's difficult to part with my yarn...but it's becoming necessary to do so. I TRIED to sell some at a yard sale last spring...but unfortunately, people thought that the dollar I had each NEW skein priced at was just too much. EXCUSE ME!! But have you been Zeller's lately?? This IS Canada, ya know....nothing is cheap here!!!! Oh well...I should realize that most people here in Elliot Lake are on a fixed income...and I should show some sympathy. I did throw in 2 skeins of yarn to a lady who does charity work. Well, needless to say, I got "pissed right off" and took the rest of it down to The Sunshine Shoppe...where it went out on the floor for a price higher than mine....and it sold. But, then again...it DOES go to help the animal shelter and I was GRATEFUL for that.

Enough complaining...not my style...obviously, I got up on the wrong side of bed this morning....

Have a GREAT day...I'm going to!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

A Touch of Spring...

Although a little on the "cool" side...it is just gorgeous outside. It's 37 degrees...and not a cloud in the sky. The sun is getting stronger as the snow is starting to melt here and there. After all....there's just 3 weeks until it's officially spring time!!

It's been very busy at work...tips are good and the boss is in a great mood. I was asked to work a few more hours per week...again. I'm having real doubts about it...after all...the weather is getting nicer and we have plans on doing some traveling during the week. Must give it some thought.

Worked on my kitchen cupboards last week...took everything out...wiped the shelves down and ORGANIZED. So much more room....One large cupboard to go and I'm done with the kitchen.

Just finished up another tam...this one is made in variegated tones of brown and a turquoise blue..Red Heart Earth and Sky. I have enough left over to make another hat and possibly a scarf. Kind of pretty...don't you think??

Until next time...let the sun shine in!! :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Week-end....

My week-end is over .......actually...it 's my work week. I only work the week-ends...which is enough. This week-end was extremely busy...I put in a 10 hour day on Saturday and picked up a few extra hours today. My customers were VERY generous...which makes the day easier to deal with.

Not much planned for the week. I do have to work for our neighbor for just a few hours tomorrow...but other than that, the next 4 days are mine. House work is in the plan, as we were gone last week....and it shows!!!

John took the ATV out on the lake this afternoon...wish now I would have gone along for the ride. It looks to be absolutely beautiful. What do you think???

Snow in the forecast for the next few days...hopefully it's just a light dusting. We've been fortunate this year....

Friday, February 19, 2010


Yes...it's been awhile. No excuses...haven't been that busy...just haven't taken the time!!!

Well...here are the mittens I FINALLY finished for a customer of mine. I enjoy working this pattern....fast and easy...warm and comfy. Next project...a tam...in brown tones and turquoise blue. Lovely color combo......something just alittle different.

Went over to the States on Monday....with another couple...and we had a blast!!! The motel was very nice...shopping was fun...and the food was awesome!!! One disappointment...the pool and hot tub were closed for repairs!!! Oh well...there's always next time.

While in Michigan, John got a car "float" for the Met...less expensive that buying it here in Canada. I picked up some make-up...groceries...and didn't bother with alot of items on my list. I did manage to get some Christmas shopping done...found a SALE--70% off sterling silver and gold jewelry. Bought earrings for the 2 oldest grand-daughters. I do hope they like them...actually I think they'll be thrilled!!!

Other than that...not much going on around here...warming up some outside. It's hard to believe we're heading into the 3rd week of February.

Think I'll catch some t.v. time...catch you on the "flip-side"....