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Friday, November 13, 2009


Two in a row....sometimes I just surprise myself!! Nothing new in my world. John went to the hockey game and I have a ton of things to list on eBay. That's okay....makes it a good night...everyone is happy!!

Took Og The Dog for a walk this afternoon...a new spot. Saw deer prints in the sand...but no signs of any wild life at all. Disappointing...as I know they're probably standing in the bush keeping an eye on us!!!

Other than that...an uneventful day. That's okay...I see a notice at work.....OPEN CHRISTMAS DAY. I've never worked a Christmas Day in my 41 years of food service. I'm not going to start now...I have a roof over my head and lots of food to eat. Decisions...

Talk to you later...check out the snazzy snow boarder's hat and fancy button...evergreen...one of my favorites!!

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