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Monday, September 30, 2013

MIA Again!!!


Yes, went MIA once again.  I waste too much time here on the computer and get nothing done....which includes writing in my blog.

Not much going on...made a trip to Michigan....John has been to a few car shows....and that's it.  I've been working more hours than usual....which cuts into my "free" time.  I'm ready for retirement.

I've had several sales on eBay!  I sold 5 hats to a boutique in Toronto...which in turn, gave me a very nice order.  And...I'm really behind with this one.  I'm so tempted to "hire" this one out---just to get it out of my hair!  Can't see that happening...

Yes...I do sound negative....and I am.  Too much going on in my little world to deal with.  John is looking to buy a newer truck....he can't make a decision.  A battery for a piece of his equipment is leaking.  He had to ORDER one in.  Go figure...this is HELL-iot Lake after all.  And his flat bed trailer is another story.  All the paint peeled off of it...full of rust underneath.  Ordered a new one...it came in to all the wrong specs.  Everyone is happy EXCEPT him!!  And he's now without a flat bed trailer and 3200.00.  It will be awhile BEFORE he gets his new one.  The one that should be happy--isn't.  What's wrong with this picture.

I miss my family...hate this town...and no longer want to live in the city.  Sure wish I'd win the lottery.

Have a wonderful day...tomorrow will be better, I'm sure.  I'll try to get some pictures taken of the last 2 hats I've made...

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