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Tuesday, March 10, 2015


You probably wonder why I even bother with this blog, if I can't post on a regular basis.  I wonder that myself...BUT...when I do post, I enjoy it!  So, let's start fresh.

You don't need to hear all the ho-hum news of the past few months.  Nothing exciting.  But, we did make a trip to Florida and the change of scenery was WONDERFUL.  

I've been doing some crocheting....but not alot.  Need to get my "mo-jo" up and running again.  I have managed to finish 3 hats...2 are in my eBay store and the other is a special order.  Take a peek....

This is one of my slouchy beanies..Deep Sea Green.  It's one of my favorite colors!!  I think it's time to work with some cotton yarn and make a few hats for the summer months.  

Haven't done a darn thing all day that has been constructive...so better at least look like I'm making an effort!  Have a great day....

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