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Saturday, March 5, 2016

MANY CHANGES and It's Been A Long Time...

Hi There....

Yes, I'm still alive and well and living in a NEW PLACE!  John and I sold our home in Elliot Lake, and although it was listed with a very reputable realtor, we were very uncertain if it would sell.  Well....we called to cancel the listing and she wanted to show our house "just one more time".  Well, you know the ending of this story...it SOLD!!!  We are now living in Lyn, Ontario...a village just outside of Brockville.  An hour away from Kingston and about 1.5 hours from Ottawa.   Closer to John's parents and an area that holds our interests.  The parents are basically the reason for our move. 
Mom has Parkinson's Disease and Dad has lung cancer....it's time for them to sell their home and move into an assisted living residence.  They're dragging their feet and it's understandable.  

Will  share more as time goes on...sorry no photos this time.  But will do a better job.  Great place to vent.

Talk To You Later....


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