Let Me Know You Were here!! :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Yes...I'm still around...just haven't had much free time the last few weeks.

Last week, John and I took a few days and went to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The weather was SUPER and we had a great time. Went to both Lake Superior and Lake Michigan...walked along the coasts and saw all kinds of "neat" stuff. We both enjoy the old lighthouses...and came upon a few. This particular one was on the shore of Lake Superior. And it was just beautiful!!! So much to see...so little time.

I've been working on several hats for the craft show..Nov. 6th. It will be here before I know it!! Should have time to make a few more tams if I play my cards right!! I'm currently working on a scarf...made of Red Heart Light and Lofty yarn. The color is Cape Cod...a variegated yarn of several interesting colors. I call it my "tutti-fruity" scarf. Very nice...and very soft!! Hope it sells!!

Other than that, nothing much new here! I'll share some pictures of my latest crocheting projects as soon as I get some taken!!

In the meantime...enjoy your day!! It's just beautiful out there!!!

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