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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Life sure has a way of getting busy...don't you agree??  I've missed my blogging time...but then I haven't exactly been a well-organized person!!!

My DH built me a raised garden...and it's doing amazingly well.  I have several tomato and pepper plants, along with some basil, peas and zucchini.  We also put in some marigolds...I have read they do a great job repelling some of the insects!!!  And they happen to be my hubby's favorite flower!! 

My female cat...Magnolia, has been ill.  Seems my other cat, "Psycho" Sunny bit her on the butt...left 3 puncture wounds and it became terribly infected.  So, Maggie spent the night at the Vet's office and came home the next day with a drain tube.  She wasn't home 5 minutes when Sunny decided the tube just wasn't something that should be there, and tried to pull it out of her.  Back to the Vet...and she spent the remainder of the week there.   :(   She's been home for 5 days now...and is doing MUCH better.  Poor little thing!!!

Other than that...I've been doing some crocheting.  Finished a few hats and I'm now working on a bath puff. 

I'm seriously thinking of quitting my job and taking the summer off.  DH wants to do some traveling, a GREAT idea!!  I'm just hoping I can find another job in the fall!!! 

Until next time...and I promise not to wait a month....enjoy your day!!!

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