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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rainy Night in EL

We had some much needed rain move through last night....and in all honesty, we could use a few days of soft rain.  The "bush" is so dry.  No rain, no blueberries!!!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

My vegetable garden is doing very well...other than the one tomato plant Mr. Raccoon snapped off and left...everything seems to be in GREAT shape.  I'm hoping the chipmunks will continue to ignore it!!!! 

We made a fast trip to Michigan to visit my parents.  They both look good for their mid 80's.  Still self-sufficient...but don't do much anymore.  They love to travel, but keep it local and try to be home before dark.  This aging process doesn't appear to be much fun!!! 

Well, better get some clothes on the line....hopefully they'll dry in this humidity!!!

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