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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Home Again-Home Again!!

Just back from our holiday--10 days away from home.  And it was WONDERFUL!  We spent 7 days in Washington D.C. and surrounding areas.  There is so much history there...and so much to see.  We'll definitely have to go back...as we just scratched the surface.

While we were gone, I managed to get some crocheting in.  Finished a tam in Aran.  What do you think?? It's not my favorite color...but it's a good neutral color.

I'm just about finished with a cloche..this one in wine.  Just need to add the button, and it will be complete.  After this, I think I will move on to a different pattern for summer.  It has a nice brim on it...great for walking, gardening, etc.  I make these out of cotton...and the colors are wonderful!!  I call them my "happy colors".

Well, time to finish up dinner and on to my craft room.  I'm cleaning house...I already took a large box and 2 big bags full of goodies to one of our local thrift stores.  Now on the the yarn...

Have a great Saturday!!!

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