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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Og The Dog

This is "Oggie The Doggie" aka "Og The Dog", "Og The Man Dog" or "Monkey".  He is 11 years, 3 months and 27 days old.   Handsome, don't you think?  Poor guy has had surgery on both back legs...and came through with "flying colors".  But...he hasn't been feeling very well...kept licking his lips and swallowed hard.  Come to find out, the poor guy has a gum infection and goes in for surgery on Friday.  Needs his teeth cleaned and possible extractions...and a few warts removed to prevent more infection in his little body!!  He's on a mega dose of antibiotics...thank goodness his blood work came back "great".  I guess I am grateful there is nothing else wrong with him.  I am so attached...he's my "fur baby".  To make a long story short...I haven't told him about another trip to the vet...I know he won't be impressed!!! 

Weather is just plain miserable today....and going to get worse as the night progresses.  Warm, rainy and very windy.  Lost power for a few minutes this afternoon...hopefully, that's the end of THAT nonsense. 

Hubby left for Tennessee this morning.  He went with his friend Jack...and they're delivering a car engine...for some unknown reason.  I volunteered his services to help with the driving...John's always up for a "road trip".  And there's certainly no pressing reason to hang around here.  I do hope they're out of the nasty weather...and they 're safe and sound.  He'll call tonight, I'm sure!!

Tonight I'll crochet...still have a "shit load" of hats to finish.  Have a few of my own I need to list on eBay...along with a scarf.  Sure would be nice to clean out the "old inventory"....

So...that's my news in a "nut shell".  I worked today...not a bad day...not a good day....so can't complain. 

Have yourself a great evening....stay safe...and dry!!! 

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