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Friday, August 22, 2014


Yes...I am shedding.  I'm going through my closet and getting rid of clothes I haven't worn in years.  I've lost some weight and have keep it off for over a year now...so I think I'm safe!!!  I also inherited a bunch of clothes from my Mom...most of it fits...some is just too tight for my liking.  I've managed to take 2 bags of nice things over to one of our local thrift stores.  Had to do it "right way" before I changed my mind.  Now...I can't remember half of the items I bagged up...so obviously, they won't be missed.

It's been a very trying month.  My Mom passed away on the 25th of July.  I was with her...and although death is so damn "final", it was a beautiful moment.  Make sense???  She brought me into this world and I was there to help her out.  She spoke of dying the last day or two...so I knew it was just a matter of time.  I miss her.....and I have a broken heart.....but I know she's here with me.  I can feel her presence.  

On that note...I will leave you to go back to my "shedding"....and think of my beautiful Mother.

I miss You.....

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