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Friday, June 5, 2015

The Paint Job

This is John's 1957 Hudson Metropolitan...well, the shell of it.  Here, he is just bringing back from the "paint job".  After looking at it closely...it is the paint job from HELL!!  My poor hubby is about in tears.  And to think he trusted this guy.  

More money, more time and more aggravation.  At one time, a man's handshake meant the world. Obviously, not any longer.  

Enough of my rant, for now.  I'll keep you posted on the situation.

Crocheting...finally finished a hat.  Still have plenty of special orders to finish.  I purchased a skein of Red Heart Mexicana....and what CRAPPY yarn it is.  Sold it to a person on one of the local Buy and Sell sites on FB.  Hope she has better luck with it than I had.

Well, better think about getting ready for work.  Yes, I said that dirty four letter word again.  Helping out at the restaurant tonight and Sunday morning.  Will help pay the "babysitters"...when we go on vacation!!

Have a great week-end.  Talk to you soon!!  

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