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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Time Just Slips Away......

I had all good intentions of posting daily...and I see it's been a good 5 days since I've been here. I guess with the fact that I worked over the week-end and had company for Thanksgiving might have something to do with it. But aren't there 24 hours in a day???? I really do waste so much time.

Had a super day! My neighbor Karen and I went to get a hair cut, and did some shopping at our three local thrift stores. We both walked out with some super deals--and without breaking the bank. I was very happy with my picture frames and 2 tops!! And Karen found some awesome things for her house! She has a real "gift" for decorating. Everything seems to blend together!!!

Spent alot of time yesterday listing my "treasures" on ebay. Also sat here until after 1:00 this morning, trying to pick apart someone's pattern on the internet and come up with the formula for a super looking tam! I think I have it!! I'll let you know in a few days. Here's a picture of my latest finished hat...turned out pretty good...the yarn was a delight to work with.

Until next time...and who knows...maybe tomorrow night I'll sit here and ramble on about another day...running through life with hooks and needles! Until then...

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