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Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Very Busy Day....

It's been a very busy day...with alot accomplished. My day consisted of some laundry and house work. Also made another batch of apple butter...a little on the sweet side...more so than the first. And John worked on the car...new tie rods and an oil change.

Karen stopped by...always nice to see her!!! We had a nice chat and she looked at my hats I have made for the craft shows. She order 4 hats...at least I think she did. I laid my damn list down!!! Funny how things have a way of disappearing!! She'll straighten me out!!!

Back to work tomorrow...for 3 hours. I work the lunch shift, and if it's busy, the time will fly by. I enjoy working for the most part...but I'm spoiled with 4 days off each week. I just love my time at home!!! I'll be okay once I get there.

Beautiful day here....windy, on the cool side...and the gold leaves floated through the air. Clothes went out on the line to dry...they smell so good. I'll miss that this winter....

Check out my little buddy! She's always so busy...and so spoiled!! We buy 50 pounds of peanuts at a time...her 'stash" for the winter.

Better get busy....things yet to do this evening.

See you tomorrow...

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