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Friday, September 11, 2009

Still around...

Haven't had much time to post in the last few days...John's been ill and my in-laws were here for a few days. It's been rather hectic. But...things have quieted down...and hopefully, life will be back to normal...or at least as normal as it can be for the time being.

John went to the hockey game with his buddy, Tom. I enjoy the few hours I have to myself...which are usually spent at the computer. I need to get a few things listed on eBay...as my piles are getting larger and larger, and I really do need to "weed" things out.

I made some zucchini bread...which I thought was pretty tasty. This particular recipe called for nutmeg and lemon zest...an interesting combination with the zucchini. I was able to get it all grated and in the freezer. Now I'll have some for over the holidays.

I'm working on an ear flap hat...a new pattern. An easy pattern, but I need to pay attention to what I'm doing.

Better get busy...or I'll end up in my favorite chair for a "snooze"...

Have a great evening....talk to you soon...

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