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Friday, July 30, 2010

Civic Day Week-end...

A holiday week-end here in Ontario....Civic Day. Not sure what it's all about, but everyone here takes advantage of the time off on Monday!!!

John left for Brockville this morning around 6:00 a.m. We were up at 5:30...and as you can assume, it's been a very long day!! I went over to Jeannie's and vacuumed for her, as I do most Friday mornings....went to work at 11:00...and was out of there by 2:15. A very quiet day...but who wants to sit inside on a day like today??? Grant you...everyone needs to eat, but I'd much rather spend time with family and friends around a camp site than sit in a restaurant. Tomorrow might be a different story...as it's supposed to rain.

After work, I took Og The Dog for a walk and changed the bedding. Just got it out on the line to dry...and hopefully with the wind, it will be dry in no time.

Plans for the evening??? Not alot...might just open up my sewing machine and do some mending. I found a nice pair of slacks at one of the thrift stores...and they're too long. Plus John has a pair of new "undies" that need some stitching along the waist-band and a pair of work pants that needs some attention. See what I can get done.

I listed a few new items on eBay this morning....put them in the auction. So...what doesn't sell in a few months, will be history. It's getting to expensive. I list several of my winter hats and scarves...so need to give it some serious thought. I noticed one of my "favorite" crocheters is selling things left and right. Hmmmm...this might be the time.

Other than that...no news is good news. Need to call my sweet-heart to make sure he arrived in Brockville safely. Gave him a call earlier...he wasn't too far from his destination.

Take a peek at Og...a home hair-cut!!! I really think he looks like "Lamb-Chop"!!!

Until...tomorrow??????? Have a groovy day!!!

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