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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, John!!!

Well, today is my hubby's birthday...officially 58 years of age. Doesn't look a day over 50 if ya ask me!!!!

We really didn't do anything special...but decided to go on a picnic and sit by the waterfall in Serpent River's park. Lovely spot...and being the tourist season, there were quite a few people having lunch. We decided to "rough it", sit by the falls and relax with our tuna sandwiches, cherries and oatmeal cookies.

Walked a few of the trails after lunch and just enjoyed being outside. Oggie Dog enjoyed the change of scenery...and new "territory"... and believe me, he's a tired boy tonight!!

John leaves for Brockville early in the morning. His son is flying in from B.C. and daughter is coming in from Toronto...a little family time. There's the annual AUTOMOTION...a huge car show on Sunday....always a good time. He's taking "The Met" down...alittle more time on the highway...but he loves driving!!!

On that note...I better get some sleep....morning will be here before I know it!!


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