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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Once In A "Blue Moon"!!

Isn't he handsome?? All dressed up for my son's wedding. That's the 3rd time in 11 years I've seen him in a sports coat and dress pants. Hubba-hubba!!!

The wedding was just beautiful....alittle confusing at times, but it all worked out. All four of my grand-daughters were in the wedding...alittle costly for my oldest son, Jason, and his family. But...a good time was had by all...and thank goodness, it's over with!!

Haven't been doing much since we got home. We got a new desk top computer while we were in The States...still a few bugs to work out and it's almost like learning to ride a bicycle all over again. I'm glad John knows what he's doing!!!

Started a new hat a few days ago...it's another tam...dark aqua...but looks gray-green in color to me. I heard from Quilter's Plus a few days ago...they dropped me off an application to be in their craft show this year. First week-end in November. A few more hats and neck warmers and I should be "good to go".

Working a "split shift" again today...need to get the kitties fed, get myself cleaned up, and head back to work.

Have a great Sunday!!!!

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