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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Taking A Break!!

I have a few hours until my next shift...so I'm taking a much needed break. It was very busy at work this morning...almost too busy for one person. I hope things aren't quite as hectic tonight.

Take a peek at those apples. John and I found an apple tree on one of our walks...and picked a good size bag full. I made a batch of apple butter...which turned out really nice---tart, but nice and thick and yummy on toast, pork chops....etc. Still have quite a few left...looks like I'll get some apple sauce made for the freezer.

Have managed to do some crocheting. I finished up the green slouchy tam and I'm now working on a mulberry colored, mock ear flap cap. I'll get pictures taken as soon as I have some time.

Better get the cats fed and coffee set up for tomorrow morning. I hope you're enjoying your week-end...it's been a real beauty!!!

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