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Friday, September 9, 2011

Back To Work...

Back to work today...I need a rest!  Had a busy day yesterday.  Dusted the house, did a load of laundry and CROCHETED.  Just about finished my 5th hat for a special order.  One more to go....

This particular hat is black...hard to see the stitches, but it's turning out very nice.  I found the yarn at a thrift store and it is sooooo soft.  Wish it had a label on it...as I'd sure get some more. 

Also listed a few things on eBay...started the auctions off at a VERY low price, hoping I get a few bids.  Sold our 70's phone...and it's heading to Nova Scotia.  One item down and a ZILLION to go!!  lolol

Hope you have an awesome day....it's a beauty.  Not a cloud in the sky!!

Oh...by the way...Sunny The Cat sends a BIG "hell-o"!!!  :)

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