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Thursday, September 8, 2011


It's been a long time since I've made any effort to sit and blog.  Not much going on, but have been keeping VERY busy. 

I've been doing quite a bit of crocheting.  I had a sweet lady from Toronto order 6 hats from me.  Isn't that great news????  Six mock ear-flapped caps in various colors...one is pictured above.  She needs them by the 20th, so I've been crocheting up a storm. 

Have also been trying to "de-clutter" this house.  Not a "hoarder's haven" by any means, but alot of things that just need to go.  I list several things on eBay, and the things that haven't sold, or that I don't THINK will show much interest, have just gone to one of our local thrift stores.  Hubby tells me I need to be careful that I don't buy them back...and it HAS happened.  I have enough items to list to keep me busy for a year!! 
I really should get back into my yarn bins and empty some of them out, but I'm not at the point of wanting to part with any more yarn...at least for the time being!! 

John went to the Barrie flea market for the week-end, so I have a few days to myself. I do have to work, but no double shifts until Sunday.  My parents are coming for a visit on Sunday...just for a few days, so that will be a nice change. 

Better get my house dusted....hope to talk to you soon!!

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