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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hell-ooooo Blog...

Hi There...
Remember me???  I keep making myself a promise that I'll do a better job with this blog...but looks like I'm full of empty promises.

Let's see...no excuses. Hubby and I went to Michigan to visit my Mom.  Had a good time...and took our time coming home.  Stayed the night in Houghton Lake...one of my very favorite areas in Michigan.  We're heading back there in a few weeks for our annual Christmas shopping trip.  I just love the choices!!!

And...the big news...I finished all 8 slouchy tams for a special order.  I was so pleased....they looked really nice. (See the above picture.) I sure hope I hear from her again.  Believe me...it was great to have her as a repeat customer. 

Next event...the Craft and Hobby Show--November 5th.  I was hoping to get some kitchen "scrubbies" made, but I don't think that's going to happen this year.  I have a few flower pins to make yet...and price a few items...and that should be it.  I'm currently working on a brimmed hat in a dark teal green, and hope to get a few more plain skullies made.  They work up extremely fast!!

I better get some sleep...it's getting late.

See you in my dreams!!  :)

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