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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunny Sunday...

Well, it's just a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and I have a few hours in between my shifts at work.  I'm sitting here wondering what to do first...and how to enjoy my few hours of piece and quiet.   Think I'll grab my crochet project and head outside to enjoy the sunshine.

Have been working the last few days...it's been "slow".  I guess people are holding on to their money, so they can enjoy their Thanksgiving holiday...which is a week from Monday for the Canadians.  I have the best of both worlds...as I can celebrate once again in November.  (I just love turkey and all the trimmings!!)

Remember my last post and how I was so happy that I finished that special order for the 6 hats???  Well, that sweet woman was so pleased, she ordered another 8 hats from me.  This time I'll be making slouchy tams...in various colors!!  I'm just thrilled!!!!!  I'll take that money and stash it away for the Christmas holidays.  I have 5 grand-daughters...need I say more?????

I guess if I'm going to enjoy a little time out in the sun, I better get out there.  Hope you're enjoying your week-end!!!

Talk to you later....

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