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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving...

A very HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my Family and Friends. May your day be bright...and may You have a chance to reflect on your many blessings.

I'm an American living in Canada...the Canadian Thanksgiving has come and gone...(the first Monday of October)...and I miss the old fashioned Thanksgiving of my childhood. But I'm grateful for those years of my youth...with many happy memories. Life marches on....right??

Today...I went and got my hair cut, went to the post office to mail out a hat to Alberta AND my hubby treated me to a burger, muffin and coffee at McDonalds. Also called my Mom and Dad...and wished them a Happy Thanksgiving. They're in Florida--where it was in the mid 70's around noon. :)

I did some sewing yesterday afternoon, and practiced making pillow cases out of an old sheet. They're turning out pretty good, but then, what's so hard about sewing a straight seam???? Don't ask...Anyway, I tried my hand at French seams...nice not to see any raw edges. Have refreshed my mind and now I'll work on those specialty pillow cases for the Grand-daughters...something handmade from Grandma.

Hope you're enjoying your day...and HAPPY THANKSGIVING if you're celebrating the holiday.

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