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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Things Are Picking Up...

Well, just a short post...but thought I better at least stop by for a quick "hell-o". 

Ebay sales have perked up again...a good thing.  Nothing like before Christmas...but at least it's encouraging. I sold a pattern...now wished I would have saved it for myself!!  LAMB CHOP!!!  Isn't he the cutest thing????

We've had another busy week...made a trip to Brockville to visit  hubby's Mom and Dad.  A nice trip...but we never seem to have enough time to go visit our friends. 

We're once again thinking of moving back to the area...but I sincerely doubt it will happen.  We go through this EVERY spring.  I have all but given up hope we'll  EVER get out of HERE!!  Dreams are free...and I once again have visions of living out in a rural area...with cows in near-by fields...a garden and the joy of living in my "own space".   I'm certainly not getting any younger. 

Geee....I sound like I'm on a real "downer"...not really.  Just one of those days...

Keep dreamin'.....

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