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Thursday, December 12, 2013

13 Days...and Counting!!!

Just 13 days until the "BIG DAY"!!  Are you ready??  Don't ask...the answer is "NO"!!  But I'll get there!  My cards are done, and most of them in the mail...a few gifts have been wrapped.  I have one thing in my favor...I won't be having Christmas with my family until mid-January.  That, believe me, is a life savor!!!

I really have nothing else to purchase...I pick things up through-out the year.  (I already have a few things stuck away for next Christmas.)  But...I do have some crocheting and sewing to complete...

Here's a hat I just completed...another tam!!  Made with Caron Simple Soft "Party"--color is Spring Green".  It has a little "bling" woven through-out the yarn....a strand of "shiny" thread that dresses it up a bit!   Cute, don't ya think??

Better get it listed in my store!!  So with that...a word of wisdom for the day...DON'T LET THE HOLIDAYS STRESS YOU OUT!!!!   :)  Agree???

Until next time......

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