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Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Not much new here...I have had the last 2 days off...and the only thing I have accomplished to get ready for the holidays, is hang John's Betty Boop towel in the bathroom.  He just loves that girl!!  I'll share a picture of her the next time...if I remember.  Yes...it's "tacky"...but if that's all it takes to keep him happy, then I'm happy, right??

Took Oggie Dog to the vet this afternoon...to have his stitches out.  A quick and easy trip.  I'm glad we went earlier..as there is a freezing rain warning in effect for the area.  It's snowing and blowing out there now!!  No...I'm NOT a winter person...but it comes and goes regardless...

Here's a hat I just finished.  It's another grey one....very pretty....and a tam.  If it doesn't sell, I might keep it for myself.  Good neutral color...will go with just about anything I own.

Hot dogs and beans for dinner.  I LOVE hot dogs with fried onions!!!!  A gourmet meal.  Healthier this time around....using chicken hot dogs and they ARE tasty.  We had a "fancy" dinner last night...roast beef, potatoes and carrots....so tonight we'll "splurge" and eat something fun!

Until next time.....

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