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Friday, April 25, 2014


My blue hat...a slouchy beanie.  They seem to be quite popular right now...more so than the tam.  There's really not too much difference...just a little shorter.  Anyway, it's made with acrylic yarn in the color "Blue Suede".  

Went out to Quirk Lake yesterday afternoon and spent some time with Barb and Dan...our best "buddies".  Just sat and talked...enjoyed a few glasses of wine, had dinner and played some cards.  Had a great time.

Today, I hope to start another hat...and then I'll head to work.  I work a total of 2 days per week, which is pretty sad, to say the least.  Oh well...just 2 months and 15 days until I retire.  (And yes, I'm counting them!!!  :)

Have a great day!!!!  I'm going to!!  

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