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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Life Lesson...The Inevitable

As I looked outside my office window...I noticed my neighbors.    No, we have never met...but watching them was so heart warming-heart wrenching.  I have heard from other neighbors that she has been quite ill and he is now suffering with MS.  A nurse has been showing up twice per day.  But today, as I watched the son help his Mother to the car...it sure got my head spinning. 

My hubby and I are the  both remaining siblings of aging parents and the burden of helping our parents is becoming more inevitable.  No...let me correct myself...it is NOT a burden, but a PRIVILEGE of helping our parents.  They are aging and deteriorating at a rapid pace.  When the phone calls start to come in that they have "left this world", it will be devastating.  But, we all have to go through this, right??   

In the meantime, I am so grateful for my health, the roof I have over my head, the food on my table and I am warm and comfortable.  I "need" nothing.  I am blessed.  And I have realized over the last few weeks, that nothing in this world is as important as your health and happiness.  We only get one chance at this...if I can speak in unfamiliar territory.  :)

Crocheting?  Took it downstairs--never touched it.

Family?  Talked to my Mom yesterday ..she's a "gem".  And  today my father-in-law is getting out of the hospital. for the second time in two weeks.  (Maybe he'll behave himself this time!!)

Hubby?  He might be coming home tomorrow.  Haven't seen him in two weeks. 

Life??  It's a good thing.  We all know the alternative, right??

And last , but not least...PEACE be with You!

Have a wonderful day...this one will be the only one like it!!

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