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Thursday, April 24, 2014

The "BLOB"

Well...do you think "spring has sprung"?  Let's hope so....it sure has been a long time coming.

Now...do you see this "blob" in the tree??  This is Rocky...Rocky Raccoon...and he shows up every spring.  Yes, it's time to take the bird feeders down every night.  Yes, it's a pain in the "backside"....but better than replacing bird feeders every week.

Crocheting?  Made a dish cloth...and gave it to Oggie Dog's babysitter..."just because".  I finished up a blue slouchy beanie and a rainbow colored beanie with a black band.  Turned out pretty cute!!  I'll share photos next time around.

We're heading out to Quirk Lake this afternoon...dinner with our best friends.  Will have them over Monday or Tuesday..might just have to try a new recipe.

Well...guess it's time to get something done around here before we leave. Hope this finds you healthy, wealthy and wise!!!!  Enjoy the day! 

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