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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good-bye 2008...

Well, here it is the 31st of December. Another year has quickly come to an end. All in all...it has been a good year....with the exception of my parent's car accident and Mother's health as a result. Things can only get better for her.

I'm working tonight, New Year's Eve, as I have the last 2 years. I do hope it's busy...and they don't keep me there too late. I have to open in the morning. Sometimes, being the oldest has it's advantages...I usually get sent home first.

No NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS...I do have a few ideas for improvements in the back of my head...but at this time...it changes by the hour. I would really like to keep a cleaner house...use up some of my yarn stash, and enjoy each and every day!!!

Oh yes...I forgot to tell you...I'm going to be a grandma AGAIN...this time it's my youngest son! A little boy sure would be nice...but it just doesn't matter as long as everyone is HEALTHY!!!!

Here's a picture of my latest project...an afghan for my neighbor's great grand-baby. I really need to get busy on this one...the baby is due in 2 weeks. Still several orders to fill....the holidays will soon be over with and I can concentrate of getting everything finished!!

In the meantime...HAPPY NEW YEAR...and be safe out there!!!

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