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Monday, February 23, 2009

Home Again-Home Again

Well, I'm back home again..and have been for quite awhile. Just can't get motivated to do anything...I think I'm sick of winter. And guess what...it's gonna snow some more.

Anyway, my Mother's back surgery was a success and she's slowly improving. While I was there, I managed to complete a few "works in progress". Karen's crocheted tam turned out very nice. I just love that pattern!! What do you think? The yarn I used for the tam was Lion Brand Chenille, teal in color. I'm just about done with my special orders, and can concentrate on a few other projects I need to have completed before the end of June. I have a wedding gift to make...an afghan in Lion Brand Suede..and a baby afghan in Bernat Baby Soft. That should keep me busy for awhile.....

I started a so called "diet" before I left for Michigan. Actually, I just cut out the junk food....more fruits and vegetables. Seems to be working...I've lost 6 pounds. A good thing.

Better get busy...Lord knows something in this house needs to be cleaned!!!!

See you tomorrow....

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