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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

Hmmmm...if it isn't college football, I don't bother with it. The U of M Wolverines being the all time BEST football team in the world---I might add!!! Anyway...back to my way of reasoning...the best part of The Super Bowl are the commercials. Amazing!!! Maxine and I think alike..I could take it or leave it. After all...it's just a game, right??

A rather uneventful Sunday afternoon. I worked until 1:00...came home and have sat at this computer for the most part of the afternoon and evening. What a waste of time!! But, my "mojo" for the hook has disappeared...again!! Actually, I'm sick of working with BROWN yarn!! I have been sitting in my chair after dinner and "off" I go. And I wonder why I can't sleep at night!!!! I must be in a rut!!

But...tomorrow is a new day...and I WILL crochet....HONEST!! But...I need to get to bed. Tomorrow is a busy day!!

See you in my dreams!!!

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