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Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's FINALLY Sunday....

Well...what do you think??? These are my new clothing labels I ordered...and will use them on my hats and scarfs...or whatever else I make for the craft shows, ebay or for gifts. As soon as I see a sample of the business cards, I might order a few of them as well.

T.G.I.S.---Thank Goodness It's SUNDAY! My week is over with, and now I have what I call "my long week-end"--4 days off!!! I worked a double shift today...and it was well worth my time. We had a party of 40 come in...I just love surprises!!!

My hubby is coming down with the same virus I have. Poor guy! I know just how miserable he is. I'm feeling better each day, but my voice is very "coarse" and throat is "scratchy".

Looks like the next few days are going be a bit warmer and SUNNY! Lords knows I have a bunch of laundry that needs to be done!!! A few good days to hang my clothes outside!!! :) I just love the smell of line-dried clothes!!!

Well...think I'll go downstairs and watch some t.v. I'm going to make it an early evening!!!

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